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Changes in Bible translations

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Changes in Bible translations

Updated: 16.11.2011
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In the Czech language in the recently increasing number of Bible translations. In addition to the Ecumenical Translation is available not only to complete the translation and study Czech Bible21, but also the Jerusalem Bible, the Bible and Jehovah's Witnesses. Americans also have many Bible translations into English, such as the New International Version (NIV).

But these translations are correctly translated according to the original texts?

In medieval times the Church did not want people to read the Bible, because they would see how far the Church is far from the truth. The Bible was crucified, burned, but God allow this to be completely destroyed and forgotten. God always had his people, which she cherished. Already at that time the Church tried to change the word of God and also created a false translation into Latin - Vulgate. True biblical translation is yet preserved by faithful Valdens people in the Italian mountains. So already at that time there were two versions of the Bible.

When the Reformation came true translation of the Bible began to spread. Martin Luther translated the Scripture was true of the Greek manuscripts, not from the Latin Vulgate. The Bible was at once translated into all European languages and it was impossible to stop it. When the Reformation came to know the leaders of the Catholic Church, the only book that caused the loss of people's Catholic faith was the Bible. Therefore, it so hated.

The Jesuits were so clever and created his next article, hoping to spread among humans. First, it failed, but in the twenties of the nineteenth century it began to flourish in the Anglican Church. It was created Vatikanus Code and Code Sinaitikus, which for example does not the book of Revelation of John, and these codes are full of errors, and have omitted many passages. Since then, there are more than 100 different Bible translations, different versions.

Revelation 22,18-19 - Anyone who hears the prophetic words of this book, I assure Whoever adds anything to them, God will add to him plagues in this book listed. Anyone from the prophetic words of this book take away something, God take away his part from the tree of life and of the holy city and the good things in this book listed.

In English is only one version of the correct "King James Bible" - Protestant translation of 1611. The Czech's Bible of 1613. Other versions of the Bible are translated largely from the already distorted manuscripts.

For instance, STUD Ecumenical Bible (In English, for example, the New International Version (NIV) was prepared according to different materials to suit all the apostate churches. It is situated in the very places where passage is left out entirely, else no words, just a lot of mistakes.

Many say that this new translation is here for, to help young people especially, because it is easy to read in the language of today. Most young people learn foreign languages but which is much harder to understand than about two hundred words mentioned in the Bible in the language old czech.

Ecumenical Bible defenders aim is to claim that the missing words, or verses, are located below the line below. As would be of little importance, or did not belong to the actual Bible. Most readers of the Bible, however, communication does not read the footnotes below, as are the small print, and accept the amended distorted the message of the Greek manuscripts of the Catholic Church.

In none of the 39 books of the Old Testament find in the ecumenical translation of the answer to the question that this is the seventh day, referred to as the "Day holiday." Many Protestants and Catholics are convinced that this is a day on Sunday. Even in the Ten Commandments is not in the ecumenical translation of the above, it is the Sabbath day! Day that the Lord instituted the creation of the world, as a memorial of his creative work, and that the Bible is still a sign between God and His people.

The attentive reader soon finds that changes made in the ecumenical translation in many places also lead to the destruction of beliefs concerning the importance and uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only path to salvation and as head of the Church of God.

Why suddenly appeared many new different translations? The reasons will be many, but certainly one of them will include the following:

Trying to destroy confidence in the Bible as God's message, because when everyone is very different from the translation of the previous, then the reader what to believe?

Efforts to try to bridge the new translations and support the doctrines of different churches.

During the growing pressure of new global religion, New Age, to lead people to believe that leads to salvation are many different ways.

There is a clear intention to lead people to the fact that there is no need to take seriously anything that is written in the Bible. People who believe everything that is written in the Bible are often labeled with a mocking, as so called Fundamentlalisté. There is intention to lead people to salvation and libertinism so as to lead them to eternal perdition. Indeed, the whole ecumenical movement is based on the citation half biblical verses from John 17.21: "That all may be one ,....". This verse is often used for worship, but the second part of this verse, however, explains how the unity of Christ had in mind. That it should be such a unity, as was his father. If you have a unity of Christians with Christ, then even here on earth will be complete unity of all God's Church. Then it will be absolutely useless to speak of ecumenical union of churches, then the whole Church of God united, there will be unanimity in truth and love. Such unity of Christ had in mind.

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