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Dear Father, Please, Write Your Law On My Heart

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Dear Father, Please, Write Your Law On My Heart

Added: 16.05.2012
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My dear Father, You are so amazing, kind, compassionate and patient. My soul yearns for You. In the morning, when I wake up, I think of You and I wish this may last for the entire day. I want to surrender to Your holy will, because I know it is good and that it is the only right way. No matter what happens to me, whether it is good or bad, I always want to believe that You hold me in Your hands and will use bad things to make me enter Your kingdom. With great anxiety my soul hopes You will provide that we meet soon and stay together eternally. It is beyond my strength to be so holy and good as You would like. Please, take care of me. May Your Spirit change my character. And even though I know education often hurts, please, do everything necessary so that I become humble and full of love as Your Son Jesus Christ is.

Jesus Christ, who shares Your nature, and is Your divine Son, showed us in his humiliation how great is your love for us, and also the holiness of Your law. He, though being God, did not hesitate to leave His position in heavens; He humiliated Himself and became a man. It is unimaginable that God was ready to lower Himself and accepted a human body. He suffered humiliation and human poverty in this sinful world. But Jesus went even farther. Not only He became a man, but He was also the poorest and the most humiliated. He suffered poverty, He had no home and no background. He experienced mockery and misunderstanding. He allowed being bounded, tortured, and crucified by His own people, although He could intervene at any time. He could come down from the cross and demonstrate His divine power. And all of these, Jesus suffered for our sake and in order to fulfill Your holy law which is the foundation of Your government in the whole universe, and heavens. Your government is a government of love and I realize that the holy law is the expression of this love. Therefore, as Jesus said, “not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will disappear”. In fact, Your law is very important and grants harmony to all created beings and a loving course of heaven. That's why, You did not change not one letter to spare Your own Son from this suffering and torture. I thank you immensely for the sacrifice of Your Son by which You, had to suffer unspeakable torment as a Father. Neither a parent, whose child is going to be killed, can imagine the agony. Because You could intervene and stop everything. However, You did not do that for love to all created beings. What a selfdenial, what love!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for everything You did and underwent for my sake. I long for praising You and expressing my gratitude. I long for speaking about You and singing to You. I want You to stay always in my mind. And I want to remember Your sacrifice and humiliation all the time. Especially then when I'd like to be haughty. From now on, I want to be with You, I want to serve You, I want to be like You. I want to exalt the only name of Jesus. And therefore I pray that Your blood washed away all my sins and granted me mercy, so that I can be Your child again. May Your blood that shed for all of us cleanse my character, and make me clean in Your eyes. Please, send Your Holy Spirit to write Your law on my heart, as You promised so that my qualities become more similar to the love of Jesus. Please, send Your Holy Spirit to strengthen my faith and change my character in Your image. Only You can do this work in me. I don't want to sadden You anymore. I don't want cause You pain by transgressing Your law. Please, may Your Spirit take care of it. Accuse my conscience, give me meekness, and lead me to You, to Your kingdom

Please, let Your Spirit help me so that I always have in my heart Your words of love that God spoke to Moses and also the words pronounced by Jesus Christ (Dt 6:5; 10:12; Mt 22:37) “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” and that I fulfilled them in the first four commandments of Your holy Decalogue.

1. Please, help me to have You always as my only loving God and know that hope, glory and all the power is in Jesus Christ alone. To know that the only name, worthy of glory and worship is Jesus Christ and everything else is deceit. To avoid putting forward my ego or putting it on Your place, To avoid admiring people and to never accept false religion.

2. Please, never let me look upon neither images nor statues; neither worship the nature nor any other created thing. Please, help me to renounce to all the addictions, habits that are an idol for me. Please, help me to avoid putting my hobbies and interests on the first place; not to bow before anything nor worship anybody else but You. Because only You are worthy of glory and praise.

3. Help me, please, to speak always about You with reverence and being aware of Your immense power and glory; to pronounce Your holy name in awe, with reverence, respect and love, and realize, that Your holy angels cover their face in Your presence. Help me not to ever swear in vain nor swear falsely. Help me not to dishonor Your name by my conduct, too.

4. Father and dear Jesus, You set appart this seventh day Sabbath just for Your faithful sheep and for me. I thank You immensely for the time You dedicate to me. Help me, please, to be always with You in my thoughts and draw that special portion of Your blessing that You have prepared for this day. Remind me that You are my Creator and that this day commemorates You as the Creator of the whole world. Help me, please, to behave differently than on other days; not going my own way and not doing as I please, not doing my work, renounce to worldly thoughts and expect with joy the Sabbath day. What a delight spending more time with You and be closer to You; it fills me with joy. Let the love for You be the only motivation for keeping all of this. Also remind me to have mercy with suffering and ill people, and bring them consolation and relief on this day, too.

Please, let also Your Holy Spirit help me to keep in my heart the words (Leviticus 19:18, Matthew 22:39,40) “love your neighbor as yourself” and help me to fulfill them in the following six commandments of Your Decalogue.

5. Help me, please, to remember always that family was one of the first gifts You gave to the mankind in Paradise. And give me more love and gratitude towards my parents. Let Your Spirit remind me that also Jesus fulfills the will of His Father and that I have to cultivate respect and love for my parents.

6. Jesus Christ said that everyone who hates his brother is a murder. Therefore, please, let Your Spirit make me feel love and compassion for every one; to be always ready to help others. Help me so not to kill, neither willfully nor through ignorance; not even by a thought, word nor disinterest. Help me, please, avoid killing myself by using alcohol, drugs, bad food or other addictions. Help me, please, to tell others of You, because if I don't tell them about Your offer of salvation, they will go into perdition. And this is like I killed them.

7. Dear Father, help me, please, to be clean, not only physically, but also in my thoughts. You know, how difficult it is in these days, how many temptations and opportunities for unclean thoughts and actions are there. Sensual photographs and films are coming from everywhere; and only You through Your Spirit can give us strength to control and rule over our thoughts that otherwise could represent a small step towards a carnal sin. Help me to choose dress to put on in order to avoid being the cause of sin of others; and to stay away from entertainment, ambiguity and flirting, which could result in a similar sin.

8. Help me, please, to be always honest and never take anything that belongs to someone else. Help me not to take advantage of the ignorance or weakness of others for my profit. Help me to be able to give back always what belongs to You, my God, and be faithful in giving of tithes and offerings from what You entrusted to my hands and not to be robbing You because of my selfishness. Please, help me not to rob You of the time and strength that I can use for the salvation of others.

9. May Your Spirit help me so that I never tell a lie; that my words be always honest and true. Help me so that I never hurt others by gossiping and searching for their mistakes. Help me so that my words are always sincere and not flattering or ambiguous. Help me not to pass evil in silence, but always point out the right path and rectification.

10. Father, please liberate me from all addictions and all selfish desires, which are the root of evil. Liberate me, please, from greed and yearning for my own profit. Liberate me from carnal desires, yearning for material goods and temporary goods that take the place that belongs to You only, and that are robbing the love dedicated to You. Liberate me from yearning for possession, opulence, appreciation of the world, power, indulgence and covetousness.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You from all of my heart for Your grace, for cleansing me from all my sins and so opening me the way to Your kingdom. And all of this only through faith in You and through the merit of Your holy blood that you poured. I know my salvation depends on the faith manifested in acts of righteousness. And so, for I am grateful to You, I long to renounce to all evil and become similar to You, to be humble and have Your law of love in my heart. I know that You will enable me to do it by giving me the power of Your Holy Spirit that You promised. I thank You and I praise You and give You honor. Amen.

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