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3rd Penance - The Way to Christ

How to Find God


3rd Penance - The Way to Christ

Added: 07.10.2010
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How does one become righteous before God? How can justify the sinner? Only Christ can bring us into line with God, with holiness. But as we get to Christ?

True repentance includes a sincere regret over sin and facing away from sin. Sin will not recant until we do not know his sinfulness, real change in life occurs only when the heart turn away from sin.

Many people do not understand the true nature of repentance. They are grieved because they have sinned, and even makes an external remedy for fear that they will bring suffering to the evil committed. This does not repent within the meaning of the word of God. Such people do is complain rather than the consequences of their sin than the sin itself.

If you give in the heart of the Spirit, however, awakens the conscience and the sinner will feel something of the depth and holiness of God's law, the basis of the Government of God in heaven and on earth. "The light that enlightens every man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9), illuminates the secret corners of the heart and reveals things hidden in the dark. Mind and heart are empowering beliefs about sin. The sinner feels justice of the LORD, and felt afraid to appear before a sinful and unclean, by which examines the heart. He sees the love of God, the beauty of holiness, the joy of innocence, yearn to be cleaned and to get back in touch with heaven.

The Bible never teaches that the sinner must repent before taking Christ's invitation: "Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden loads, and walk me rest" (Matthew 11:28). Healing power that comes from Christ leads to true repentance. Peter explained that Israel, saying: "This God is exalted as a leader and savior and gave him a place on his right to bring Israel repentance and forgiveness of sins" (Acts 5.31). We can not not even repent without the Spirit of Christ, which gives rise to conscience, just as Christ can not achieve forgiveness of our sins.

Christ is the source of all true motives. Only he can instill in the heart enmity against sin. Any desire for truth and purity, every conviction of our sinfulness is proof that our heart has the Holy Spirit. His death for sinners, Christ demonstrated the love he can not understand, and look where that love the sinner, jihne his heart, mind and soul are filled with humility and repentance.

You, who are at the heart of desire for something better than it can give this world, believe that this desire is the voice of God that speaks to you. Ask God to give you a real pity that you revealed in Christ's eternal love, in its perfect purity. Life Savior is a great example of maintaining the principles of the law of God - love for God and man. His life was full of forgiveness and selfless love. If we look at it falls to us when the light of our Savior, then we know the wickedness of their hearts.

However, when dawns the light coming from Christ into our hearts, we know their motives selfishness, enmity with God, tarnished by any act of our lives. Then we realize that our justice is really dirty clothes, and that only Christ's blood can cleanse us from sin and defilement of the heart to restore its image. Sinner proves his acts of infidelity, which abolished the law of God and the sinner's spirit touched and humbled by the penetrating influence of the Spirit of God. Sinner loathes himself, looking for a pure, spotless character of Christ.

The syllogism is not an impartial person, and therefore imperfect. But God considers everything as it is in reality. The drunk is in contempt and tells him that for his sin does not get to heaven, pride, selfishness and greed, however, often go without reprimand. It is precisely the sins that offend God, especially as they are inconsistent with mercy, which is characterized by the nature of God with that selfless love that exists in the universe did not fall. Who is guilty of a serious sins may feel shame and poverty and may feel the need for the grace of Christ.

But poverty does not feel pride, and thus closes the heart against Christ and the eternal blessing that came to give. Do you know if your sinfulness, do not waste time to rectify its own power alone. How many people think they are good enough to be able to come to Christ! Do you think that profit from them only by their own efforts? "Can a black man change his skin or the leopard his spots? How you might do good if you are accustomed to do evil?" (Jeremiah 13.23). Help us to be alone with God. We can not wait for a stronger faith, a better opportunity or someone who is better. Sami will accomplish nothing. We come to Christ such as we are.

Procrastination is a mistake committed by thousands of people at the expense of eternal bliss. I do not want to talk about how short and uncertain life is. Is that there is a terrible danger which underestimates enough, though the long wait to pay hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and preferred to live in sin. Such a danger that procrastination really is. Sin, let us slightest seems, can only commit to the risk that we do eternal loss. What we did not prevail, we will overcome and bring about our downfall.

Every individual transgression, every neglect or rejection of Christ's mercy fall upon you. Sins of a hardened heart, weaken the will, take away reason and makes you less more willing and more able to follow a less gentle call of the Holy Spirit. Deal honestly with your heart. Be as real and permanent, as would stake your life here on earth, as the struggle between the purity of God and you must be a decision for eternity. The mere hope, if nothing more to it, brings you to destruction. Look for the word of God with prayer. This word shows you the law of God and the life of Christ's great principles of holiness, without which "no one shall see the Lord" (Hebrews 12.14). It convinces of sin, points the way to salvation. Follow them as the voice of God speaks to your soul.

Do you know if the enormity of sin, you will understand if we really are, they do not despair. Christ came into the world precisely in order to save sinners. We need not reconcile themselves with God, but God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself "(2 Corinthians 5:19). When Satan whispers to you that you are great sinners, look to your Redeemer and talk about its merits. We are all great sinners, but Christ died that we could be forgiven. Merit of Christ's sacrifice is sufficient to enable us reconciled with the Father. How great love.

Extract from the book Journey to Christ - E.G. White

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