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The rich man and poor Lazarus - Luke 16, 19-31

What is death?


The rich man and poor Lazarus - Luke 16, 19-31

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Above this chapter to puzzle many people - because they forget that this is a parable.

Like other parables, Christ came to life representation of the rich and the poor Lazarus of life expectations of their listeners.

Luke 16,19-31 - The rich man and Lazarus

"There was a rich man, dressed in purple and fine linen and feasted every day great. He was also a certain beggar named Lazarus, who lay at his gate full of sores, and at least wanted to eat what fell from the rich man's table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores. One day the beggar died and the angels took him to the arms of Abraham. That the rich man also died and was buried. When in hell lifted his eyes in torment, and saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his arms. , Father Abraham, 'said a rich man, have mercy upon me! Send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, you have the flame in the severely suffer! " , Son, 'said Abraham, remember that in life you take the good things, like Lazarus evil.

Now, it pleasure lies ahead, but you worry. Moreover, between us and you, he's a big gap to those who would like to go from here to you, or trying to get us there, they could not. " He just said, 'Please, Father, then send it to my father's house. I have five brothers - whether it warns that they may also come into this place of torment! " , They have Moses and the prophets, "Abraham said. , Let's listen! " , Nay, father Abraham, 'rich on it. 'If they come, but someone from the dead to do penance. " But he said he: "When Moses and the prophets do not listen, persuade them, even if someone rose from the dead." "

With the popular opinion of the time introduces us historian Flavius Josephus (The Works of Jesephus), who lived in first century:

"The soul of the righteous shall be collected in a place called Hades. It is an unspecified place in this world, sort of an underground area where nezavítá light of this world. In this place there and at its entrance gate is an archangel with a crowd of angels. The righteous shall be accompanied by angels singing right to the land of brightness, where the righteous shall live by the beginning of the world. However unfairly punishes people trail angels left until close to hell. When they come in sight, he sees a terrible and great fire, which is expected and also sees a fair point, but separated by a deep chasm, which can not exceed. "

Christ was therefore used when widespread unbiblical idea to explain to his listeners something very important: No one will be evaluated according to their wealth, which is just a borrowed God's gift. Who is rich in this world without God is a poor and miserable.

When Jesus had finished telling the parable of the unjust landlords in 16th Luke section, says in the 15th verse 14.a "This all heard the Pharisees who loved money, and mocked him. God knows your heart, because what people value high, it is an abomination before God. "

And now Jesus tells them the parable of the rich and the poor Lazarus. Who reads carefully, it finds that both Lazarus and the rich here have their own physicality. Both see each other. There are elements fire, water and pain are too rich body.

Because of this description is a parable, not literally need to explain each element. If we still do, it would be contrary intention parable. This principle applies more or less in each parable. Recall the example of Jonathan Old Testament language in which talks with the trees.

Judges 9,7-15 - One of the trees chosen king over themselves to determine. They said the olive tree: Reign us! Oliva said it might have to cease publishing its oil, which honors God and people, and go to sway over trees ?....

Jesus is not content with saying this parable stingy and proud Pharisees, that one turns the card and secular importance and wealth, then it will be useless. Impressively shows them that after death there will be no possibility of reversal. It is in this life to decide whether to have a share in the resurrection of life or the resurrection of the court.

Pharisees Jesus was a parable that says that they are hard-hearted and blind to God's word that their hardness would not break even if someone rose from the dead to warn against the consequences of bad behavior.

We will do well to take lessons from this parable, as well as our fate is decided now, and there will be no additional grace period.

The Bible is much clear and unambiguous texts on the subject of death and resurrection, heaven and hell.

Furthermore, there are many other texts to correctly understand the words correctly translated from the original language. And then there are several biblical sites difficult to understand that for a proper understanding requires thorough study.

An important principle is: difficult to understand Biblical place to be seen in the light of clear and well understood the texts. It is difficult to interpret bad verse so that they conflict with lyrics clear and easily understandable.

Drawn from the book: The death and resurrection, Heaven and Hell Tomasi Martino

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