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Evolution or Creation - What tells the butterfly wing?

Evolution or Creation?


Evolution or Creation - What tells the butterfly wing?

Added: 08.11.2010
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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

The idea of living nature expresses immense beauty, tenderness, welfare, inexhaustible source of inspiration to poets, writers, composers, artists - a butterfly wing is proof of God's majesty. Wing Butterfly, Swallowtail, a butterfly wing or the tropical regions - the butterfly robe painters regarded as the greatest beauty, the human eye ever saw.

Butterflies beetles are the second most numerous order of insects. They include about 140,000 kinds. They are different sizes, color, life, place of occurrence and importance in nature. Butterfly always know mainly from the fact that the wing has created hundreds of thousands of tiny microscopic flakes, consisting of a bag on the roof. How to explain that one or more lines is colored red, while the blue side, the other brown, green, yellow or white?

Their color is important for masking or rather as a warning to enemies of the same kind of recognition, etc. are a few flakes are unmistakable features. Butterflies are especially needed for flying. Flakes are placed in regular rows across the wings. They are directed to the lateral edge of the leaf and root of each of these scales overlap the previous series. Flake itself is actually a kind of pouch with transparent, often glittering walls. Inside the bag is a tiny amount of pigment - pigment, which depends on drawing wings.

How is it possible that the food into a butterfly scales following pigment purple and orange to another to another to be yellow? Is it possible to understand?

Apart from affecting the color pigment wings have scales the wall. Light refracts when passing through the scales for each species differently, depending on characteristics of flakes. Now, we have to find the cause of the huge range of colors and shades allochroic on the wings of some butterflies.

There are also species of butterflies that have no scales at almost any colored substance. However, their wings are as diverse and often play all the rainbow colors. White flakes break light into its component colors and produce an optical phenomenon similar to what we know of beetles.

How is it possible that both wings are colored the hair symmetrically? They are the same, even when it rains or when they are in shadow. Try exactly symmetrical wings with hues paint and see how it is also difficult for a reasonable person, even if there is a wide variety of different colors. How is it that a butterfly can do if the colors can not produce?

What an artist, a painter of beauty which is our Creator, who invented one thousand most colorful leaves - the very original!

Source: Secrets of life - Blahoslav Balcar

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