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Reports of the Flood are all over the world

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Reports of the Flood are all over the world

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The world is countless stories of the Flood, which are very similar to the Biblical flood. It was truly Biblical flood, and these stories are just a coincidence and imagination of people around the world?

There were many writers and historians who were interested in the story of the flood. Claus Westerman writer has collected 320 reports of the flood. Historian Aaron Smith counted 80,000 in 72 languages of the story, which tells of the flood. 70,000 of these stories tells of the ship as well. No matter how many stories in this world is a flood, it is clear that the stories of the Flood are in legends around the world.

It would be very strange indeed, if all the stories about the flood arose independently of each other, just figment of human imagination. These stories of the Flood can not be influenced by Christianity, because the stories are much older than Christianity, which these often primitive tribes arrived. In many cases, old story was estimated at several thousand years.

Folk tale about a flood that killed everything in life, except for a few people who escaped the vessel, they tell the thousands of years throughout the world. Such legends, researchers have discovered nearly all nations and tribes of this world. Most stories are located in Asia and North America.

The most famous story of Babylon was the Epic of Gilgamesh, the flood is about a lot was said between Kurnaji, Australia, Bolivia Čiriguany, seafood Dajaks Borneo, Kríji in Canada, the original inhabitants of Cuba, the Masai in East Africa, the Maori of New Zealand, Fiji, in French Polynesia, Iceland, Mexico, Russia, in Větnamu, Peru, in Alaska. The stories are full of local differences, but the core story is always the same. All stories around the world says that once in human history was a great flood.

Greeks also have their story of the Flood in their mythology. Ancient Greek myth of Deucalion tells how this hero of humanity to bring the country back to normalcy after the water subsided. According to this myth, Zeus punished mankind, that they sent a flood and only Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha survived. Sailed for nine days in a large crate. After the ninth day of the case landed on Mount Parnassus. Rescued couple became the originator of a new human family and their son Hellen became the father of the Greeks.

Chinese legend maintains that the Chinese are descendants of the Nu-Waha, the oldest ancestor. His name is very similar to the name Noah. It is said that his three sons and three daughter-in-law survived the flood, as well as in the biblical story of Noah's family.

The Chinese character that is used for the word "boat" comes from a very old symbol, which consists of eight ships and mouth. Symbolizes the ship, and eight survivors.

Circulates among the Indians, too many stories about the flood. Tales of Cherokees, who live in the southeast United States telling the Flood told his master dog. He told him that he must build a large boat, which takes in all that he wants to save.

Australian natives also have their story of the flood. The story says that if people broke the law of the Spirit Ancestors who created and gave life to all, he sent a large cyclone. This caused a persistent rain and it rained until everything was flooded. Saved only a few people raised the mountain, which was not flooded.

John D. Morris and Tim F. LaHaye's book The Arch Ararat he gathered a list of some of the many reports of the flood. Thus a list of more than 212 reports of the flood. Stories usually have the following common features: the destruction of water, the divine cause, warning in advance, save a few people, save animals, used to save the vessel.

Many people living geographically isolated from the Biblical world - the Middle East. For example, Indians in South America, Australian Aborigines, Vikings and others. Yet they all have their own stories of the Flood, which have their roots deep in the history of the cultures. It is therefore clear that this is a story that whites brought with them.

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