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Bible Prophecy - Who is the Antichrist? - Daniel Chapter 7

The prophets of the Bible and today


Bible Prophecy - Who is the Antichrist? - Daniel Chapter 7

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Topics: The prophets of the Bible and today

In the second chapter of Daniel God revealed the basic prophetic view. Uses the image of metal and stone figures, who at the end of the crush.

Golden head represented Babylonian Empire, his chest was a silver picture Medo-Pers empire, symbolized by the Hellenic Copper belly empire and the iron legs are an apt reflection of the Roman Empire. Legs sticking out of clay and iron, talks about the long centuries of wars and attempts at unification in Europe and Asia Minor. Fall is a great stone coming in glory of Jesus Christ. More in the article - Bible Prophecy - Daniel 2 - History of the World.

The seventh chapter of Daniel's prophecy describes the same realm with other symbols. Daniel in his time knew nothing about the nation of Israel once again stand against God and crucify the Messiah, did not know about calling the New Testament church, about her subsequent departure from God, from his words, and the decline of the medieval church who persecuted his own believers.

God, this sad development of the Church and the prophecies foretold in Daniel chapter 7 and 8 are not just Old Testament times, as some interpreters, because we have clear statements about this prophecy extends until the end. This prophecy speaks of a time of God's court and touching what is in the final period to take place on earth and in heaven (Daniel 7,9 - 10.13 to 14.26 - 27).

Daniel 7,2-8 - I am in the night Daniel had this vision: Behold, I saw how the great sea storm four winds of heaven. Suddenly emerged from the sea four huge beasts, each different. The first looked like a lion, but had an eagle's wings. Then I saw it was breaking off the wing, was lifted from the ground, so standing on my feet like a man, and received a human heart. And behold, suddenly appeared the second beast like a bear. On the one hand, erect, holding the teeth in three ribs and was told: "Arise, eat a lot of bodies!"

I watched more and behold, another beast appeared, like Leopard, but on the backs of birds had four wings. She had four heads, and was given power. Then it went on night vision, and behold, I saw the fourth beast. It was horrifying and awful and had terrible power. With its huge iron teeth, devouring and crushing the rest tread down feet. Differed from all the beasts that preceded it, and had ten horns. When I watched the horns, behold, they began to grow among other, a small corner of three of the first horns were disproved, to make room for him. On the corner I saw a human like eyes and mouth, which resulted proud speech.

One is the interpretation of biblical prophecy important - to them we can not in any way to upload their opinion or their prejudices. We must not "suck on your finger, what does each prophetic symbols. We must do as many false prophets who interpret the Scriptures, as it suits them. We must allow the Bible to interpret itself. What then is the key to deciphering the strange prophecy of images found in this chapter and which appear in other books of the Bible?

Wind = war, riot (as Jeremiah 25.32; 49,35-37)

Sea (water) = nation, race (Revelation of John 17.15)

Beast (beast) = King or kingdom (Daniel 7,17)

Corner = king, ruler (Daniel 7.24, 8.21, 17.12 Revelation of John)

The following glossary is now clearer picture - Daniel saw that the struggles between nations raised four great kingdom.

The seventh chapter of Daniel's prophecy describes the same realm as described in the sculptures in 2. chapter and compares the Babylonian Empire to the lion, Medo-Pers to bear, the panther the Greek empire and the Roman Empire describes as "horrible, terrible and extremely powerful creature."

History clearly shows that after Greece followed the only other global power - Roman Empire (In the prophecy of chapter 2 corresponds to the thighs of iron - even in the fourth image of the animal, iron appears). I predicted the nature of this kingdom is truthful. No wonder it was said that wherever he stepped Roman soldier, seven years grass grow. You can study history and find that this power will actually its vast land conquered by force, that destroyed everything that stood in her way.

After this brief description of the political forces, Daniel begins to address some more power, which begins for many centuries to interfere in the religious realm, into the life of the Church. Daniel 7.kapitole describes the gradual onset of action and special powers, which waged war against the saints and God. It is called the little horn. (Daniel 7,8,21)

Daniel 7, 19 - 27 - Then I wanted to know what is meant by the fourth beast, which differed from all others: It was terrible and frightening, with iron teeth and bronze claws and crushing and devouring the rest tread down feet. I also wanted to know what is meant by the ten horns on her head and why he grew up next corner, and three dropped out to make room for him, and why the horn had eyes and mouth, which resulted proud speech, and why he looked more powerful than others. I looked away and then I saw that horn waging war against the saints and overcomes them. Then came the long-standing but ruled in favor of a holy Supreme. Then came time for the saints took the kingdom.

