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Super solar storm in 2013

Current world events


Super solar storm in 2013

Added: 06.10.2010
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Super solar storm will threaten the Earth's infrastructure in 2013

In 2013, threatened in NASA's Earth strong solar activity, which produces a super solar storm can cripple both communication and navigation satellites, but also the distribution of electricity, transport and banking systems and personal electronics such as computers or mobile phones.

Solar energy rises and falls in cycles of approximately 22 long years. At the same time the number of flares increases and decreases in cycles of eleven years. And in 2013, culminating two cycles at once. The combination seems to lead to the induction of super solar storm, accompanied by extreme radiation.

As a result of this accumulation can affect large parts of the world's failures in the electricity supply to many months. Experts point out that, particularly Britain and the Nordic states have relatively fragile power grid.

Similar agreement came before, but never in the history of mankind has not been so dependent on electronic devices, which can overload an enormous dose of radiation and discard.

"We know it's coming, but we do not know how much it will be bad," the Telegraph quoted the site director of NASA's division focused on the physics of the Sun by Richard Fisher. "Besides a communication device such as satellites and navigation in cars, air transport, banking system, computers, all electronics. Large areas are without electricity and repairing damage will be difficult and require a longer period of time."

It is the most serious warning yet that NASA released due to solar activity.



That the sun begins to burn more and more about no longer talk. Solar rays are becoming sharper and the concept of global warming already knows almost everyone. But what we can from the sun before the advent of Jesus Christ to wait for the Bible.

Revelation of John 16.8 - the fourth poured out his cup to the sun and was due to people burning fire. People have been burning great heat and blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues, they did not repent to give him glory.

Matthew 24, 33-35 - just to see all this, know that it is already close to that already in the door! Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass away before all this happens. Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away.

Matthew 24 chapter talks about all the things that must be before Jesus comes again in his glory, and Satan's government close to our Earth.

I'm not saying that this Bible prophecy, it just happens that year, which NASA says. Just want to point out that one must lose.

All biblical signs are fulfilled, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is already very close. Join and get ready for the day, while there is still time!

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