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Disaster is coming when God will shake the ground!

The prophets of the Bible and today


Disaster is coming when God will shake the ground!

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Topics: The prophets of the Bible and today

The Bible clearly warns that one of the last signs before the coming of Jesus Christ is that God is shaking our country. Nowadays, most to the second coming already filled, or fills. The rate of crime and rebellion against God reaches its climax. Dramatically increasing the number of natural disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and volcanic eruptions, warned that the approaching fulfillment of this sign. The frequent local disasters to warn us what will happen throughout the world and have us bring it back to the true God of Israel.

Joel 2.12 - And so even now, saith the LORD, return to me with all your heart, with fasting, weeping and mourning! Rend your hearts, not their tires to the LORD your God, return, is still gracious and compassionate, extremely patient, very kind and who refrains from evil.

1 Bible verses speaking of the impending catastrophe

2nd Excerpts from the prophetic writings of E.G. White

3 The warning signal for faithful people

Isaiah 13,11-13 - punish the world for its crimes, all the villains for their sin. With pride boiled shirt then I will consume, ruthless afflict hubris. Cause that person will rarer than gold, the gold will ofirsk mortal. This is because they shake the heavens and the earth moves in the foundations declaim LORD of hosts in the day, when his anger flares up.

Isaiah 24,4-5 - Earth fades, says the world fades exhausted, depleted and the cream of the nation. The earth is defiled by its inhabitants, as it crossed the laws, and ignored the provisions of the everlasting covenant. That's because a curse devours the land and its people Pyka, inhabitants of the earth disappear, remaining only a few.

Isaiah 24,18-20 - open the windows of heaven, the earth will shake the foundations are: The earth is breaking, breaking up, the country is collapsing, collapsing to the floor is shaking, shaking! Earth is spinning, spinning like a drunk, like shaking the hut by storm. Her guilt at her hard hits, crashes, and has risen.

Luke 21,26-28 - People are dying of fright in anticipation of what is to come into the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When it all starts to happen, upright and raise your heads because your redemption is near! "

Mark 13,24-26 - "In the days after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon shall not give light, the stars will fall from the sky and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken." Then see the Son of man coming in clouds with great power and glory.

Joel 2.10 - Before them the earth shakes and the sky shall tremble, the sun darkened and the moon and stars glow disappears.

Joel 4,15-16 - The sun and moon are darkened and the stars glow disappears. The LORD will roar from Zion, the thunder from Jerusalem - Heaven and earth will tremble! The LORD is a refuge for his people, the sons of Israel will be strength.

Isaiah 26.20 - "Go, my people, to their rooms, shut the door. Hide in the little moment before it changes its anger. Behold - the Lord leaves his dwelling to punish the guilty inhabitants of the country. Country reveals her to shed blood to stop covering up her killed.

Psalm 46,2-3 - God is our refuge and strength, help in distress is still present. Therefore we do not worry, even if the country failed and the mountains crumbling into the sea, even if its tumultuous roaring waves and the mountains were crumbling under the onslaught!

2nd Excerpts from the prophetic writings of Ellen G. White

Before the Son of man is revealed to the heavenly clouds, everything in nature will be shaken. Lightning from the sky merges with the fire on the ground and cause the mountains will be like a furnace and pouring rivers of lava on the villages and towns. The molten rock will flow down into the water, causing the boiling water will eject rocks and soil. Should there be a large earthquake, and many people lose their lives. (7 The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary 946, 1907).

City of God will be visited by the courts.

It is near the time when large cities will be visited by ordeal. In a little while to come to this city a terrible shock. No matter how big and strong will of their buildings, although a great number of fire units will be deployed, when God touches these buildings, in a few minutes or hours will be in ruins. Unholy of this world to be swept broom of destruction. The disasters that afflict today for great buildings and large sections of cities, God shows us what comes to the whole world. - (7 Testimonies for the Church 82, 83).

I was asked to submit a warning that many cities rapt in trespasses and sins are destroyed by high-level earthquakes, floods and fire. The world will be warned that it is God who has revealed his authority. Its invisible action allows destruction and death. In no turning all the accumulated wealth ... (MS 1935 1906)

They come unexpectedly terrible disaster and catastrophe will follow one after another. If you obey God's warnings, if the church will return to the path of obedience, then the time spent on the destroyer's hand. If I go seducing people but also their ways dispraise God's commands, and proclaiming another lie, God sends them to the disaster that is awakened. (MS 1935 1906)

Lord destroy in one moment all transgressors, even all the nations together. It will punish the city and the places where people surrender to the ownership of satanic forces. The cities of the nations will be treated firmly, but not yet visited the most high God, do not vote, because they still find a few souls who are separated from the delusions of the enemy, they will repent and turn, while the other sector will be maintained until the day of wrath of God . (Evangelism, 27, 1906)

I saw the beautiful buildings falling down a huge fireball, which is destroyed in a moment. I heard someone say: "We knew that God's courts come to this earth, but we did not know they come so soon. "Some anxious voice replied:" You knew it. Why did not you tell us? We did not know. "(9 Testimonies for the Church in 1928, 1909).

