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False Messiah New Age and Maitrea

End of the World 2012 prophecy?


False Messiah New Age and Maitrea

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Topics: End of the World 2012 prophecy?

"New Age" with these words, since 1984 increasingly encountered in all newspapers and news programs. Humanity longs for, because this is no longer on earth with us last. Something must happen. The Bible speaks about the second coming of Jesus Christ and the court foregoing global apocalypse, but many are more comfortable to think of the so-called New Age, which should come down here and do another one of us better people.


New Age Movement avalanche spreading around the world and has countless followers. The entire movement consists of thousands of organizations, their networks embrace the whole world. They have one goal - the establishment of a new world order to be restored through a total unification of thinking and then by co. The basis of this system is the belief in some kind of "inner government" over our planet, implemented through a hierarchy of spiritual beings or masters of wisdom, which are actually demonic beings.

It is a synthesis of Eastern religions, spiritualism, and gnosis, based on secret teachings mediated demonic spiritual forces. It is therefore clear that there are various sectors instead of occultism, clairvoyance, astrology, hypnosis, ufology, yoga, belief in reincarnation and many others. Spiritualist medium testifying and guidelines, and preach is hidden all over the world. In this new world order, which directed the New Age, there is no place for a Christian God in His place was filled to the throne of Lucifer. The driving force behind the New Age is in fact Lucifer's desire to be equal to the highest and to be worshiped as God. He wants to imitate Christ's coming and therefore needs to unite the whole world.

2nd Thessalonians 2,3-4 - Do not let anyone deceive in any way. Until that day comes, there needs to be turned away from God. They must discover the wicked and reprobate, who opposes and exalteth himself above all that what it says and what God is worshiped. Settle even in God's temple and will issue a God!


One of the fundamental beliefs is that all religions contain the "Common Truth" as a bridge to span over all differences. Laid the foundations for a new age of Alice Bailey (1880-1949). As a spiritualist medium receives a message from the so-called "master of wisdom" Tibetan Djawal Khul. This message accepted spontaneous automatic writing, and then published as a secret plan, which is still binding and determines the direction of the New Age. Follow the movement had published only since 1975 and should be disseminated by all available means, that humanity learned of the coming performance of "Christ of the New Age."

Programs at the New Age put in front of a healthy diet, alternative medicine, established businesses with natural pharmaceuticals (organic, macrobiotic), dealing with the ecology and education. Mostly, however, involved in their program, even as various forms of Eastern occult techniques: meditation, yoga, release tablets, hypnosis, supernatural healing methods and so-called "positive thinking", where it is believed that the power of every man is good. This is an unbiblical view because all the good in us is only the love of God.

Breakthrough made in public movements ledger Marilyn Ferguson "Tender conspiracy", which is exalted promises "Golden Age of mankind", which will be filled with joy "changed mind and thinking" people.

Most people are influenced by so-called 'wave of fantasy, "which is offered in films, audio cassettes, books, toys and social games. The first became a hit movie ET, the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avatar .. Yes, all titles with occult themes, supernatural and fantasy to lead the New Age movement. The most powerful means of influencing masses of people, of course, music. Even Alice Bailey, led spiritualism gave instructions to "Music Therapy" which is part of the training of people. Appeared on recordings with the "spherical music".

Also, many organizations are under significant influence of the new age. For example, the OSN and UNESCO, the World Council of Churches, the Rockefeller Foundation, a feminist organization whose goal is to eliminate rational thought and the government to prioritize women's unbiblical, and many others. Many are very active in achieving the objectives of the new age.


In order to be healed the world must be changed according to New Age thinking. Everyone must realize that it is part of nature and the cosmos. The aim is to balance all opposites - all blend into one. There is an effort to join the religion. The objective of man is seen in finding happiness, satisfaction and success. Fear the coming apocalyptic disaster is therefore unnecessary, because it can be comforting utopia of "global society of peace and tranquility."

Alice Bailey brokered as a medium of this plan: the establishment of the New World Order New World Government and a new religion. The political movement is to gain control of the world. Openly promoted the dissolution or destruction of nation states in order to maintain peace and humanity. The European Union is an example.

New Age Movement, however, looking beyond the political, economic and religious targets - it is itself a religion. It has its "sacred writings, prayer formulas, and" Mantra "(meditation syllable). It has its spiritual center, such as Findhorn - Comunity in Scotland and Esalen in California, USA. Similar centers are formed in all countries. We meet here with experiences that are similar to Christian rebirth, having their priests and priestesses, prophets and people with supernatural abilities that enable them to make great "signs and wonders," and with his teacher - Guru, which declared the messiah.

