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Sodom and Gomorrah - Flavius Josephus, Jewish War

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Sodom and Gomorrah - Flavius Josephus, Jewish War

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Who was Flavius Josephus?

Iosephus or Josephus was born around the year 37/38 in Jerusalem, died around the year 100 in Rome. The original name Joseph Ben Matitjahu. He was a scholar and historian who has written a very important note about the first Jewish war, which was in the years 1966-1970. Its new name Flavius took over the family name from the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

In 1966 Judas the Galilean occupied fortress Antonia and Joseph joined the fighters for independence. He was sent to Galilee, to fortify her strength and prepare for battle. Finally, in the fortified Jotapatě, which was conquered by the Romans. Joseph was captured by the Romans. Military leaders Vespasiano Joseph predicted to become emperor, therefore, remained alive. His prediction has been fulfilled after Nero's death by suicide. Joseph remained in the Roman camp as a hostage and was getting in Jerusalem under the command of Titus, which was Vespasián son. Jerusalem was conquered by the 70th Joseph was taken to Rome, where he was given his freedom and was allocated pensions. He stayed on the emperor's expense. Then Joseph took the name from the generic name of Flavius Vespasian emperor. Since that time in the Latin world, known as Flavius Iosephus. Still, that Joseph lived the rest of his life in Rome, remained true to his Jewish origin and devoted to writing works which defended the Jewish faith and tradition.

Josephus describes in his work around the Dead Sea and the city lost in the ashes

(Jewish War, the fourth book, an excerpt from the eighth chapter)

The length of this lake is five hundred and eighty stages, it stretches to plow into Arabic, and broad is the one hundred and fifty stages. Neighbouring country of Sodom it once thriving country with crops and wealth in cities, but now all parched. They say that lightning was burned for the wickedness of people. Traces of the divine fire is yet to know and can see the shadows of the five cities, as well as ash, which again are also the fruits of plants, which, while having the same color as the edible fruit, but when the hands pick off will fall in the smoke and ash.

Josephus describes the city, its life was known

Josephus clearly describes that with the Dead Sea, Sodom neighboring country. He writes about the five cities in which they are familiar with traces of God's fire, traces of ash.

At the time of Josephus, the cities he lived in around 2000 years old. Has survived in his time, so that they can clearly describe.

All five cities that Josephus describes, was found even today. All these cities are whitish ash and sulfur balls strewn with millions. In addition to these five sites found cities, no ash and sulfur is not. Was analyzed, it is a correction of ash and sulfur balls. Sulfur balls were found containing 90-98% purity of sulfur dust. In nature as pure sulfur powder does not appear anywhere in the world. In nature, there is a crystalline sulfur, which is of high quality. Dust sulfur, but it has a maximum purity of 40-60% in the countryside. Found a total sulfur is unique, scientists are not able to explain its origin. We have found the building, walls, Ziguraty, Sphinx. All these buildings are dotted with whitish ash sulfur balls. These sites were discovered samples of molten iron and gold.

Cities and preserved until today, over 3960 years, to testify to the veracity of the biblical story. Sodom and Gomorrah and three other cities were indeed destroyed by brimstone for their perversion!

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