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False doctrine of the immortality of the soul

What is death?


False doctrine of the immortality of the soul

Added: 30.07.2010
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It's truly immortal soul, or is it an illusion? What tells us this in mind the Bible?

Many churches have taken pagan doctrine of death. They believe that after death is just another life that the soul is immortal. Many believe that after death a person immediately enters heaven or hell, where they burn in eternal fire. Do you really think that God is so cruel? God who loves us so that He sent His son Jesus Christ that died for us and saved us. Our heavenly Father loves us and would never have committed such an affliction. The Bible clearly says what is happening with the man after his death. After the death of a man asleep until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Do not see, feel, and nothing bothered him any pain.

Psalm 115.17 - Dead now praise the Lord, no, who descended into the realm of silence.

Ecclesiastes 9.5 - the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing and waiting for no more reward, the memory is forgotten.

Imagine if your mother dies and enters immediately after death to heaven. Will be surrounded by the most unimaginable beauty and love. The problem occurs when you need to look at this country. Will look to you for your dear and precious in this world she loved. See all the misery and pain, and eventually the pain of your death disease, which will not be able to prevent. Do you think your mom would be really happy? Definitely not. I can assure you that the Bible clearly says that after the death of a man asleep, resting until there is justice.

Hebrews 9.27 - People are determined to die once, and then awaiting trial.

Learning about the immortality of the soul, not Biblical, it is not from God. It is a pagan doctrine that is gradually creeping into Christianity. It's very spiritualist temptation which Satan has prepared for us. The Bible is the word soul 1600, but nowhere is the word associated with the word immortal. Immortality of the soul is pagan learning, which was taken from Babylon, Egypt, Rome. Pagans believed that the soul lives on.

God after death, enter our identity, our individuality, and you turn to dust. As it was created from the dust of our country, and in turn to dust. You sleep and rest, nothing bothered him.

Ecclesiastes 12.7 - Before the dust return to the country, where used, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

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