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Exodus - Red Sea crossing

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Exodus - Red Sea crossing

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Exodus - Biblical crossing the Red Sea Israel people.

In the Bible the book of Exodus, we find one of the most compelling stories. This story tells of the wanderings of the Israelites from Egypt into the Promised Land. On this long journey with God transferred his power Israelites across the Red Sea.

After long years, this Biblical fact mapped the Gulf of Suez, where divers searched in vain for many years, remains a huge army of Pharaoh.

The Bible says that when the Israelis traveled to the Red Sea were already out of Egypt. If it crossed the Gulf of Suez, it is still found in Egypt in the Red Sea crossing. If you say were already out of Egypt in a way they could become a Gulf of Aqaba.

Careful study of biblical and historical records of the exodus will lead you into the vast Gulf Akabského beach Nuweiba.

In the Gulf of Aqaba is only one place that is so large that there could assemble two to three million people. This place is already mentioned Nuweiba beach. This beach is so great that it is easily visible on satellite imagery.

This beach stretches along the raised embankment, or underwater barrier, which leads to the opposite shore in Saudi Arabia. This dam is one to two kilometers wide. On both sides of the underwater dam, the sea drops abruptly to a depth of one mile. This submarine dike slopes only six degrees. This place is the perfect place where the sea could be comfortably exceeded by the people of Israel.

In 1978 he gave Ron Wyatt and his sons on the Sinai coast. Ron, after careful study of the Bible and historical texts believed that is where Israel crossed the Red Sea while fleeing from Egypt.

On the beach at Nuweiba, Ron found a Phoenician style column of sand, like the pillars, which are located in Israel. The column was re-erected near the road and is on display there until today. In 1984, Ron found the same column on the opposite shore in Saudi Arabia. Found engraved on it that were still readable. Mizraim, death, Hedom, Yahweh, Pharaoh, Solomon. Ron under these facts, considered that these pillars of King Solomon erected a number of miraculous crossing the Red Sea the Israelites.

When Ron showed this pillar of the Saudi authorities, was immediately removed and his place was placed flag. Saudi Arabia is a very closed world of the country. All findings related to Biblical Archaeology by Ron Wyatt revealed to the world in Saudi Arabia, are strictly covert.

Dives were made on the seabed, where it was supposed crossing the Red Sea the Israelites. On the sandy sea bottom has been found many corals of strange shapes, reminiscent of the wheel. Detailed exploration of these coral showed that a wheel flatbed wagon. It is also found large quantities of human and horse bones.

On the opposite coast of Saudi Arabia beach Nuweiba found too much debris.

Most spectacular discovery on the seabed, which Ron found were three of four gold-plated spoke wheels. Must be a round that was in the car celebrities. Gold-plated wheels for wagons were priests or Pharaoh. Who owned these wheels on your car already know, but we can also include Round of Pharaoh Ramasese II. Corals can not grow on gold, therefore, remained a round shape with a gold surface is maintained. Wood inside the gold coating was rotten, so the wheels are too fragile to pull. Ron decided to keep the wheels on the seabed.

Site of Pharaoh's army described the wreckage after Ron Wyatt visited many divers from many countries who have confirmed these findings. In 2000, Dr. Lennart Möller Carolingian University of Stockholm, made a lot of dives in this area and confirms these findings Ronov. Issued on this video and book. Currently participating in the upcoming movie "The Exodus Conspiracy.

All these facts confirm that the seabed in the Gulf of Aqaba is really located the remains of Pharaoh's great army.

Israelis went after overcoming the Red Sea to Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments of God's commandments. Confirm the location exodus, it is now clear that Mount Sinai is not located on the Sinai Peninsula. Must be located in Saudi Arabia where he was really right mount Sinai found. This discovery and many others will help you in the next article.

Currently preparing a comprehensive film, The Exodus Conspiracy, which will soon be in theaters. The world will be revealed through scientific methods, many facts and evidence that the Exodus - the Israelites crossing the Red Sea really happened as written in the Bible. Those who doubt that the Bible is the inspired word of our Creator, are invited to use these archaeological findings to convince about his mistakes.

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