Noah's Ark

Everyone in this world knows the story of Noah's ark. Every nation, every race on this earth has a story about the flood. It is interesting that all these stories are similar to the story, which appears in the book, which is called the Bible.

Historian Aaron Smith counted an astounding 80,000 stories in 72 languages, recounting the flood, and 70 000 of them also tell the ship. It would be very strange indeed, if these stories around the world arose independently, only by human imagination.

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Noah's Ark was found, confirming the Turkish government

1_archa_noemova.jpg The Turkish government has carried out research with archaeologists at the site of Noah's Ark in the mountains of Ararat. Research confirmed the age-old Ron Wyatt and his colleagues. Founded on ...
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Lecture - Dr. Mehmet Salih Bayraktutan PhD - Noah's Ark

327_dr_salih_mehmet_bayraktutan_phd_archa_noemova.jpg Dr. Mehmet Salih Bayraktutan PhD in 1987, along with Dr. Ekrem Akurgalem (now deceased) worked for the Turkish government, together with R. Wyatt, and research on the discovery of Noah's ark. ...
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Video - Noah's Ark Expeditions 2007

79_noahs_ark.jpg Dispatch from the Czech Republic to find the place Noah's Ark by Ron Wyatt. Expedition conducted by Mr Milan Latka 2007. See this video where you can see the remains of ...
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Reports of the Flood are all over the world

52_vlna.jpg The world is countless stories of the Flood, which are very similar to the Biblical flood. It was truly Biblical flood, and these stories are just a coincidence and imagination of ...
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Biblical evidence of Noah's Ark

51_ron_ark02.jpg Look at the Bible guides, which is mentioned in the Bible about Noah's Ark, which can combine with the discovery of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. Genesis 8.4 - In the seventeenth ...
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Discovered rivets and petrified wood - Noah's Ark

44_nyt_1.jpg On September 16, 1987 were analyzed artifacts that were identified as (on-board wood beams). Galbraith Laboratory in Tennessee Knowville tested in these samples. Result of analysis showed that the sample tested ...
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Tourist visitors' center - Noah's Ark

28_tourist_visitors_center.jpg The Turkish government had carried out extensive research with archaeologists. Archaeologists have explored all the facts to them by Ron Wyatt and his colleagues. After examining the site and found all ...
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Sacrificial altar of Noah's family

23_noah.jpg Near the village was found Erzap altar of Noah's family. The altar was built by Noah's family after the flood, which was sacrificed to God. Genesis 8:20 - when Noah built an ...
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Noah's house and tomb

19_house_noah_4.jpg Ron Wyatt found two memorial plaques on which were carved in the stone, which represented the death of Noah on one board and the death of his wife on their second ...
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Mooring and towing pendant stones - Noah's Ark

11_anchors_stone.jpg When you visit the site of Noah's Ark in the summer of 1977, Ron Wyatt found his sons several massive ancient stones. These stones are pierced, it is the anchor stones. ...
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Views: 212111x - Noah's Ark came to rest in the mountains of Ararat after the flood. Remained here until today to testify about Biblical truths.