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Persecution of the faithful believers in the time of the end

Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ


Persecution of the faithful believers in the time of the end

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Topics: Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ

Anyone who studies the topic of time and the end of Sunday laws, they must know that hard times are ahead. There are several verses that persecution will occur, but note that each of these verses has two parts - God's prediction that there will be persecution, and then the promises of God for the faithful. Persecution took place in various forms since time immemorial. All those who serve God, to meet with opposition of Satan and his helpers. And now Satan is a very limited time, and he knows he has a short time. Revelation 12.12.

Daniel 12.1 - In that time shall arise Michael, the great prince and protector of your people. Time of trouble occurs when what has been since becoming a nation. At that time your people shall be saved - everyone who is enrolled in the book.

Matthew 24,9-13 - Then you will worry and kill because of my name and you will be hated by all nations. At that time many will fall away and betray one another and hate, and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many. And since spread wickedness, the love of many has cooled. But who endures to the end will be saved.

Revelation 2.10 - Nothing to fear what you have endured. Behold, the devil will throw some of you into prison, to be tested, you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

Jesus suffered a lot from those he created. And if we suffer, we are at our Jesus, who suffered for us. Quote of Ellen Gould White (the quote): "None of the people been so abused and maligned as the Son of man. They mocked him and mocked him because he dutifully fulfilled God's holy law. Hated him for no reason. He stood in silence, however, before their enemies, and said that the humiliation and shame are part of the heritage of Christians. He advised his followers to resist anger, and he exhorted them to neochabovali the chase. "(Sons and Daughters of God, s.308)

Do you think we will persecute religious people, and criminals? But the Bible has predicted that the most cruel persecution is from the "Christians" who will even think that he is God.

John 16,1-4 - This, I told you you led astray. Excommunicate you from the congregation. Yes, comes the time when anyone who will kill you, will think that by serving God. They do it because they have not known the Father nor me. I have told you that you remember at the time that I told you.

For several centuries, Satan persecuted the early Church, through paganism. But when the church under the guise of service to God agreed to a compromise with paganism, became harsher and more dangerous enemy. The Roman Catholic Church believes that God gave her the right to control the conscience, to define what is heresy, and punish him. This is one of the most deeply rooted of papal errors. What will it be the end of time? Quote: "Persecution of Protestantism Rome, which almost destroyed the religion of Jesus Christ, will be even worse, to unite with the papacy Protestantism." (Maranatha, 194)

Persecution predicted in the Bible and prophetic spirit is much more than just stress and anxiety. In some cases it will be torture and death. Quote: "Because the truth proponents refuse to worship Sunday as the Sabbath, many of them are imprisoned, others exiled from the country, others will suffer as slaves. Today we find something like this impossible. Once withdrawn, however, the people of God's Spirit, who protects them, and when they left the power of Satan, who hates God's commandments, they are unusual things happen. The human heart can be very cruel when it disappears from God's love and respect. (Great Drama of Ages, 381, 382)

Some lost their property. Many will experience poverty after its publication, that he who follows God's Sabbath, can not buy or sell. But hardest of all will be split in the family and dearest friends estrangement.

Matthew 10.36-37- Man will have enemies in our own family. Who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. Who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

The main reason for the persecution of God's faithful people unwilling to adapt to break the command and the biblical Sabbath, a holy day of rest. Acceptance or rejection of Sunday as a day of worship in the near future, essential for salvation. The Bible refers to this process as a mark of the beast adoption or acceptance of God's seal. (Read more in article number 666 beast, mark of the beast and the seal of God)

Quote: "There comes a time when God's people know the full impact of persecution, as respects the sanctity of the seventh day .... But the people of God to be fully reported to him. And the Lord will act in their favor and to prove that he is God above all gods. "(Chritsian Service, 156)

When considering evidence of cooperation between the United States and the Vatican, we know that this time is not far away.

Quote: "We know that" when the Church in our country to unite together points professed faith, will affect the United States to enforce its regulations and its supporting institutions, then Protestant America will create an image of the Roman hierarchy. True Church will be exposed to persecution, as God's people in the past. "(The Spirit of Prophecy, Volume 4, 278)

Also we were told that the hard times will not last long. Quote: "We stand on the threshold of great and serious events. The prophecy is fulfilled. The last great struggle will be short, but terrible .... How long will it take? Just a little while. "(Selected Messages, svazek3, 419)

God promised protection

We rely on the certainty that God loves us, and let whatever happens, stay with us and lead us into the kingdom of glory. We do not have to worry about the future because God has promised that it will be with us. Quote: "There is always a chance that we get into trouble and personal danger, but we do not lose heart, we as God's people to increase their efforts and hope. For when it's time to risk for God's people, is the time for God to provide clear evidence of his power. "(Maranatha 194, 191)," The people of God need not worry. Satan can not exceed the allowed limit. God protects his people. "

Ellen White wrote many articles that relate to the time when it will be enforced Sunday law. If you abstain from work on Sunday, we will devote Sunday missionary work for a short time disarm their enemies. By Sunday we will focus on the mission get mark of the beast.

