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Religion - the emergence of different directions

Biblical Facts


Religion - the emergence of different directions

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Have you ever wondered what it is and where religion has its origin? Which is the oldest? Why are so many forms of religion? And which direction is the right one? Why do people believe in God? These are questions for each all his marbles bethink man. Maybe you say that you do not care, but every person on this planet, therefore, you, you have some form of involvement. There are different traditions - traditions, holidays, that each of us practice in their lives. Most of us celebrate Christmas, Easter, or go to practice yoga ...

The very word religion means - to follow someone. I would like you to think about the beginning of the religion that is here today. To do that we see, we need the Bible. It is a book that Moses began writing around 1500 BC and prove the truth of her words by numerous archaeological finds. The fact that her words have been preserved unchanged prove scrolls found in caves Qumran. Also, many other sites confirm the veracity of the stories recorded in the Bible. Discover it for yourself, open it and verify its truth.

Beginning of Religion - follow - God.

Man = Adam and Eve were created by God the Creator. Genesis 1.27

They had two sons - Cain and Abel. Genesis 4,1-16. Abel listened to God (believers), Cain listened to God, he did what he wanted. He killed his brother, which was the first death in the world (non-religious people).

Instead of the slain Abel with Adam and Eve had a son whom they named set, which is again obeyed God.

The House Seto was born Noah, who had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth Genesis 5.32.

The name here is the true believers in God's name Cham means unbelievers in the true God, having their gods. The name Japheth means wandering (believers and unbelievers).

From the descendants of Shem God chose people who would bear true faith in true God. They were Israelis - Jews.

Jews - have their origin in Abraham, 1400 years before Christ. God called Abraham, who is called the Father of faith. God listened and carried the right message about the true God - the Creator. Genesis 11.10. 27th (The birth of Abraham), Genesis 12,1-9. 15th - (A contract between God and Abraham). Verse 21 - (birth of Isaac). Isaac had Jacob, and Jacob had 12 sons-generation Israelis (Jews).

When God brought his chosen people from Egyptian slavery, gave to Moses on Mount Sinai, God's unchangeable law boards. Many points of this Act is still part of most secular, state laws.

This law is: 1 Do not no other gods besides me second Do not generate the idols in the form of anything third Do not use the name of the Lord in vain fourth Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy fifth Honor thy father and thy mother sixth Do not kill seventh not commit adultery 8th Do not steal 9th Do not lie 10th Envy

Christians - have originated 2010 years ago. Their teaching is based on Jesus Christ, who was a Jew, and who claimed, and mighty deeds proved that the Son of the Most High God. It was such an important figure in history that changed in his era. Refers people to the true Father who is in Heaven (in space). Christianity is a continuation of the Jewish religion, which leads to knowledge of the True God through His Son Jesus Christ. His life, and the whole work of redemption is described in the Biblical Gospels. Why are so many directions in Christianity?

From another Noah's son Ham, based on further directions of religion.

Another group are the Muslims - Islam - Moslems. It is the eastern religions. They have their origin also in Abraham. His son Ishmael, but he was the son of Hagar the Egyptian maid's name. Genesis 16,1-12. Thus comes the tribe of Ham. Biblical prophecies about him says, "a man of indomitable will. His hand will be against everyone and hand against him and will stand against all his brothers. "

Permanent riots Muslims and Jews - descendants of Abraham's half-brothers, are the fulfillment of this prophecy. They believe in one God - Allah. Prophet Muhammad lived up to the 6th century after Christ. Allah does not give man any freedom - work in human life all the wealth and poverty, joy, sorrow and sin. They believe the dead gods - people. Muslims justifies Friday as a feast day.

Buddhists - It is the Eastern religions. Its founder is the Buddha, born in 560 BC in India near Nepal. Original GUATAMA his name was. The name Buddha is a god. Our world is just a veil for him - MAY. He proclaims:-life is suffering and suffering is life. Buddha's teaching has 8 degrees, and in contrast to Jewish law, which leads to God, this leads to himself. Ethics: 1 / true faith, 2 / right mindset, 3 / right speaking, 4 / real life and lifestyle (not kill, steal, thou shalt not live lascivious, will not lie and drink intoxicating drinks). Buddha asks: 5 / honest livelihood, 6 / right effort 7 / right mindset, 8 / right preoccupied with herself.

Hindus - Eastern Religions - also comes from the family of Ham. It is India's national religion. It has no founder - YOGA - yogi - is widespread in our country. Here is a place for everyone - it is a religious jumble. Indian says that in India, are all religions of the world. Compare with me: 1 theists - believe in a personal God outside the world, but not in the God revealed in Christ 2nd deism - believe in rational reasons in one God - one that created the world and watch as a watchmaker, he reached them and they run by themselves 3 monotheists - believe in one God 4 polytheists - believe in many gods 5 atheists - deny belief in God 6th Christianity - is there room for Jesus Christ and Christianity, but Jesus' right to reject the full truth. Jesus is one among others. In the Indian pubs paintings hanging side by side god Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi ....

Hindu God - Gray - god of silence. They have 330 million gods (animals, trees, mountains ... This religion goes back to 1250 BC. Of science - the secret writings - poems. The world Sunday - the day the sun, praying toward the sun.

Atheism - modern and last religion. Religion of Reason. In the book Dictionary of atheists is written this: "God did not create man but a man of God, in His own image and likeness." Materialism was the highlight of French atheism of the 18th century.

Marxist atheism - the largest form of atheism - "marxizmus is materialism, fiercely hostile to religion ... whose mission is to deprive a person of religious delusions and prejudices ... and free him from all the supernatural in man ... raises confidence in our own strength ... and man is the highest being for man. (P. 275) The organization was founded in 1925 in the Soviet Union and the Association called wicked religion ... fought with all means, in plants, factories, collective farms and schools. "

You see, there are different groups in society - religion, which in some way affect us. To which religion we belong, we must answer every man personally. What, or to whom, a man puts his future is in our free decision. Freedom of decision-making is the greatest gift we have received from God.

The maze is just one way to correct, and that somebody has to shine. I knew that the light is Jesus Christ who came from heaven and invites us home. We got lost and can not be undone. Jesus says:

Jn 8:12 - Jesus to them again, then spoke: "I am the light of day. Whoever follows me will no longer walk in darkness but will have the light of life. "

And King David said:

Psalm 119.105 - Candle my steps is the word of thy light my way.

Therefore, I would like to invite you home where we are waiting. Jesus Christ prepares us homes that take us where he is. When the earth will be cleansed and created all new, will be our home again, wonderful paradise, as the Lord intended at the beginning of creation.

They are the world's two groups of people:

Rolling Stones - wander this world - no goal - just death.

Pilgrims - wander this world, but they have a goal - eternal life - God's kingdom.


Isaiah 44.6 - Thus saith the Lord, the King and Redeemer of Israel, the Lord of hosts: I am first and I am the last, besides me there is no God.

Isaiah 55.6 - Seek the LORD while to find it, call it, until it is close.

Isaiah 56, 6-7 - Foreigners who are connected to the LORD to serve him, to love the name of the Lord and were servants to him, all who protect the Saturday before the desecration and keep my covenant with you all bring to the mountain of his holiness and oblažím is in my house of prayer.

Jan 14, 6-7 - "I am the way, truth and life," Jesus replied. "No one comes to the Father except through me. If you knew me, you would know my Father also. From now on you know him and have seen him! "

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

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