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Jebel el Lawz - Right Mount Sinai, archaeological findings

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Jebel el Lawz - Right Mount Sinai, archaeological findings

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In a previous article on Mount Sinai, we are told that the true Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia. This site guides lead both Biblical and archaeological discoveries on this site. Let's look at some tangible clues that show us that the Jebel el Lawz is the most biblical Mount Sinai.

Burnt peak of Mount Sinai

The top of mountains of Jebel el Lawz is blackened, burned. Burn photos to be no problem to discern contrast burn over the bottom of the mountain is very clear. The Bible tells us that the Lord descended upon Mount Sinai in fire. The mountain was shrouded in smoke and smoke rose from it like a furnace. He is still the top of the mountain clearly blackened, charred.

Exodus 19.18 - Mount Sinai was all wrapped in smoke because the LORD descended on it in fire. Rose from it like smoke from the furnace and the whole mountain shook vigorously.

Deuteronomy 4,11-12 - So you are near and stood under the mountain. Mountain fire burned to the very heavens, around dark clouds and cloud. Then the Lord spoke to you of the fire.

The Bible explains that the mountain was shrouded in smoke, the fire burned to the very heavens. It had to be really fascinating and also frightening sight for the people of Israel. This manifestation of God's power, leaving the mountain of Jebel el Lawz traces of fire until today.

Shrine of the Golden Calf

The people of Israel, lived many years in slavery in Egypt. There he taught the pagan customs of the Egyptians and took over their habits, learn to worship the idols of Egypt.

At the foot of the Jebel el Lawz found a large stone altar, on which are engraved with designs of Egyptian sacred bulls and calves. Ron Wyatt the altar showed Rejhardské University archaeologist, who immediately recognized its importance. In Saudi Arabia, nobody is no other site like this.

Exodus 32.1 - When the people saw that Moses returned from the mountain a long time, gathered around Aaron. "Come, make us gods, which would lead us," he urged. "Who knows what's up with that Moses who brought us out of Egypt."

Exodus 32,4-5 - Ten of them took the gold, shaped and cast in the form of a calf. Then said: "This is your god, O Israel, that brought thee out of Egypt!" When Aaron saw the statue stood in front of the altar. Then he announced, "Tomorrow is the feast!"

Exodus 32,5,8 - Soon to have gone the way which I commanded them. He cast a calf and worshiped him, offered him and said: "This is your god, O Israel, that brought thee out of Egypt!"

As the Bible was written before the peak of the Jebel el Lawz found a stone altar with engravings of Egypt, which was maintained until today to testify about the Biblical story.

Stone circles

Along the way the Israelis were found large quantities of stone circles. Near the mountains of Jebel el Lawz is a large number of stone circles, which are located on the western side of the mountain. What stone circles served is not exactly known. Were likely to trim the camp. But the Bible tells us that the people of Israel encamped before Mount Sinai, and there is not no stone circles. Circles of stone could be erected in order to keep the animals on the spot, which could be housed on the west side of the mountain, while the people and their camp was on the other hand, in the east, the mountain.

Elijah's cave and rock crevasse

On the right side from the top of Mount Sinai there is a cave that you can see in the picture. This could be referred to the cave where the Bible Elijah spent the night.

1 Kings 19,8-9 - rose up, ate and drank, and strength of food and then went for forty days and forty nights to Horeb the mount of God. There he entered the cave and spent the night.

At the top of the cave are two huge boulders. Among these boulders grows lonely tree. It's the place where Moses hid his hands?

Exodus 33.22 - When will my glory way, put you into a rocky cleft, and will cover you with my hand until I have passed.

We turn from the Bible and see what the Koran says, if there is a clue to the true Mount Sinai.

Mohammed knew this area and visited her at least once in 631 to sign a peace treaty between the Christian leader of Aqaba and the Jewish tribes in the oasis of Al Maqnah, which is accessible by foot from the mountains of Jebel el Lawz.

Quran was written during the life of Muhammad (570-632), in the form in which the Qur'an we know today, was compiled after Mohammed's death. Quran says about the tree on Mount Sinai, which is even today, and you can see it in the photo gallery.

Sura number: 23, verse 20 - and the tree that emerges from Mount Sinai, and which gives the oil and juice, eating the living.

Quran is not a Christian, of course, authoritative, but just want to point out that, there is a clue that will help us identify the real Mount Sinai.

All the evidence points to the fact that this place is really Mount Horeb, which is described in detail in the Bible.

After what Ron Wyatt brought to the attention of this place in 1984, Saudi authorities was surrounded by a mountain area of a wire fence, there was exposed to guard the building. This area was declared an archaeological site and is closed to the world.

At this moment in time to catch the movie The Exodus Conspiracy. This team has managed the site visit and thoroughly documented. We can soon look forward to this movie, which we reveal the amazing archeological discoveries.

In another article on Mount Sinai, we will see more facts and artifacts that are found there.

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