Abomination that is warning us

Matthew 24,15-22 - "When you see the holy place of the state, appalling abomination ', which spoke of the prophet Daniel (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Who will be on the housetop not come down to take anything out of the house, and who in the field, whether or not return back to the jacket. Alas, in those days for pregnant and breastfeeding. Pray that you do not run in the winter or the sabbath day. At that time there is a great tribulation such as was not until the beginning of the world, and what never will be. If those days were shortened, would not save no one. Because of the elect those days will not be shortened. "

These verses E. White says: "Not much time in which we are forced to flee to the remote and lonely place, as once did the disciples. Like the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for the Jewish Christians, as well as seizure of power over parts of our nation (United States) by issuing the decree, which will enforce the papal Sabbath Sunday, warning us to be. Then it's time to leave the big city and will prepare to leave the cities and towns to remote homes in isolated areas in the mountains "(5T 464 465)

In other words, when the U.S. a law that is bound to comply with a day of rest on Sunday, it is for us a sign to leave the cities and other preparation.

God in His infinite wisdom, will call for some rest before the persecution, to avoid having to experience persecution. Many will be stored into the grave before the dreaded exam while suffering falls on the world. Therefore, we should always be in my prayer request to speak: "Not my will be done (Luke 22:42). (Counsels on Health 375)

Why God allows persecution?

There are many positive reasons that persecution brings. It actually turns back against Satan because a positive impact both on the persecuted, as well as to those witnesses.

First The formation of character - Quote: "God in His great love wants us to develop rare gifts of his spirit. It allows us to overcome obstacles, persecution and hardship, not as a curse, but as the greatest blessing in our lives. Every temptation overcome, every suffering we endured bravely, brings us a new experience for the formation of our character. "(Ministry colporteur, 67)

Second Testimony to the world - Quote: "Always when there is persecution, those who experience either decide for Christ or against him." (Desire of Ages 442) Until further strengthened the movement to enforce Sunday, some will be arrested and brought to justice. "People who are paraded before the courts, strongly defend the truth. Many of those who hear it decides to keep all the commandments of God. So get acquainted with the truth, thousands of people who would otherwise not hear about it. "(Big Drama Ages 381)

Third Expressions of God's grace - through suffering and persecution of faithful people at his shows his fame and character. Onlookers had to be clear that God was with the martyrs who were tortured and killed. Many instead of cursing and desperate cries when death prayed and sang and testified about the constant presence of God and great grace.

4th Puts us into the role of service and blessing - Quote: "By accepting that John was exiled to the island of Patmos, Christ built his disciples to a place where he could receive the most precious right to instruct churches persecution .... John was a means of grace ... I never learned so much about Jesus. Never heard so many uplifting truth. "(Our High Calling 315)

Spreading the Gospel - People tend to associate the colonies. Quote: "But the Lord wants His people to be scattered across the country. Does not have to associate in one place. Jesus said, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. When the apostles opted to stay in larger numbers in Jerusalem, came upon them persecution and were scattered to all corners of the inhabited world. "(8T 215)

5th Evidence of following God - Satan is trying hard to dissuade the people of God. Therefore, difficulties and sent down are proof that we are on God's side. Quote: "When people try to reconcile with God, know that the humiliation of the cross still persists. The forces and the forces of evil attack against all those who keep God's laws. Therefore, instead of the persecution of Christ's disciples grieved, should they cause joy. It shows that walking in the footsteps of his Master. "(Thoughts from the Mount Beatitudes 29)

When the storm shall come upon us persecution, many fall away and will not be willing to suffer for what they believe in and add to the side of the enemy. Quote: But on the other hand, the true sheep will hear the voice of their true Shepherd. With immense dedication will seek to rescue lost and many of those who have strayed from the herd, and will return to follow the Great Shepherd. God's people to rally against the enemy and create a united front. From the perspective of a common danger over disputes about the superior position. He will not talk about who should be regarded as the highest. "(Maranatha 194)

Famous reward

The famous, the remuneration received by the faithful laborers, to gather around the throne of God and the Lamb. When John in his mortal body, he saw the glory of God, fell as dead, unable to endure the sight. But, as children of God, clothed immortal, see "him as he is." (1 John 3:2) They would stand before the throne, admitted in the beloved. All their sins were erased, removed all their transgressions. Now they can look at the unveiled glory of God's throne. We participate with Christ in His suffering, and along with him working on a plan of redemption and with him also rejoice in the sight of souls saved in the kingdom of God, that there for all eternity praising God. (9T 285)

Beg of you, get ready for Christ's coming on the clouds of heaven. ... Prepare for the court, so that when Christ comes, celebrated by all who believe in Him, might be among those who meet with him in peace. (9T 285)

Drawn from the book by G. Edward Reid - "Sunday is coming", translated from the English original "Sunday's Coming! Available in publishing Jupos

We recommend reading the book The Great Controversy by Ellen Gould White.

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