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A new day of rest - Fake Lunar Sabbath

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A new day of rest - Fake Lunar Sabbath

Added: 28.12.2010
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The world's next Saturday and Sunday the fake was another day of rest. Many a bitter Bible study came to the strange conclusion. A true day of rest, holy to the Israelites is Saturday, which is in our calendar, but the so-called lunar Saturday. In the world especially in the U.S. is a big boom in this day of rest. offering one million dollars, that gave them their newly acquired knowledge of the Bible refutes.

Supporters of the lunar Saturday says that in calendar creator seems always on Saturday 8, 15, 22, and 29 of each month. A day of rest each week is another day. This conclusion is arrived at Bible study, details of which can be viewed here. / WLC-challenge.html

This delusion is absolutely denies the seven-day cycle of our Creator. The seven-day cycle was chosen by our Creator, in order to distinguish once and for all real day of rest. It does not matter what calendar is used, if Julian, Gregorian, Jewish calendar. The seven-day cycle, and given nearly 6,000 years since creation of the earth is maintained.

Rite of Saturday according to the lunar calendar works as follows. The first new moon is the first Saturday. Then seven days later a second, which is 8 of the month. Then another 15 Jewish months, then 22 and 29 But here comes the problem, the moon orbits around the earth in 29.5 days, seven-day cycle so can not be derived from the moon.

Moon completes a full orbit around the Earth once every 29.530588. For this reason it can not be bound to a seven-month cycle. To be bound to a seven-month cycle would have to circulate around the country last month, 28 days.

This has circumvented the lunar supporters Saturday that the cycle for each new month begins with the first lunar crescent.

It's basic math, the number 29.5 can not be divided by 7 to produce an integer.

Our heavenly Father loves us so much, for us, he gave his only son Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross. I really do not think anybody who loves us and hide us from the true holy day of rest on Saturday.

Lunar Saturday is one of Satan's history leads to the conclusion of this world to confound the faithful.

Derived from what year?

Let's see what a year and according to what is intended. First is the time that elapses between two recurrences of an event associated with the circulation of the Earth around the Sun. The year is derived by the circulation of our country around the sun.

What is derived from the moon?

The moon is a time unit in many calendars. The Gregorian calendar has 28 to 31 days. It was originally derived from the length of the lunation, which takes 29.530588 days. Since the year but not month synodickým exactly divisible, had to proceed to edit. The year is, in the Gregorian calendar, 12 months. Month is calculated by oběhnutí month around our country.

From what is derived week?

A week has seven days. A week is not derived by any revolution around the sun or moon. So how was he who devised the week?

The seven-day cycle, is from the early history of the world. Determine the way our Creator, who created the earth in six days and rested the seventh day. This was a week and holy day of rest Saturday.

Genesis 2:2-3 - the seventh day God finished the work he had worked on in the seventh day he rested from all the work you did. God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it: because in it God rested from all His work, which created and made.

Lunar Rite Catholic Saturday or Sunday is unscriptural. It is Satan's deceit and deception, which is trying to trample the law of God.

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