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Evolutionary theory or the biblical creation?

Evolution or Creation?


Evolutionary theory or the biblical creation?

Added: 07.09.2010
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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Let's look at what brings us to the theory of evolution, what it tells us about the origin and evolution of the world.

At the beginning of the history of the universe was a gigantic explosion of incredibly concentrated mass. The explosion, called "big bang", followed by astrophysical evolution, ie evolution of galactic and stellar systems. Then led to the evolution of our Earth into the biochemical evolution, namely the creation and development of life.

This model of evolution is held by much of the scientific world and is recognized by an overwhelming majority of the population who believe in evolutionary theory.

Imagine the explosion, such as a controlled demolition of a large house. Bomb was detonated, the house falls to the ground and left after just a pile of rubble. What was created by the explosion? Created something new? Created chaos and uncoordinated heap, tangled themselves into different materials, which should eliminate the use of human power. Can this pile of rubble created automatically something new, beautiful and perfect structure than the one you saw fall to the ground? When we left the ruins lie dormant for many years, could rise from the ruins of self during the long years of the new house?

Friends Think nothing of itself exists, everything must have a cause, an engine driver. Every house, every car, every piece of furniture, every thing needs to establish it our assiduous, our efforts, our work. I'm sure you will agree that no thing in this world by itself there is no self-development. All things depend on our assiduous.

Come to understand, we concluded that no material matter arises without human intervention.

Human genetic code is so complex and extensive that if you would like to write this code, you would need to describe a thousand books. Each of these books would have to contain five hundred pages. Each genetic code is unique, each one has its own such an extensive library.

If he can not rise to imperfect inanimate thing itself, how could complex life arise, a color so beautiful countryside, full of all sorts of plants and animals? Nature, which is the last dot coherent and consistent.

Everything living had created a powerful unlimited power, that everything in motion.

Just as we make inanimate things in this world, give them an imaginary life, shape and functionality. As well as nature, man, all living creatures that are far superior than any creature created by us, since someone had to get the shape and functionality. Had to be developed and put into operation. He must be running a complex mechanism that is called life.

Evolutionary theory, which points to the emergence of life and subsequent explosion of matter evolution over many millions of years is not a satisfactory explanation. Science really unable to say what it was before 5 thousand years ago, so it can clearly tell what it was many millions, even billions of years?

If the evolutionary theory of fiction, so how could life originated, who is his agent?

We have the oldest book in which are accurately recorded facts of life on this earth. This book is the Bible. The Bible is the source of life and truth in which we can read about the creation of this world, we can find in it the facts about the history of our world until today.

At the beginning of the Bible is recorded as the beginning God created this world my word. He created the whole universe, sun, stars. He fills our planet life, flora and fauna. Created man in His own image and made him ruler over all creation. God created the earth in six days and rested the seventh day. This is the Biblical answer to the origin of life on planet earth.

What side are you?

We believe the fiction of scientific theories that are constantly tuned and invents. Or we believe the facts, which are written in the Bible consistently for many millennia? Or would you prefer to sit on his favorite television show and say I do not care, I would not be involved?

Everyone should think about why the world is where you go after death.

Man is a free person, every person has the choice of which faction is added! I do I choose the Bible, Jesus Christ, the journey of life.

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