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Right Mount Sinai - Jebel el Lawz was found in Arabia

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Right Mount Sinai - Jebel el Lawz was found in Arabia

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After what Ron Wyatt discovered the place of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba Gulf is now clear that Mount Sinai can not be located on the Sinai peninsula, as he put cartographers. Mount Sinai, on which Moses received the Ten Commandments must be kept on the other side of the Gulf of Aqaba in Saudi Arabia.

The people of Israel miraculously crossed the sea in the Gulf of Aqaba. He moved from the southern parts of Nuweiba, the leading undersea mound just to Saudi Arabia. Nuweiba is an acronym for Nuwayba al Muzayyinah in Arabic, meaning - open water Moses. To date, the name of this area has been preserved for the testimony of the authenticity of the Biblical story.

The people of Israel crossing the Red Sea came into Midian country. The Bible tells us that Moses brought before the people of Israel from Egypt, lived in exile in Midian country. Here he settled, married and lived 40 years before the Lord appeared to him in the burning bush. The Bible shows that Moses knew the area well, Mount Sinai, God knew, even before he was given the task to lead the people of Israel from Egypt.

Exodus 3.1 - yet Moses fed the sheep of his father-priest midian JETRO. Once, when he led the flock into the deep desert, and came to Horeb the mount of God.

Exodus 4.27 - yet the Lord said to Aaron, Go into the wilderness to meet Moses. And he went, and when I met him at the mountain of God and kissed him.

On the Sinai Peninsula, where the traditional Mount Sinai, were found the remains of the Egyptian fortresses. It is obvious that the Sinai peninsula was under the control of the Egyptian Pharaoh. He fled to Moses, who threatened the death penalty against the Egyptians in the territory they administer? It is quite logical that it would escape to a safe place where no one would look for.

Moses fled to Arabia Midian country (territory of present-day Saudi Arabia), where he lived, he knew this country well. It was there that led the people of Israel from Egypt, who was on the run as he had 40 years ago.

What the Bible tells us the location of Mount Sinai?

Galatians 4.25 - This Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to Jerusalem which now, as it is with her children in bondage.

If you read this verse in the Bible is to finalize the Mount Sinai is in Arabia.

The mountain, which today we believe is the true Mount Sinai, is on contemporary maps known as Jebel el Lawz. This mountain of local Bedouins still called Mount Moses.

Flavius Josephus locate Mount Sinai

Flavius Josephus wrote that Mount Sinai is the largest mountain in Midian, which is right next to the town of Al Bad. The town of Al Bad, you can find in todays maps of Contemporary and Jebel el Lawz is indeed the highest mountain in the upper two-thirds of the country. Also, Philo of Alexandria - (20 BC-AD 50) wrote that Mount Sinai was located east of the Sinai Peninsula and the south of Palestine.

The town of Al Bad and Jethro

As we wrote, the historian Josephus Flavius wrote that Mount Sinai is located next to the town of Al Bad. Look at the gallery on the map where you can really find the town of Al Bad. In addition to this town on the map is a place called Jethro. When look in the Bible we find that Moses, when he lived in exile in the country Midian Jethro married daughter. Jethro was Moses father-in-So.

We have Bible records, historians and guides, maps of the evidence that Mount Sinai is the moment in the territory of Saudi Arabia.

The excitement surrounding Mount Sinai Jebel el Lawz found 20 archaeological discoveries, the Bible indicates. Mount Sinai, Jebel el Lawz large surrounding area of 40 km2. Around this mountain could be no problem to collect a large number of people with his cattle and equipment needed to survive. Around the mountains found many archaeological artifacts indicate that there had once camped many people.

Lets look at some clues that were found and point to the authenticity of the site.

Found crossing the Red Sea


The highest mountain in the area,

Orientation to the east

In the land of Midian

Huge space for camping

The drawing boundaries around the mountain

Burned the top of Mount Sinai

Instead of 70 elders on Mount Sinai

The altar at the foot of the mountain

Shrine of the Golden Calf

The bottom of the river basin from the mountains, erosion

Stone Circles

Elijahs Cave

Rocky cleft


The remains of 12 columns kamených

Remnants of wells

Elim Oasis - 12 water sources

Refidim - Cracked rock in which Moses struck, scoured trough, erosion

Local traditions that speak of Moses Mountain

Link with the name (Hurab / Horeb)

Site is very close to where the most likely lived Jethro, Moses father in law

In another article, some of these guides, which confirm the authenticity of the site of Jebel el Lawz, converged real Mount Sinai.

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