Before my eyes shifted scene that made me extremely powerfully touching. From the windows of rooms, I saw a terrible fire. Great balls of fire fell on the roof and a fire caused by these fireballs are expanding in all directions. The fire could not be extinguished. All flared and many places were completely destroyed. It is not possible to describe the panic fear which took possession of people. (Letter 278, 1906)

Near the time when large cities will be swept from the surface of the earth. Everyone should be warned that these trials come. (Evangelism, 29, 1910).

When I was in Loma Linda, California, on April 16, 1906, has shown me a marvelous picture. During the night vision I was standing on high ground from which I could see houses that were shattered by the wind as the cane. Large and small buildings fell to the ground, entertainment centers, theaters, hotels and houses were shattered by the rich and disintegrated. Many people lost their lives and the air was filled with screams of injured and terrified people.

Angels mandate by God to carry out this destruction, were involved in the work. One touch and buildings so thoroughly constructed, on which people view as a clear danger to anyone, suddenly the pile of rubble. Nowhere was the security. It seemed that God's patience was exhausted and had come Judgement Day.

Although what I saw was terrible, but what with the related touched me most vividly. Angel, who stood by my side, he said that God's sovereign government and the sanctity of His law must be revealed to those who persistently refuse to obey the King of Kings. Those who chose to remain unbelievers, must be called gracious courts that it is possible to be woken up to realize his sinful behavior. (9 Testimonies for the Church 1992-1993)

I wish you God's people realized the approaching destruction of thousands of cities, which are almost fully committed idolatry. - (Review and Herald, 9th 10th 1903)

A storm is coming and we must prepare for the attack before God in repentance, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord will arise to shake terribly countries. We see problems on all sides. Thousands of ships drown in the depths of the seas. Naval forces shut down and will be sacrificed millions of human lives. Unexpectedly, they fire, and no human effort is not able to get under control. The coolest building in the world will be destroyed in the flames. Rail accidents are still frequent. Confusions, disasters and fatal accidents occur without warning on the main transport arteries. The end is near, the time the test is coming to a close. Let us seek the Lord until they can be found, call upon him while he is near! (Messages to Young People 1989-1990, 1800)

Still take time to dwell on the earth fills the cup of his iniquities, and then awakens the wrath of God, that so long napping. The countries of the world will drink a cup of pure anger. (4 Testimonies for the Church 363, 1863).

This transgression has reached its limits. Confusion fills the world, and soon people will surprise a great horror. The end is very near. We, who know the truth, we should prepare for what will soon come into the world as a terrible surprise. (8 Testimonies for the Church, 1904).

Comes a time when people in their arrogance and deceit to reach such a height, that the Lord will not let them go and they find that the Lord patience has its limits. (9 Testimonies for the Church, 1909).

It is a threshold beyond which the courts of the Lord can no longer be postponed. (Kinds and Prophets, 275, 417, 1914).

Soon there will be great changes in the world and past events will drop fast. (9 Testimonies for the Church 11)

It is essential that today the people of God totally gave their hearts to God, because the end of all things is near. The people of God to conquer your mind and be responsive to the will of God, sincerely desiring to do what God told him. This is - to warn residents of cities before coming doom. (Review and Herald, 25.1, 1912)

3 Warning signs to escape

Just as was the siege of Jerusalem, Jewish Christians, Roman armies signal to run, so for us to be alert when he appropriates part of the U.S. power to enforce the law of papal consecration of rest. Then it's time to leave the large cities, preparatory to leaving the smaller ones in the outlying homes in remote areas between mountains. (5 Testimonies for the Church 464, 465, 1885)

Early Sunday law will be enforced and people in influential positions will have incentives to a handful of specific conservation commandment of God's people. (Release 4 Manuscript 278, 1909).

When the U.S. so far left of their homes, the issue Sunday law, Protestantism he would reach the papacy. (5 Testimonies for the Church 712, 1889).

The prophecies in Revelation in the 13th chapter says that the power represented beast with two horns force's clothing "country and its people" to worship the papacy, which in prophecy represents a beast like a leopard. Superior power in prophecy beast with horns's clothing is the United States.

Prophecy completed when the U.S. will enforce Sunday observance, which Rome considered as a special recognition of their sovereign power.

Further explanation of the prophecy beast's is in the category - and the prophets of the Bible today.

Return to the LORD and serve him with all your heart and a mind!

2nd Samuel 12,20-25 - "Do not be afraid," Samuel said to them. "You have to say anything bad, but just turn away from the LORD, but serve him with all my heart. Do not turn away the vanity that can not benefit or save it - after all, it's vanity! Lord for his great name of his people leave because they decided to make you his people. Also let me not even think about sinning against the Lord and cease to pray for you. I'll show you a good and direct way. Just read the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. Behold, how great things done for you. However, if you nevertheless be wrong, you will be destroyed by their King. "

Joshua 23,14-16 - Know therefore all my heart and soul, that of all the good words that you said to the Lord your God, and not one will not fail. All will be fulfilled - will not fail even one of those words. But just as you fulfill every good word that you say the Lord your God, just as the Lord leads you every bad word until you nevyhubí of this beautiful land which the LORD your God has given. If you violate the contract, which will be the LORD your God, and go and serve strange gods and worship them, kindled the wrath against you, so that this beautiful country that gave you quickly die out. "

Get ready, let us repent and seek God like never ever before. Very quickly the time is coming when God will visit with the courts of this world.

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