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9th Work and Life Christian - The Way to Christ

How to Find God


9th Work and Life Christian - The Way to Christ

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God is the source of life, the universe, light and joy. As the rays of light based on the sun, like streams of water spurt from a live source, so it pours out a blessing for all His creatures. And where the life of God dwells in the hearts of people, there will come out in love and blessing to another.

Joy of our Savior was in turmoil and redemption of fallen humanity. To this aim, his life, underwent suffering on the cross, ignoring outrage. Angels also have the task of caring for the happiness of others. This makes them the pleasure.

Sinless angels held just what the proud and selfish people regard as humiliating service, serves those who have fallen into sin, people are depraved nature. The spirit of Christ's selfless love penetrates the heavens and the essence of everything. Blessings. Such a spirit should be followers of Christ, so they should show.

Dwells the love of Christ in the heart, it can not remain hidden, like the sweet smell can not hide. Its holy influence will be felt everyone with whom we interact. Spirit of Christ in the heart is a fountain in the desert, flowing to all food, and which in every dying awakens a desire to drink the water of life.

Love for Jesus is reflected in the desire to work as he worked for the welfare and salvation of mankind. Will the love and compassion to soft all creation, which takes care of our heavenly Father.

Savior's life on earth would be easy and comfortable life. Christ worked steadily, relentlessly and truly lost for the salvation of mankind. From cradle to Golgotha walked the path of self-denial, try to avoid heavy tasks strenuous routes, exhausting work and worries. He said: "Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28). That was the main objective of his life. Everything else was secondary and only serve the main objective. His food and drink to do the will of God and complete their work. Selfishness and self-love did not work in his place.

Similarly, those who want to experience the grace of Christ, are always ready for every sacrifice to the others, for whom Christ died, to participate in the heavenly gift. They do everything they can to make the world a better place. This spirit is the soul of the fruit actually reversed. When someone comes to Christ, is born in his heart a desire to tell others how to find a rare friend in Jesus, salvific and sanctifying truth can not remain in their hearts closed.

If we are clothed with Christ's righteousness, and filled with joy that dwells in us His Spirit, we can not remain silent. When we tasted and knew that the Lord is good, we have something to talk about. Like Philip when he found the Savior, we will invite other, to come to him. We will try to show them the attraction of Christ and the unseen reality of the future world. Nothing we do not want craving than walk the path that Jesus walked. Awaken in us a true desire to those around us, saw the Lamb of God, "which takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29).

Trying to be a blessing to others will be rewarded with a blessing for us. God has deliberately told a role in the plan of redemption. Granted the privilege of people to become participants of divine nature. Wishes and requests, so we were a blessing to your neighbor. This is the highest honor, the greatest joy that can endow people. Those who are involved in this work of love, come closest to their Creator.

God could entrust the gospel message and the entire work of the service of love heavenly angels. Could use other means to achieving their intent. In his infinite love, however, decided to make us your coworkers, colleagues of Christ and the angels, we can share the blessings, joy, spiritual enhancement, which provides selfless service.

Christ is approaching its participation in the suffering. Any self-sacrifice for the good of others strengthens the spirit of charity in the donor heart and connect it more closely with the Redeemer of the world, who "was rich, but for you he became poor, that ye through his poverty might become rich" (2 Corinthians 8:9). And just because if we fulfill this God's purpose for which you created, you may be a blessing of life.

If you let the work that Christ has designated for his disciples, and if you get him to second, you feel the need for a deeper experience and greater knowledge of God and the things you hanker after and thirst for justice. Will you ask God to strengthen your faith and you'll drink a larger gulp from the well of salvation. Struggles and trials will guide you to the Bible and prayer. Grow up in grace and knowledge of Christ and gather experience.

The spirit of selfless love for others gives depth of character, strength and Christian grace and brings peace and happiness. The heart longs for something more. It is there room for sloth or selfishness. Those who use this gift of Christian graces will grow and intensify the work of God. They will have clear spiritual consciousness, strong, growing faith and prayer will take more power. Spirit of God, who works on their mind, they shiver in his divine touch of the sacred melodies. Those who are so dedicated selfless work for the welfare of others, doing their best for their own salvation.

The only way to grow in the grace of Christ's selfless act work that Christ saves us, it means to work according to their ability to help and be a blessing for those who need help, which could provide them.

Strength exercises are grown, the business condition of life. Believers who seek to maintain their Christian life by adopting a blessing, which brings them a pardon, without what they do to Christ, are simply trying to live as those who eat without working. And in the spiritual realm, as well as the massive failure leads to the degeneration and decay. The man who would not want to move the limbs would soon lose the power they use. Similarly, the Christian who will not use skills that God had lent not only not grow in Christ, but loses the power it already has.

Church of Christ is God's appointed instrument for the salvation of people. Its mission is to bring the gospel to the world. And this requirement applies to all Christians. Each, according to his talents and abilities to perform the command Savior. Love of Christ revealed to us, makes us debtors those who do not yet know Christ. God gave us light, we only kept it for himself, but to spread it to those who still live in darkness.

If the followers of Christ aware of this obligation, then, in pagan countries, where today only one evangelist, preached the gospel of thousands of people. And all this work who can not personally carry out, support them with funds, your understanding and your prayers. It would be a much more real work for the salvation of men in Christian countries.

To work for Christ. do not go into pagan land, not leaving a narrow circle of family, if we are here with their obligations. We work for Christ even in the family, the church, among those they meet in private or in employment.

The greater part of his earthly life spent our Savior in the carpenter shop in Nazareth, where he worked patiently. Lord of life surrounded the angels, if unrecognized and not worship met with workers and peasants. Savior faithfully fulfilled its mission, when exercising their modest craft, just as they treated the sick or walked along the stormy waters of Galilee. So we can even the simplest duties, and the most modest places to work and walk with Christ.

The apostle Paul says: "What was who called the brothers, both of which remain before God" (1 Corinthians 7:24). Dealers can maintain their businesses and to celebrate their Lord, their honesty. If true follower of Christ, will bring his religion into everything, 'and the people to manifest the spirit of Christ. The worker may be diligent and faithful representative of Jesus who lived a modest life under the hills of Galilee. Anyone who bears the name of Christ, should work so that others, seeing his good works, feel desire to celebrate our Creator and Redeemer.

Many deny their gifts to the service of God and the excuse that others have better talent and more benefits. They think only of those who have special talents are required to devote their skills service of God. Many even think that talent is blessed with a whole extra layer of people, while others are marginalized and are therefore not called upon to participate in the work and the reward. In the parable, however, that nothing false. When the landlord called his servants assigned to each job.

Even the simplest duties of life we meet with love, "as unto the Lord" (Colossians 3:23). If the love of God in the heart, reflected in life. Encompass with us a pleasant fragrance of Christ's life, our influence will increase and will be a blessing.

Do not wait for it to be a special occasion arises, or expect that you will receive extraordinary abilities before you begin working for God. Do not worry about what you think about the world. This shows if your daily life on the purity and sincerity of your faith, and if others believe that they want to help, not your efforts completely futile.

Even the humblest and poorest of the disciples of Jesus may be a blessing to others. Neither may not realize that something good place, but its influence unwitting cause of these blessings are based on guilt, which then strengthened and deepened. Blessed is the fruit of his action need to recognize the great day of reckoning. They do not know, or feel that something big would have acted. sought from them to care whether their efforts will be successful. They just quietly go ahead and do the work faithfully to them by God in his wisdom told, and their lives will be wasted. Spiritually they are still more like Christ, cooperate with God now and prepare for higher labor and unadulterated joy in the hereafter.

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