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The Real Mount Sinai

The Real Mount Sinai

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Forbbiden Pictures Revealed - Did Ron Wyatt tell the truth?

683_dr_david_kim_david_gates_biblicka_archeologie.jpg David Gates interviews Dr. David Kim, who made 12 trips behind military fences in Saudi Arabia and climbed Mt. Sinai to collect evidence of a Red Sea crossing. Amazing photos and ...
Added: 28.05.2015
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Refidim - water from the rock altar - the real Mount Sinai

376_1_horeb_rock.jpg Exodus 17,1-2 - The entire Israeli community then by word of the LORD pulled out of the wilderness of Sin on the next trip. However, when camped in Rephidim, there was ...
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Jebel el Lawz - Right Mount Sinai, archaeological findings

328_01_vrchol_hory_sinaj.jpg In a previous article on Mount Sinai, we are told that the true Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia. This site guides lead both Biblical and archaeological discoveries on this site. ...
Added: 04.02.2011
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Right Mount Sinai - Jebel el Lawz was found in Arabia

306_sinai.jpg After what Ron Wyatt discovered the place of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba Gulf is now clear that Mount Sinai can not be located on the Sinai peninsula, ...
Added: 10.01.2011
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