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Evolution vs. Creation

Evolution or Creation?


Evolution vs. Creation

Added: 07.09.2010
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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Have you have ever wondered what the origin of man taught in schools and what is generally believed? How she came to evolutionary theory and is actually based on facts or was Darwin's idea that atheists and even today many faithful Christians trying to prove each of the bones? Have you ever wondered why the question today is not between humans and animals transitional cells? Why archeological findings from different geological strata show the opposite of evolution? Why is everything still does not carry an even greater perfection, but rather all life degenerates?

Faithful supporters of evolution have given you a question, that of evolving apes and early man was actually the Adam and Eve? Why, after a millennium and it still works seven series and nobody could change or cancel? How could God create a process of evolution, when there was no death?

In 1938, dredged up by fishermen fish that paleontologists know very well, but only from fossils. According to the evolutionists to be a transitional link between fish and terrestrial reptiles. She was the first major pectoral fins like forelimbs. Completely disappear before had tens of millions of years. But she is still alive and happily sailing in the seas. By 1960, caught 12 more specimens. Fish was named latimérie strange. The fish clearly shows that the fossils are skeletal remains of species still living, and then even those who totally extinct, such as dinosaurs.

No transitional forms and types exist, even though Darwin postulated that over time they find. Found. Conversely fossils bear witness to the incredible stability of genetic information.

Evolution is a theory that first invented and then just started to hunt for evidence and facts in the field of archeology, genetics. Actual findings and scientific information but do not confirm evolution.

The Bible answers all questions clearly and simply. The Creator himself had recorded these events and Archaeology and the fulfillment of many prophecies confirm His word. There is no reason to fudge it and interpret the human mind. God created everything perfect and diverse before ever suffered death, without which the theory of evolution is not possible.

John 1,1-3 - In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. That was the beginning with God. All things were made through him and without him arose there anything that is.

Genesis 1.31 to 2.1 And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good! It was evening and morning were the sixth day. Thus was completed heaven and earth in all their diversity.

What does the model of evolution

1st Life evolved from nonliving matter randomly, chemical and biological evolution.

2nd Gradual, almost imperceptible emergence of new species. Are incompletely formed bones and organs in various stages of transition.

3rd The expected testimony of fossils: Smooth emergence of life forms. Intermediate forms such as connectors.

4th Mutations are ultimately helpful: creates new characters.

What does the creation model

1st Life arises only from existing life, is created initially highly intelligent Creator.

2nd New species appear gradually, there is no fully developed bones or bodies, all parts are formed entirely perfect and complete.

3rd The expected testimony of fossils: Complex forms appear suddenly in a great variety. The main types are separated by spaces, no connectors.

4th Mutations are complex organisms harmful, do not lead to anything new.

What is that

1st Life arises only from existing life. Complex genetic code is not a coincidence.

2nd New species do not occur gradually, although many varieties are not fully developed bones or organs.

3rd Actual testimony fossils: The sudden appearance of complex life forms in a great variety. Each of the new species differs from the preceding species, among them are no connectors.

4th Small mutations are harmful, large mutations are lethal. The result is never anything new.

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