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5th sanctification - The Way to Christ

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5th sanctification - The Way to Christ

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5 Sanctification

God's promise is: "You will seek me and find me when you seek Me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29.13).

God must be cast across the heart, otherwise it can not be a change that would cause us to renew its image. His sinful nature, we are alienated from God. The Holy Spirit is talking about the following: "Dead for transgressions and sins." "The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From head to toe is not healthy." Satan holds us in its snare, we were eating "caught us doing His will" (Ephesians 2.1; Isaiah 1,5.6, 2 Timothy 2.26). God wants to heal us, deliver us. However, this requires a complete transformation, renew the whole of our nature, we must surrender himself to the Lord.

Fight with the self is the greatest game that people are struggling. Give up self, obey all God's will require great effort. One must first obey God before he can be reborn in holiness.

The government is not God as Satan tries to tell us - based on blind deference to irrational violence, but relies on reason and conscience. "Let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18), invites Creator beings are created. Created by the will of God no rapes beings. Can not accept tributes to him and we do not give voluntarily. Forced submission would prevent all their real development of mind or character, and would make a man a mere tool. This is not the intention of the Creator. God desires that man, the crown of his creator work, achieved the highest possible peak of development. It shows us the greatest blessing that we want to give her grace. He invites us to give him that, in the U.S. could carry out their will. Cares for us, we decide whether we want to be delivered from the bondage of sin so that we can share the glorious freedom of the sons of God.

If you abandon God, we must necessarily give up everything that separated us from him. Therefore Savior points out: "None of you who are not all that he has can not be my disciple" (Luke 14:33). We have to give anything away from the heart of God. The love of money, desire for possessions is a gold chain, which is tied to Satan. Other craving fame and worldly honors. Other goal in life is selfish comfort, without any liability. The slave shackles, however, be broken. We can not be half God and half the world. We are God's children, if they're all over.

There are people who think that serving God. They want to obey his law, creating a nice character and attain salvation, but rely only on their own strength. At the heart of Christ's love does not only try to fulfill the obligations of Christian life, as something that God requires them to gain heaven. Such religion is worthless. Dwells in the heart of Christ, a man so filled with joy and his love of his community that he surrenders completely.

The contemplation of Christ, we forget ourselves. Love of Jesus becomes the motive for action. Those who feel the boundless love of God, do not ask, what is sufficient to meet the requirements of God, not satisfied with the lowest level, but strive to perfect the implementation of the will of its Redeemer. With all the earnestness they make and show interest, which corresponds to the price target, which directed. Confession of Christ without this deep love is merely a verbal expression, a dry formality, a difficult burden of slavery.

Do you feel that too much victim to surrender everything to Christ? Ask yourself the question: "What has Christ for me?" Son of God gave all - life, love and suffering - for our redemption. And it is possible to him we, who are unworthy of love so great, did not give your heart? In every moment of our lives we accept the blessings of his grace, we can not fully understand the depth of ignorance and poverty, which saved us before. We look to the crucified for our sins, and yet despise his love and sacrifice? We look at the endless humiliation of the Lord of glory grumble that our way of life leads to eternal struggle and self-humiliation?

Many proud hearts asks: "Why do I need to repent and afflict before you can be sure that God take me?" Look to Christ! He was without sin, it was the Prince of Heaven, to rescue a man took upon himself the sins of mankind. "He himself to death and was numbered with the transgressors. He bore the sin of many, instead it hit the transgressors" (Isaiah 53.12).

What does not actually give up, if you give up everything? Only the heart has been marred by sin, Jesus to cleanse him with His blood and saved it to my inexpressible love. Yet it is hard for people to bring this offering.

God required from us to give up something that is for our good. Everything takes place, God pursues the welfare of their children.

I wish all those who have not chosen Christ, have come to realize that Christ can offer them something better than what seek for yourself! A man makes himself the greatest injustice, and commits the greatest injustice to himself, and thinks if it is against the will of God. Can not find true joy in a way which prohibits one who knows what is best for us and who wants only the good of his creatures. Path transgression is the path of misery and ruin.

It is wrong to believe that God delights in the suffering of their children. The whole sky has an interest in human happiness. Our heavenly Father does not created by any of his creatures, to rejoice. Divine commandment invites us to beware of just such things that bring suffering and disappointment that we close the door to happiness and heaven. Redeemer of the world accepts people as they are, with all their needs, faults and weaknesses.

Christ brings us not only their blood cleaned from sin and redeem us, but to satisfy the desire of all who bear His burden. He wants to give peace and rest to all who come to him for the bread of life. It requires us to perform only those duties that will lead us to the highest bliss, no disobedience can not be achieved. The true, joyous life of man is to accept Christ, hope of glory.

Many ask: "How do I surrender to God?" want to surrender to God, but feel morally weak, you're in doubt and captivity succumb habits of his sinful life. Your promises and resolutions are like building on sand. You're the master of his thoughts, his feelings and inclinations. Did you promises and commitments you did, and it undermines your confidence in their own sincerity and makes you feel that God will not accept. You need not despair. You have to just understand what the true strength of will. Will the control power in human nature, decision-making power, the power of choice. Everything depends on the correct use of will. God gave man the ability to choose, and it is for people to to use it.

You can change your heart, God can not give myself affection of your heart, you are not alone on their own volition, decide that he'll serve. Can you give God your will, "because it is God who works in you, that you want and does what he likes." (Philippians 2:13) Thus the whole nature of your subordinate the Spirit of Christ, focusing your affection to Christ, your mind will be in harmony with it.

The desire for piety and holiness is itself correct, but if not just stay in her good for nothing. Many are introduced to disaster, because the only hope and expect that they will become Christians. Not reach up to surrender their will to God. Still have not decided to become Christians.

Proper use of the play can completely change your life. Hand in If Christ his will, with the couple the power that is above all powers. You will get strength from above, you should be firm, so constant obey to God you'll be able to live a new life, because life in faith.

Extract from the book Journey to Christ - E.G.White

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