He is standing there, so I said: 'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom on earth, which is different from all others: It engulfed the whole earth, trample it and crush. The ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from previous ones, and they subdue three kings. Will speech against the Most High, the saints will be wrong and try to change the times and rules. Saints will be given into his hands for a time and times and half a time. But then the court will sit down and strips him of power to be forever destroyed and destroyed. The kingdom, power and the glory of the kingdoms under heaven will be handed over to the holy people of the Most High. His kingdom will last forever, and all rulers will worship him and obey. "

Of these verses you can choose characters that clearly characterize the power, hiding under the name "little corner". The seventh chapter book of Daniel tells us that this "little horn":

1 Arose from the fourth beast (v. 23-24).

2nd He grew up among the ten horns (verse 8).

3 Refuted the three horns (kings) (verse 8, 24).

4 He seemed larger than the other corners (v. 20).

5 Differed from all others (v. 24).

6th Does the human eye (verse 8).

7th It will blaspheme God, speak boldly (v. 8, 20, 25).

8 Waged war against the saints and prevailed against them (v. 21, 25).

9 It will seek to change times and law (v. 25).

10 Saints will be given into his hands for a time, times and half time (v. 25).

11 It will rule until the advent Ancient (v. 22).

12 His government has withdrawn it will be destroyed (v. 26).

Remember that to be a reliable interpretation, all characters must match.

The identification of this power can help the information contained in the 8th chapter of Daniel and Revelation. The question is obvious - it is possible on the basis of those characteristics reliably discern what sort of power is? Who is the "little horn"? Who is the Antichrist?

There is only one power which satisfies all the features of the prophecy. It's Papal System. Just compare Bible prophecy with history and understand why the Roman Church for centuries forbade Bible reading and persecuted and murdered those who live the truth.

The thickness of the little horn does not identify individual Catholics, but the papal system. Many people who adhere to the Church of Jesus Christ certainly love with all my heart. God really loves people seduction Apostolic Roman Catholic Church system. Therefore, given his word, so we can learn and recognize God's warning, hear the voice of Jesus and follow him.

1 Arose from the fourth beast (v. 23-24). Rome collapsed into ten separate nations. Among them, then rose a little corner. The prophecy in Daniel 2 and 8 may indicate that the Roman power will somehow act until the end of world history. The historical fact is that the only power that arose and usurped the power of Rome shortly after the fall of the Roman empire was a papal system.

Quote: "It is a special act of Divine Providence in the fall of the Roman Empire and its division into a single kingdom, the Roman pontiff, who made Christ the head and at the heart of his Church, acquired secular power." (Pope Pius IX., Catholic Apostolic Letter Cum Ecclesia, March 1860)

2nd He grew up among the ten horns (verse 8). It grew from 10 nations of Western Europe, the Roman empire which was divided. They were the Saxons (England), Frank (France), Alamanni (Germany), Visigoths (Spain), Suebovs (Portugal), Lombardi (Italy), Burgunds (Switzerland), Heruli (destroyed), the Vandals (destroyed) and Ostrogoths (smoothing ).

3 Refuted the three horns (kings) (v. 8, 24). Papal government begins to collapse of the Roman Empire in 533, when Emperor Justinian officially recognized by the pope the head of all Christian churches. The kingdom, which did not recognize the pope's authority had been ruthlessly destroyed. Heruli were crushed in 493, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths in 534 in the 538th

4 He seemed larger than the other corners (v. 20). All the kings of his subject, and were crowned and splicing on the basis of papal decrees. Influenced the functioning of the whole of Europe and later around the world. He reigned over the kings who had made up his accounts, and of their peoples.

5 Differed from all others (v. 24). The difference lies in the fact that, by nature political and religious state. The Vatican is the only state that is both churches.

6th Does the human eye (v. 8). One of the titles of the Pope's Latin "Episcopus Episcoporium" which means something like "The supervisor supervisor" or "overseer overseers. The above verse is interpreted in connection with the confession. Through the confession was because the Catholic Church has always insight into the lives of people (and not only ordinary people but also the most powerful rulers). Furthermore, this image suggests a connection with people of power. We know that the papal power is concentrated in one man.

7th It will blaspheme God, speak boldly (v. 8, 20, 25). Biblical definition of blasphemy will help us understand what is blasphemy

John 10.33 - The Jews answered him: "We do not stone you for a good deed, but for blasphemy: you're a man and say you're God."

Mark 2.7 - "What this man says? Profane! Who can forgive sins but God?"

Matthew 23.9 - and do not put anyone on earth `father's name: for one is your Father which is in heaven.

What she says about the Pope?

