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Experience healed the boy from Bangladesh

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Experience healed the boy from Bangladesh

Added: 02.10.2011
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Ten-year Yasiah watched her mother to clean up the floor, preparing food, put a pot of water on his shoulder and went to the village well for water. He so wished he could help with this, as do other children, but he could not. He suffered from childhood polio. "Mom, I'll still affected by this," asked Yasiah. "Yes, if God does not do a miracle in your life," said his mother. He knew of it as miserable as he. "But now you must be content with that, how about you." "You said that God can make a miracle for me," said Yasiah with hope. "We ask the preacher to pray with us for God's miracle?" "Since what missionaries left our village, we have no preacher who would pray with us," said the mother.

A few days later came Yasiah father home from the field and brought good news. One preacher visited a neighboring village that is about only 16 km away. Some men have gone now for him and begged him to come and also visited our village. They said to belong to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but it's a good man. Yasiahovi's eyes lit up. "Maybe the preacher comes to us as well as home and will pray for me to be healthy again," he said. Ecclesiastes Yasiah actually visited the home and prayed for the boy. He told his father: "Take your son to the city where we have a special assembly. Turn on the preacher and ask them to pray for your son."

The father and some men from the village carried the boy to the bus stop to get him into the city. Then seek Adventist pastors and asked them to pray for Yasiaha. Preachers prepared a special prayer time and ask for health for Yasiaha. After the prayer he said one of the preachers: "Believe in the power of Jesus Christ and believe that you're healthy! Yasiah was very happy. He was sure that Jesus would heal him and will walk like the others." When the miracle happen? "Asked his father on the way home. "It will be tomorrow?" "I do not know, my son," replied his father. "We believe in Jesus Christ. He knows best. "

The next morning when he woke Yasiah, tried to stand on its feet. And it worked! Could happen! "Yes, Lord Jesus, thank, I hope you heal my legs." Yasiah rose to their feet many times during the day. He felt his legs getting stronger and then joined the first steps. "Dad, look!" called to his father when he returned in the evening from the field. "I can stand and walk!" and showed it to his father. "Yes, God answered our prayers," said the father. Soon Yasiah could help her mother to bring water from wells and also went to help his father on the field.

When people in the village to see how he was miraculously healed Yasiah, adventist asked the preacher to come to their village and had a meeting. They were hungry for God's word. Now every Saturday collects a large portion of the population of this village. Among them there are also a happy and healthy Yasiah and grateful parents.

Jesus said: Mat 7.7 - "Ask and you will be given, seek and find, knock and it will be opened." Already soon will open the gates of the New Jerusalem and heard the most beautiful song to celebrate the winning of Him who sits on the throne and the Lamb.

Your brother in Jesus Christ Milan Moskala

Many other experiences such as these experiences Moskala M. missionary in Bangladesh. If a man works for God with all thine heart, and God reveals such wonderful acts as the healing of this boy. Here you can see on their website, where you also have the opportunity to help in their important work.

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