The movement preaches that man can redeem himself when expand their consciousness and thus finds himself as God. The center of faith is faith in man and faith in the forces, one can find in the cosmos. If one wants to be like God, then it is clear that Satan plays the role that the New Age movement, even revered.

One of the main leaders of New Age, David Spangler, the 1970 second director leading center movement "Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, wrote in one of his many books " Lucifer works within each of us to put us into a state of perfection. When entering a new era, a new age of human perfection, then each of us reaches a point in a certain way, which I call "Luciferian Initiation" - that is dedicated to Lucifer. Spangler, who maintains regular contact with demonic forces, also publicly stated that the light which illuminates the Findhorn, the light is Lucifer, who gives the true light to the world. The core of the planned world religion as state leaders, is dedicated to Lucifer.

The sources of spiritual movements also allow "ministers of wisdom, spirits of ancestors and nature spirits. The spread of witchcraft, and so this "religion" derives from all occult sources, which mankind has always been known.

This is all under the strict prohibition of God!

Deuteronomy 18, 10-14 - Whether to be found among you who would be your son or daughter made fire! Likewise, no seer, clairvoyant, Hadač, magician, snake, auctioneer spirits, psychic or who consults the dead. Anyone who commits such a thing is sickening to the Lord! Precisely because of such abominations the LORD thy God hath cast out before you. Be fully committed to the Lord your God. Nations that ovládneš, is listening to psychics and magicians, but you, the LORD thy God, not at.

Revelation of John 12.12 - Rejoice therefore, O heavens and you who dwell in them. But woe to those who live on land and at sea, because the devil will come down with great wrath because he knows his time is short.


All adherents of various New Age groups are bound by a quasi-religious experience: contact with demons through drugs, meditation and psychotechnik. That is, in fact, led by demonic spirits of the planetary hierarchy, "Masters of Wisdom."

New Age symbols are the swastika - an ancient Indo-Germanic occult symbol of happiness, from which Hitler took over the old Germans. Further, it is 666 (Revelation 13.18), which, according to Alice Bailey's "sacred properties" and by learning to be used as much as possible in order to hasten the emergence of New Age. Another sign is the rainbow widespread - usually only half that symbolizes the bridge between the human soul and the "great spirit of the universe", which is Lucifer.


The main character of the planned world domination and world religion is "Maitrea" movement that wanted to bring to the public April 25, 1982. In many countries notify the headlines in magazines Christ is already among us, the world does not come to condemn but to bring help and inspiration. He is Maitreya, the world educator. They say it's personality, for we have various names: the Jews call him the Messiah, the Buddhists the fifth Buddha, Mohammed and the Moslems Krishna for Hindus. Now is here to bring us into the New Age. His presence should be for us a guarantee that it will no longer be a third world war.

What is actually standing up Maitrea will take over?

He has in his hands to take over the world, it by Lucifer. It's basically the incarnation of Lucifer. Under his leadership, has started a system of complete control of the world, for only he who dominates and controls all vital areas can dominate the world.

For people to obtain permits for trade and business, must demonstrate loyalty to the Maitreya, it is in fact Lucifer. All the world's citizens are to be assigned numbers, which would then be used in any financial transaction, even for small purchases. All payments are processed through the above mentioned credit system, because money will be canceled.

2nd Corinthians 11.14 - and no wonder, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light!

Revelation of John 13,16-17 - All small and great, rich and poor, free and slave lets put a sign on the right hand or forehead so that no one can buy or sell, not if it means - or the name of the beast the number of his name.

In preparation for the performance Maitrea plays an important role of the manager of the New Age by Benjamin Creme of Scotland. According to his testimony is secret and Maitrea somewhere waiting to be prepared and the general public aware of the "master of the planetary hierarchy, so they could accept as their Messiah. To be introduced as an extremely gifted individual who has undergone a process of development to perfection and achieved a "state of Christianity."

The Messiah is called "Christ", but in fact it is the Antichrist. In their messages stresses the supreme head of the hierarchy of gods and masters, "and Jesus was a disciple of Jesus and thus is under him and he was a child.


