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Big Bang roztříská something rather than build.

Evolution or Creation?


Big Bang roztříská something rather than build.

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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Many now believe that the universe was created in one big bang. In fact, cod smash in something rather than build. Today, clearly shows that the universe is a projection, and in this project, the Big-Bang - big bang - played no creative role. Many astronomical observations and calculations do not go with this theory all together.

The universe is structured, homogeneous. But that does not correspond to homogeneous background radiation (the residual microwave radiation at a temperature of 2.7 K), or the dynamics of a distant explosion. It is not certain whether the universe is really expanding. Redshift galaxies can be interpreted otherwise, and its size is sometimes in conflict with the mass of the object.

In 1986, R. Brent Tully (University of Hawaii) indicated that there are strip "super swatch" galaxies 300 million light-years long and 100 million light-years thick, extending over distances of up to 1 billion light-years and between them there are many empty seats 300 million light years. In 1991, Will Saunders and 9 other astronomers published the results of measurements of the entire sky redshift Infrared Astronomical Satellite. Thus came to light much more massive super galaxy than is explicable Big-Bang theory.

Some of the big bang theory, astronomers have never accepted. However, these suits evolutionary perspective, in which all by itself evolves. Therefore, it is passionately venerated in this scenario, the hypothesis of "blow up" the universe ever taken - not fit the facts, but the dogma.

It is believed that a tiny unknown "something" once upon a time, from completely incomprehensible reasons, "he exploded." That was enough to make the universe and we humans, all in perfect working order?

It is very curious how the theory of evolution was originally only living objects was gradually applied to inanimate matter. Do not develop just bacteria, fish fins, eyes, wings and brain, but the stars, planets, galaxies, elements of Mendeleyev's system - just everything, the whole cosmos. But actually seeing that everything stagnates, degenerates, ages, collapses, collapsing and dying!

The original idea of evolution was based on observations of wildlife. Evolutionary scientists are therefore liable to explain whether the celestial bodies also allow for natural selection and survival of the fittest, sexual selection on male and female fighting. That is what natural selection observed in the universe, when his behavior term borrowed from evolutionary biologists.

Indeed, the big bang the universe belongs to the academic field as well as other fantasy evolutionary theory. All the hypotheses are allowed, but not the idea of an intelligent creature! "


While the Bible provides a wonderful and accurate account of "laboratory conditions" of how creation took place. "Water Planet, located in deep space, the icy planet. Extremely low temperatures prevailing in the universe, unlit star - the sun, freezes all substances, even gases.

Longtime "figure" in the "lab report" about the events says that hovered over the waters of the Spirit of God. 4.24 In the verses of Deuteronomy and Isaiah 64, 3, we read something about the nature of God, that is. From this description, we learn that God gives the thermal energy to change the planet. So he began to thaw the planet earth.

More in the article: Thawing ice to our planet - the Bible gives a great "lab notes"

Job 38,4-13 - Where were you when I founded the earth? Just tell me when you understand. Who determined its dimensions? Surely you know! Who gauge rate it? Embedded into what are the basics? Who laid the corner-stone, when the morning stars sang the chorus and all the sons of God shouted with joy? Who's the sea with doors closed, when he had spewed forth out of the womb, when I decked cloud cloud wrapped in swaddling clothes as if I had set the limits of her, planted a gate on the door and said: This is mixed up here, and no further , your swollen waves break here '? He ordered morning you have ever, ever place expose Aurora, took the floor to the edges and nothing out of it rushed?

Job 42, 1-6 - Job of the Lord said: "I recognize that you are not omnipotent and that does not obstruct your mind. You asked: "Who is obscuring my intentions, and yet not knowing?" Yes, I talked about what I had no idea about the mysteries that are beyond my comprehension. You said, 'Listen I speak, I will question you, and you declare to me. " So far I've only heard about you saying you now but I see with my own eyes. Therefore, it humiliates - in dust and ashes I repent! "

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