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Film Exodus Conspiracy

Film Exodus Conspiracy

Coming soon to a film of The Exodus Conspiracy, which will show an incredible Biblical facts. This film will tell the Israelis crossing the Red Sea. Pilgrimage shows Moses led Israel from Egypt through the Red Sea to Mount Sinai.

This film uncovers the facts on the question: Can today found a true place of exodus, crossing the Red Sea? There is evidence, facts, archaeological findings?

This film will use archaeological discoveries, scientific studies reveal the truth of the biblical story.

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The Exodus Conspiracy - a film about the Biblical truths

183_timmahoneyonaltar1.jpg The film, The Exodus Conspiracy are pointing to biblical truth. New Project Title: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. The first part was already broadcast, in the Czech Republic, it was playing on ...
Added: 19.10.2010
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