All those who do not want to accept Christ as Maitrea waiting after B. Crema, "The Sword of the division. Yes Maitrea wants to establish a world religion, which will be binding on all. So the New Age movement is becoming a threat to Jews and Christians, who with him are willing to cooperate and want to live by the Bible - God's word.

It argued the requirement in the new age of religious freedom ceased to exist. "New Christ" planned transformation of Christianity, which means that Biblical Christianity loses its right to existence. It is also doing well.

That the reformers what they had fought and died for what, to clear the misconceptions of the Church and return to the biblical roots of faith and Jesus Christ is today in most Protestant churches suppressed.

Instead, the so-called Ecumenical unifies all Protestant churches, together with the Roman Catholic Church into the global community, but to slowly and covertly take the Roman Catholic Church teaching that Lucifer is indebted.

It is globally suppressed Biblical faith in the creation of the world in seven days, the suppression of belief in the literal second coming of Jesus Christ and the court on the ground. It extended an unbiblical belief of immortality, and thus pave the way for global expansion and revelation spiritualism masters, is suppressed belief in the validity of God's unchangeable law - the Ten Commandments, as a measure of God's court.

The so-called Marian apparitions are essentially spiritualistic leadership to one goal. Distractions from the coming of Jesus Christ, His Court and the Kingdom of God and allow the unification of the world and the incarnation of Lucifer, the angel of light to reproduce this. Yes teachings of the New Age is very connected with the papacy, more than it seems. And thus fulfilling Biblical prophecy of the Revelation of John in the 13th chapter.

WARNING Lucifer and imitations coming in the Bible

There is only one Lord - immortal God, who reigns over all, and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, who takes up his rights. The Bible - God's word speaks clearly when he says that the only ruler is Jesus Christ and the imitation of His coming to the end of the world is strongly discouraged.

Matthew 24,26-27 - says to you, 'Look, is in the desert! " go not forth: or, 'Behold, he is a secret place,' Never. The advent of the Son of Man comes like lightning - light up the sky from east to west.

Matthew 24.11 - And many false prophets will arise and deceive many.

Ephesians 1, 17, 20-23 - May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, puts the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know him. This proved the power of Christ when he raised from the dead and sat down at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above every government, power, power and dominion and every name that is pronounced, either in this age or in the future. God "gave in all things under his feet" as the head of the church gave it everything, which is his body, is the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

Matthew 28, 18 - Jesus approached them and said: "I am given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore go. Get disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. "

Luke 17.24 - as if lightning lights up the country from one end of the sky to another, so will the Son of man in his day.

1 Thessalonians 4.16 - You will hear a rousing command, the voice of the archangel and the trump of God, the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven and the first time the dead in Christ shall rise.

Who wants a really new age, the eternal kingdom, he shall surrender his life to Jesus Christ, to dedicate to him and not Lucifer. If it fails, die and disappear, with Lucifer. Only Jesus can stand up to eternal life in splendor and glory.

Lucifer's Empire and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ stands against each other in open battle, which culminates at the end. Empire activate the darkness like never before. Dream realm of light and peace, as the announcers talk about her movements can not succeed because the world is filled with callers sins to heaven and movements do not fight against them. Is not on solid ground, which is Jesus Christ, who taught people how to live and to have God's immutable law of the heart.

People have only one path to salvation: in a sincere conversion, repent and live at the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. The real new age can come only with new people who are living a new life, and it awakens only Jesus Christ on the path of repentance, penance in the strength of his blood a ransom.

Before the hour is coming before Jesus returns and completes her great trial is still a grace period. And those who know God and his righteous power, they can turn to Him and repent. Therefore, anyone who receives the divine light of Jesus Christ and who give glory to God the Father and Jesus Christ - crucified, and he once again acknowledges that applies His commandments, he will be protected from evil influence. Even here on earth we live in God's kingdom, which is the prototype of what will be fully revealed at His second coming.

Yes, Jesus Christ will come, appears as the final winner of the satanic power! Each faces a decision whether to allow Satan to seduce, or grasp the truth.

Matthew 24,23-25 - If you if someone said, Behold, the Messiah is here! " or, 'Here it is! " trust. Arise false messiahs and false prophets, and will do great signs and wonders, so to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand.

Revelation 1,7 - Behold, it comes with clouds and every eye shall see him, even those who pierced him. All the tribes of the earth for him cry. Yes, truly.

Drawn from the book: "A new age from a biblical perspective" Mbschlink, more detailed information on Constance Cumbey book "Hidden dangers rainbow."

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