"The Pope has such great dignity and so exalted that it is not just a man ... ... Is like a God on earth, the only ruler of believers in Christ, the leader of the Kings, the fullness of power. "(Lucius Ferraris, Bibliotheca Prompt, 1793, vol VI, Papa II, p. 25-29)

"We advocate on this earth instead of God Almighty." (Big encyclical letters of Pope Leo XII, June 1894)

"The pope is not just a representative of Jesus Christ, he is Jesus Christ himself, hidden under the cloak of the body." (The Catholic National, July 1895)

"The Pope has such great dignity and so exalted that it is not just a man but as God, God's representative ... It is also a divine monarch and supreme emperor, king of kings ... If it were possible, and the angels might err in their faith, or might think contrary to belief, they might be judged and excommunicated by the Pope. "(Excerpts from Ferrari Church Dictionary, article on Pope)

She claims even the "King of Heaven." That this power is clearly associated with an entity called Satan, who expressed his desire to be equal to the Supreme Isaiah 14,12-15.

8 Waged war against the saints and prevailed against them (v. 21, 25). History proves that 100-150 million people were under the religious - political system, tortured and sent to death. Protestants were murdered because they believed the words of the Bible and wanted to live according to Jesus' teachings.

9 It will seek to change times and law (v. 25). God's law was actually changed. The second commandment forbids worship idols, statues and paintings have been lifted, and to keep the number 10, the last divided into two commandments.

The fourth commandment concerning the Sabbath as a day of rest was changed by decree in 321 in worship on Sunday, as the god of the sun.

Matthew 5.18 - Verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away not the smallest letter, not one tittle of the law, before it all come true.

"Around the year 1400 demanded Petrus de Ancharano the Pope can modify divine law, since his power is divine, not human. No country is supposedly in place, and God has full power to decide on their sheeps "

Quote: "The Pope has the power to change times, to destroy the law and decide on all matters, even those who belong to Christ. The Pope has authority and is often used, modify the commandments of Christ "(Ferrari church dictionary)

Quote: "Of course the Catholic Church admits that the change (Saturday rest on Sunday) was her act ... ... and this act is a sign of her ecclesiastical authority in religious matters." (HF Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons)

Quote: "Sunday is a sign of authority ... ... our church is the Bible, and this movement maintaining Saturday (on Sunday) is proof of that fact." (Catholic Record of London, Ontario, September 1923)

10 Saints will be given into his hands for a time, times and half time (v. 25). About the same time period discussed in connection with the persecution of the holy book of Revelation. The same term "time, times and half a time" appears in Revelation 12.14. Same time period and the same event are discussed elsewhere in this book, but time is expressed in other words. Revelation 12.6, this time labeled as "one thousand two hundred and sixty days" in Revelation 13.5 the term "forty two months". Biblical month has 30 days, the biblical year of 360 days. These are the same: 3,5 time (years) = 42 months = 1260 days.

When prophecy speaks in symbols, then one prophetic day represents one of the real. For example, in Ezekiel 4.6 God says: "... I save you for one day each year ..."

Using this principle, therefore, "three and a half time" of Daniel 7 translated as 1260 years.

Papal Rome ruled Europe for 1260 years in the period 538-1798.

Of these 1260 years, which begin around the year. 538 - provision of the Church as an institutional power and the end of the year. 1798 just after the 1260's. 10th March 1798 Napoleon sent his General Louis Alexandre Berthier with his army to Rome.

11 It will rule until the advent Ancient (v. 22). The papal system, but became destroyed. About 59 years later there was an incredible turn when the 11 February 1929 the Italian leader Mussolini signed a concordat with the Cardinal Gaspari, who restored the church of the church property. Again returned the papacy to its international position as a global political power. Everything indicates that power the global boom, causing the culmination of human history.

Martin Luther studying the prophetic book of Daniel and Revelation and Paul's letters to the Thessalonians the antichrist revealed. Spalatin writes to his friend:

"I'm definitely more confident and I can not doubt that the pope is the real antichrist ... so ... because everything exactly the way his life, deeds, words and commandments."

Luther was not the only leader of the Reformation, which revealed the identity of the Antichrist. The whole crowd of reformers reveal the true nature of the papacy. They included as Thomas Cranmer, John Wycliffe, John Huss, Jerome, John Knox and many others. This is the real reason why the Roman Catholic Church against the Reformers holding God's word so hard to fight ...

Of course, the Roman - Catholic Church knows the true interpretation of prophecy. Therefore, prophecy is trying to disguise and distort the argument that the Antichrist is Antiochus IV Epifanem. It does not meet the characters in Prophecy and it has long been dead.

12 His government has withdrawn it will be destroyed (v. 26).

2,3-12 Thessalonians - Do not let anyone deceive in any way. Until that day comes, there needs to be turned away from God. They must discover the wicked and reprobate, who opposes and exalteth himself above all that what it says and what God is worshiped. Settle even in God's temple and will issue a God! Do you not remember how I told you when I was still with you? You know what prevents him yet - may in fact occur until that time.

Daniel 7.26 - 27 - But then the court will sit down and strips him of power to be forever destroyed and destroyed. The kingdom, power and the glory of the kingdoms under heaven will be handed over to the holy people of the Most High. His kingdom will last forever, and all rulers will worship him and obey. "

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