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The Exodus Conspiracy - a film about the Biblical truths

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The Exodus Conspiracy - a film about the Biblical truths

Added: 19.10.2010
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The film, The Exodus Conspiracy are pointing to biblical truth.

New Project Title: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. The first part was already broadcast, in the Czech Republic, it was playing on TV Prima.

The second part is under the title Patterns of Evidence: Moses

Official website of the project:

Many visited pilgrimage site in the Sinai Peninsula where they believe that Mount Sinai, on which God wrote the Ten Commandments in their own finger. These visitors are unaware that the place is located in Midian (Cartographic know that this is the territory of present-day Saudi Arabia).

Before we say anything about the movie The Exodus Conspiracy, let's see what the Bible says, where Mount Sinai is located.

The Bible tells us in the New Testament, the Mount Sinai is in Arabia.

Galatians 4.25 - This Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to Jerusalem which now, as it is with her children in bondage.

Moses fled from Egypt to Midian land where he lived for 40 years before the angel appeared to him in the burning bush.

The Bible tells us that Moses, at the time when he lived in Midian country as we know cartographically in today's Saudi Arabia, knew the mountain of God.

Exodus 3.1 - yet Moses fed the sheep of his father-priest Midian JETRO. Once, when he led the flock into the deep desert, and came to Horeb the mount of God.

Exodus 4.27 - yet the Lord said to Aaron, "Go into the wilderness to meet Moses." And he went, and when I met him at the mountain of God and kissed him.

God told Moses that to confuse the people of Israel from Egypt, will serve God upon this mountain. God said that when Moses was Midian country. Moses knew God's Mount Sinai, even before he went to Egypt to lead the people of Israel.

Exodus 3.12 - "I am with you," replied God. "And this is the sign that I sent you I: to bring forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain."

Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai Peninsula, as many believe. There are many archaeological evidence and facts that prove the authenticity of the biblical Exodus. The truth reveals a world of film, beyond which is known and respected scientists.

Something about the movie "The Exodus Conspiracy

Dr. Lennart Moller conducted extensive research on what he saw Ron Wyatt's discoveries in the Red Sea. At his own expense plunged into the sea in the Gulf of Aqaba and discovered exactly what it describes Ron Wyatt. He discovered the remains of Pharaoh's army, bicycles and cars, preserved in the crust coral, confirming the discovery of gold wheels. He wrote a book about these findings and released a DVD.

These discoveries attracted film producer Tim Mahoney and began to emerge in this film.

This film was originally intended to put into theaters in the spring of 2007. Despite a decade of work, the producers are still working on this film. The scope of the film is dramatically increased. This film was primarily designed to focus on documenting the Exodus of the Israelites from ancient Egypt.

Originally the film included events recorded in the books of Genesis and Exodus, beginning with Joseph, who was betrayed by his brothers and thrown into slavery. Eventually he became the second most powerful man in the then known world.

The story then goes on, including the biblical story of Moses, plagues of Egypt, crossing the Red Sea. Finally, Mount Sinai, where God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments.

Filmmakers who do not yet wish to reveal every detail of the film say that the film has grown enormously. Now start at the time of Abraham and ending with today's fresh newspaper subtitles directly from the Middle East. It even includes performances Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The creators of this movie is trying to give a great effort to explain every detail and every truth. They want the film to state all available facts, that was no longer any doubt about the biblical story of Exodus.

Since the film is a very grown from the original plan and every detail of the film must be clearly elaborated and supported by the Bible, the term of this film so late. This film is not dull action sequence, which goes some way to make and easily. This film is supported by the facts as biblical and archaeological, which can handle a lot of effort.

We did about eight prototypes of the film, about 500 hours of footage that we get to the time span of two hours, said Windahl.

The film documents the efforts of Arab governments, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia, suppress, or at least seriously impair the discovery and publication of archaeological data that would confirm the truth of the biblical story.

It's a conspiracy to suppress the truth about the ancient history of the Middle East? And if so, who would want to deny the reality of 3500 years old events, and why?

The film is the answer to these questions. The fact that Arab governments and political circles wish to deny the Jews the status of indigenous peoples in the Middle East. They want above all to deny that Jews are more than 3,000 years of Jewish land in Israel at home. (Country called Palestine by the Romans, British, and now the Arabs). They want to point out that the Jews are alien European settlers in the Holy Land, while the Arabs are native indigenous people who live there from time immemorial.

Archeological discoveries confirm that the biblical story is true. The ancient Jewish settlement in the country was carried out as described by the biblical story. These facts are extremely inconvenient to Israel's enemies, although it is an event in the distant past.

While several versions of the film were screened to test for some viewers, the final version of the film is not yet complete.

The question of exactly when the final version of the film is unknown. "We can not have a date yet," said Mahoney. We have the financial resources to complete. I think we should have done this year and then the film will be shown. "

I believe that God will help in time to complete this work and the right time will reveal to the world this film, which points to the authenticity of the biblical Exodus story.

The Bible is a book inspired by God, our creator. Law of the Ten Commandments, which Moses received on Mount Sinai is valid throughout the version until now!

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