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God protected his people

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God protected his people

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Deliverance Seventh-Day Adventists in Hiroshima in 1945

At the end of the Second World War came in the Japanese city of Hiroshima special order. Seventh-day Adventists, who lived in this town were accused of espionage, and therefore should move out of town. They could bring along a small bag. Among affected by this regulation caused great sorrow. Many sent an appeal to authority, others did other measures that do not have to move. Their modest property had come into the hands of their enemies. Adventists it seemed impossible things with which they could not accept it.

The chapel was filled and all eyes could be read on all lips and hear the question - why are you Lord for us that done? So passed several days and many may comfort themselves that the regulation of the meet. But it did not happen. Came a new order from the Board of the city. All appeals are dismissed. Within 24 hours all Seventh-day Adventists must be out of town. Powerful authorities supervise themselves if an order is fulfilled and therefore could not hide anywhere.

The group of believers who had over 200 people settled in a depression from the city. A cold north wind did not have access to the lowlands, but the exiles huddled around the fire and still cried out to heaven - why. The second day got an answer.

Clear skies with a few aircraft carried, that nobody paid any attention. Suddenly heard a huge explosion of atomic bombs that were used to quickly end the war. A powerful storm swept across an unsuspecting group of believers without being hurt. Weak earthquake that followed, yet all recovered. The explosion has caused 100,000 casualties, but God protect my children.

Prayers of thanksgiving rescued group had an end. Filled in here words of Psalm 50.15 - Call me on the day of his affliction, I will deliver thee and thou me celebrate.

According to English newspaper in August 1945

Among the few still living "hibakusha", ie those who survived the atomic bomb explosion, there are two women who are members of the congregation Adventist Church in Hiroshima.

Mrs. Cinema, which is now almost 90 years, lived about 4 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion and therefore it missed the main effects of detonation. As a trained nurse to help those burned by the heat of explosion.

Today he lives in a nursing home specifically designed for hibakusha, where he again tells his traumatic story schoolchildren. In her narrative but find no trace of bitterness. Mrs. Cinema speaks about hope and about as she and her community were protected. He speaks also of the assistance that she and her family were able to give to others.

"I knew God's promise from the Bible through a number of falls that I saved," says Mrs. Cinema. "I feel that in my life, this promise was fulfilled. I think the world is going on many things, but most important is simply to forget about warfare. If the taste of each other, hand in hand and we believe in peace, I think it brings a happy future. "

Mrs. Sako was at the time of the bombing of Hiroshima 17 years. Located just 1.5 km from the epicenter. She said that her survival was a miracle. The military first aid refused to treat her with the fact that they must help those who have at least some chance of surviving. For weeks, suffering from breathing problems, severe burns on uncovered parts of your body, purulent wounds and disease from the radiation.

"Since then," he says, "really do not like war. I hate war. I do not want my children experienced what I had to myself. I do what I can to prevent this to happen again. "

After what all Kino and Mrs. Sako passed, it would be understandable if he behaved himself in pain and anger. Instead, they are full of forgiveness.

Mrs. Sako explains that in his faith "to find something solid. Everything around me may change, but I believe in a God who does not change. "

Despite the horrific past Mrs. Sako has hope for the future. Claims that have been hardened by their faith in God the creator.

"When I first went to church ... discussed the book of Genesis. I loved the story of Genesis, the story of creation and in particular the idea that we are exceptional, that we are God's image. Thanks to all the people I consider to be exceptional, "he says. "It gives me strength. I appreciate the fact that God is my friend and my church to help and support. "

Kino and Mrs. Sako are just two of many Japanese, who for 60 years affixed an indelible memory of the tragedy. Still looks to the future with hope and forgiveness.

Source interview with Mrs. Sako:

Psalm 55, 23 - your burden will impose on the Lord, he will take care of you, he did not let honest never fall into the mud.

Psalm 91, 2-7 - the Lord say: "You are my refuge, my castle, my God, to whom I count!" Sure deliver you from hunter traps, the most violent plague. Cover thee with their wings, under his wings you will find safety shield his faithfulness surrounds you! Not balks, night terrors, or missiles, which fly by day, plague, darkness that creeps, even deadly blows at noon time. After your side they will fall a thousand, ten thousand at your right hand, but it lets you be. Only when you see it for yourself, you will see retribution rogue!

Isaiah 41.10 - Do not worry - I'm with you, not worry - I am your God. Yea, and will support, you buttressing their just right.

2nd Corinthians 1, 8-11 - Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant of the affliction, which for us in Asia came the so unbearably hard and that we have stopped hoping to survive; inside we had actually expected a death sentence. All this happened, we rely on ourselves but on God who raises the dead and who us from this mortal danger, and even delivered free. We hope in him that we will continue rescue, and when we will together help you through your prayers. Many will be able to thank God for the gift that was given to us through the prayers of so many people.

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