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Page 2 - False teachings

Page 2 - False teachings

There are many teachings and many different religions. There are many Christian churches and movements. Why is there so much? On what basis is founded Christianity? Christian churches are all based on Biblical truths, or rather refer to traditions and their own learning? How do I find the truth and where do I look?

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Maitreya - simulating the arrival of Jesus Christ

67_maitreya.jpg Satan, are already trying to emulate and will increasingly mimic the coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus clearly said details of his second coming, and repeatedly warned that the enemy will try to ...
Added: 12.08.2010
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Paranormal experiences

66_nadprirozene_zazitky.jpg Do you have paranormal experiences? Moves you home painting, photo of their deceased relatives? Do you feel that you wanted to speak with a contact person who is no longer among the ...
Added: 11.08.2010
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False doctrine of the immortality of the soul

58_duch.jpg It's truly immortal soul, or is it an illusion? What tells us this in mind the Bible? Many churches have taken pagan doctrine of death. They believe that after death is just ...
Added: 30.07.2010
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