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Thawing ice to our planet - the Bible gives a great "lab notes"

Evolution or Creation?


Thawing ice to our planet - the Bible gives a great "lab notes"

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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Genesis 1,2 - the earth was void and empty, darkness was over the abyss, and hovered over the waters of God's Spirit.

"Water Planet, located in deep space, the icy planet. Extremely low temperatures prevailing in the universe, unlit star - the sun, freezes all substances, even gases. Longtime "figure" in the "lab report" about the events says that hovered over the waters of the Spirit of God.

In other verses tells us something about the nature of God, that is. From this description, we learn that God gives the thermal energy to change the planet.

Deuteronomy 4.24 - the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, a jealous God!

Exodus 24.17 - In view of the glory of the Israelites looked to the top of the mountain as a consuming fire.

Isaiah 64.3 - From the ages never heard, nobody saw his eye, that any God besides you, and negotiate with those who are waiting for him.

In another 'laboratory described in "we are told that the first day was night" darkness "and this morning was" light. " The observer sees that the ice planet from one side brings an intense heat that it covers one side.

The planet is then put into motion and begins to rotate from the heat source, just like a piece of beef impaled on a spit. This record is the beginning of "Earth Day", one rotation equals one day. If the Spirit "moved" over the whole country, would only "day".

Another record deals and thaw frozen gas planet scattering and constant rotation of the planet against light sources.

Genesis 1.6 - God said "Let there be water in the middle of the sky to separate the water from the water!"

You are talking about distractions and thawing frozen gases and water, thus separating from the other defrosting materials. It reached a period of stagnation, or the balance between pairs of diaphragm on the outer parameter of the gaseous atmosphere and water on the surface.

The observer records the next phase. It is also beginning to experience thawing of soil and other substances, thereby reducing the density of the planet and heat expansion is to increase its volume. These changes taking place under cover of water in its liquid state caused enormous capillarity, and consequently the surface water moved into aktifers (deep underground water reservoirs) beneath the surface of the planet.

Genesis 1.9 - God said, Let the waters under the heaven be collected in one place and whether it turns dry land "- and did.

Ice planet transformed into a planet with the mainland and the gaseous atmosphere, everything was closed curtain of steam. The fact that Moses wrote the book of Genesis, which could have absolutely no knowledge of the phase (degrees) defrost icy planet "proves God's inspired record of creation.

Furthermore perceive combustion (ignition) masses of flammable gas in the center of the solar system.

Genesis 1, 14-16 - God said: "Whatever the celestial sky lantern to separating day from night, will be to identify the signs, days and years will be on the celestial sky lanterns to illuminate the earth!" - And became . God made two great lights: the greater to rule the day, and the lesser to rule the night, also made the stars.

So God created the sun, moon and stars. New source of light the sun replaced the Spirit of God as a much smaller but still adequate source of heat and light. With this new source of heat, which will power to redress the balance moisture and control of light and darkness, the mighty God looks at the new "Terrarium", claiming that he is good.

The Bible does not know when it was created with the sun's planets and their moons. We are told that already existed before the first day of creation week, since the first day it was created only light.

Genesis 1,3-5 - God said, Let there be light! "- And there was light. God saw that the light is good and God divided the light from the darkness. God called light "day" and the darkness he called "night". It was evening and the morning was the first day.

Some hold the view that the stars in the universe were created on the fourth day of creation week. But this is impossible, since most stars that we see are millions of light years distant. Creation Week was about 6,000 years ago. The fact that we are now seeing the light from these stars prove that they were created millions of years.

One argument against this assertion is that God created the stars are fully developed. If so, the light from these distant things were created "fully developed" and encroaching upon the land after it was created. Note the fact that recently, astronomers have observed our "new". It would not be possible if they were all well-lit stars. Last seen wearing a Nova, after the expiring lamp, left many planets (orbitals). This proves that the new light of God's creative work, not just exploding sun, learn how modern astronomy.

A week ago, the creature in the universe mass of the Sun, but was still unlit. After it was lit, as stated in Genesis 1, 14-19, with the light reflected from the planets and their moons, as our sun, moon and stars were first seen on the fourth day of creation week.

Vegetation is first mentioned on the third day, fish, birds and animals on the fifth day and people are introduced to the sixth day. During the seventh rotation of the planet after he finished thawing and beautified, and mentioned the various forms of life on planet earth, God rested.

In this way the planets, the aperture pairs was held high above. It was held by a combination of buoyancy forces caused by the rotational speed of the calculated carefully and compressed hot air produced by the sun's heat. This heat is retained within the aperture pairs of planets. The Earth was created "mineral" homogeneous, uniformly heated environment, water supply, which proliferate many life forms that dorůstaly lingered huge size and very old age. How to show the skeletal remains of the ancestors of today's life forms.

Suffice to say, "Bible laboratory report" shows the relationship progressively detailed steps described roztavování icy planet, which was created in primitive matter led to an unknown time "the beginning". Then was literally transformed in six days "God handling" and features the vivid, blue planet. This process precisely Moses wrote in the "lab report" in the 14th century BC.

It was a prehistoric planet, the forces that influenced the ancient planet could cause a "flood" mentioned by both sacred and secular texts?

The buoyancy needed to support a curtain of steam out of the atmosphere and the centrifugal force required to maintain the entire volume of the planet in a state of equilibrium, the ground water were kept in a state of stagnation. These ratios were not forcibly violated. The resulting cataclysmic curvature of the planet has resulted in toppling down to the water surface. At the same time the planet spewed into the sky huge incredible force of the water content, which was in the water tanks, underground or in the hydrated layer (aktifer), as described in Genesis and Genesis 7,11-24 8, 2nd

More in the next article.

Drawn from the book: The Discovery of Noah's Ark - Ronald E. Wyatt

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