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Preparing for the end

How to Find God


Preparing for the end

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"When it comes time tests, it turns out, who governed the life of God's word. In the summer there is no difference between evergreen and other trees so obvious. But when winter storms occur, evergreen trees will remain unchanged, the rest of their foliage come. Neither formal Christian today is to recognize the right, but approaching the time when the difference shows. Just what is manifest hostility, fanaticism and intolerance reign, persecution begins. Zakolísají little faith and hypocrites and give up their faith. True Christians, however, resist and remain firm as a rock, their faith will be stronger and brighter hopes than at the time being. "(Great drama ever = Great Controversy, page 378) (Our translation of" The Great Controversy "has different pagination)

At the time of tribulation will lead us forward, only God's power, but now we can prepare the advice that God gave us.

Study the Word of God

The Bible contains many promises, which we should clamp, to imprint them in memory and in person is to preach. The most popular are in the Psalms, in Isaiah, the Gospels and the Epistle to the Philippians. Also 37. chapter Great drama of the ages (Our only certainty) offers us good advice. Two short excerpts, many suggest. "Only people who fortifies his mind the truths of the Bible, stands up in the last great battle." (page 373) "The first and greatest duty of reasonable beings is to learn from the scriptures, what is true, then according to live and encourage others to do it as well. "(page 376)

Spending time in prayer with God

Regular communion with God to maintain an intimate relationship with him. The chapter on prayer in the book Journey to Christ, we can help a lot. "What power had to have those in the past have been persecuted for Christ? It was a unity with God, unity with the Holy Spirit, union with Christ. This intimate relationship with the Savior to the people of God to persevere in the end times. (The Faith I Live By the 330th page)

Being friendly to others

We know your neighbors and those who are influential in society. They recognize that we are honest and decent people that we are not members of any sect or extremist freaks. It is also very good to tell them all straight. Good advice: "Similarly, should the followers of Christ now, when approaching time of trouble, make all efforts to introduce people in the right light and dispel prejudices and avert the danger threatening the freedom of conscience." (Big Drama Ages page 387)

Helping to spread God's work

We know that what is completed in a time of relative peace, we will have to complete in a very difficult time. We should not be idle, as the night comes.

Knowledge of health guidelines for helping the sick

"As religious aggression undermines the freedom of our country, those who campaign for freedom of conscience, will be brought to an unfavorable situation. If you have the option, they should have for each other to gain knowledge about diseases, its causes, prevention and treatment. Who will succeed, find work for their wide scope. It will be a lot of sufferers who will need help, not only among the members of our church, but mainly among those who have not known the truth. "(Medical Ministry page 321)

Development of unity and friendship with fellow

Hebrews 10.25 advises us to more and more frequently met in joint meetings and encouraged each other, the more we see that the day of Christ approaching. Still, we are reminded that we "rallied." After the ascension of Christ to his disciples to see that they loved each other.

Learn to be self-sufficient

The Washington Post recently reported that 95% of Americans are totally dependent on diet purchased at the store. Our advice is to be more independent. "Poverty can affect anyone who currently believe and act according to truth. Christ told us that they vilify. When there is a pursuit for the truth, it will be important that we dominated every human activity and their families suffer due to lack of knowledge. We should confess in trading, construction, planting and sowing. Knowing how to cultivate the land, we would this work in difficult conditions easier. Such knowledge will become a great blessing, even our enemies. (Manuscript Releases, Volume 19, page 26)

Go out of town

This board is known for many years. There is no mystery to us why we got this advice. We learned crime, overpopulation, violence, disease, poverty, noise and stress of urban life. About this subject we learn more in the brochure Country Living (Life in the country)

Source: book "Sunday is coming" G. Edward Reid

E. G. White states: "It is not much time in which we are forced to flee to the remote and lonely place, as once did the disciples. Like the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for the Jewish Christians, as well as seizure of power over parts of our nation (United States) by issuing the decree, which will enforce the papal Sabbath Sunday, warning us to be. Then it's time to leave the big city and will prepare to leave the cities and towns to remote homes in isolated areas in the mountains "(5T 464 465)

In other words, when the U.S. a law that is bound to comply with a day of rest on Sunday, it is for us a sign to leave the cities and other preparation.

American preacher Jim Buller on its website states:

When the army surrounded Jerusalem, Jesus' followers left the city! Whether they were ready or not. Whether you have a place to go or not. I just walked out! Maybe we need to do the same.

Emails that I receive, talk about cities sealing (closing to the outside world) and I know that in my area have plans to make it done for many years. It sounds just like what we could read in the booklet Life in the country side 11 (also 2SM 142). "But soon will be such strife and confusion in the cities, that those who wish to leave the city can not. We must prepare for these events. This is the light that was given to me. "

Although we place in the country, we should have an evacuation plan. We have prepared a package with basic personal needs for survival, basic food, camping supplies, everything is ready so we just got caught and could go into some type of housing, which uses ordinary wood from the forest for heating and cooking. Also have scheduled routes and stops, which way do we get there.

"Remember Lot's wife" Luke 17.32. Also, we have to prepare mentally and emotionally, we were able to leave it all behind us - let us with our family and friends will go or not.

Also note that there are two parts of the Time of Troubles. National Sunday Law marked the beginning of the first part. Nurturing the end before the end of the first part. The second part is a time of tribulation after refinement, will be poured when the seven last plagues. During the second period we are going to "utterly desolate and lonely place" (The Great Controversy page 626).

So during the first part of the tribulation period will still need to be able to do "missionary work". We will not just hide in the hills and try to survive. We must keep in mind when we leave town. We need to also prepare for this last great gospel commission. "In these last hours crafting the sons of men, when the fate of each soul will soon be resolved forever, it is expected the Lord of heaven and earth from his church to be roused to action as never before." (Prophets and Kings page 716)

Probably we will have to rely on other methods of evangelism than we are able to use today. Have not many "public evangelizing." Instead, it may be many "God-led meetings." Pray to God to lead you to those who want to have to share with them. Learn how it works now.

You also need to be as God's people rallied together. "Oh, many times when I felt that I was in the presence of God and his holy angels, I heard the angel's voice, which said the rally, rally to rally to. Do not allow Satan to cast hellish shadow between the brothers. Rally is in unity is strength. God's plan for his people has always been to work together.

Settle on rural land is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. But we need to be turned on to proclamation last message to people who accept him, not only for our own survival. Therefore, the only way to live is voluntary simple lifestyle, as Jesus Christ lived to complete the mission, and work together as a group.

Although we feel the urgency of physical training, spiritual training must be in the first place. Now it's time to connect deeply with God. Dwell in Jesus. Give yourself to Him to us by the Holy Spirit filled and Spirit led us. In these verses God promises us that we prepare for its arrival and the end. When we work with what is trying to do in us and through us, says us through this time. It's all about trust to God and complete surrender to Him at any moment.

Philippians 1.6 - I am sure that He who began a good in you work, the lead until the end of the day of Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5,23-24 - God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body entirely blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful and he will do it.

Jude 24 - Tom, who has the power to protect you from falling and bring you into his glory
pure and happy ...

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