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Thousands of scientists argue that life could arise by chance from nonliving matter

Evolution or Creation?


Thousands of scientists argue that life could arise by chance from nonliving matter

Added: 11.02.2011
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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Many people today believe that life arose from nonliving matter-free program and coincidence. In fact, life in any way this could occur.

That's not possible now claims thousands of scientists, and this can prove to our experience and proven natural patterns (laboratory) and a number of findings (field). The problem is not science, but the reluctance of many scientists and the media to recognize that everything is pointing towards the Creator.

It is well known that all complex, with a high degree of orderliness is always thinking of their author, designer. Individual parts and components with high specific units by the order (this applies to all living cells and organisms as well as human products) are never in these functional units (organized systems) by themselves "evolve" and "not sit."

The time factor is just the negative - is a function of decay! The elements and components, as we know, creates a patchwork, cemetery, landfill, or scrap collection, but not coordinated, structured and meaningful functional unit!

It describes a number of known natural laws of entropy, probability calculations, patterns in information theory, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, and others. Thousands of laboratory experiments since Professor Pasteur showed that life arises only from life, passing (derived, copy) of a complex program from generation to generation. The original - that is the first life had to be at the very beginning. The fact is science, the rest is lies and fantasies. Claiming that the first life arose spontaneously from nonliving matter, is unscientific and ridiculous. This is pure cheating the general public.

More time to indulge a balanced system of inanimate elements (no program), the less organized then we can find it: self-ages and decays, not vice versa. Nothing does not help the argument that entropy (tendency to spontaneous inorganization) is defined only for closed systems - even seeing its expressions of open systems! Ignoramus, who at the sight of nature says, "I did not do itself," has more sense than the head of academically educated scientist who is an atheist and extends the theory of confused, "how does it all done" for millions of years.

Fantasies of reviving the ancient material itself to its revival (the chemical evolution of the cell) was devised so that the superficial people do not understand life as a gift, to thank for it, looking for donors and feel responsible to him.

It is a spare, materialistic religion called fraudulent science, the gods (energy, time, coincidence) have no creative ability (as opposed to every intelligence). All you can do is spoil. Information for the orderliness of the whole complex can be entered only in the matter of intelligence, no other cause. If science is based on experiment and observation, then a different conclusion can be drawn.

Even in the laboratory or in the field has never been documented process by which it is in one place, even for decades, creating a sort of increasingly complex chemical compound of periodical arrangement similar to the cell. Why this should happen millions of years ago?

It's amazing how some so-called "exact" scientists confuse conditions necessary to sustain life with the conditions necessary for life. Heat, water, or enough power are necessary conditions for the survival of many organisms - but not enough for their appearance! Sulfur bacteria can live at 100 ° C, 100 ° C or sulfur is not created! It's about the same as if someone claimed that where there is a lot of iron, oil field and equal, there are bound to arise car.

Many scientists are guilty of criminal disinformation in the minds of naive people. Under the cloak of scientific terminology are hidden unsubstantiated claims. Unrealistic fantasy and deception accompany the claim that the science on this one arrives. So it comes down to it, how it happened, what could happen and what scientific research is currently excluded. How can inanimate matter create itself the most complicated machine in the world - a living cell. How is it that once was a coincidence and improbability likely smarter than they are today!

A fantastic and ridiculous idea of how the cells formed by random fluctuations in the non-living materials, and then evolved further to fish and to humans, is not only nonsense, but also a huge tragedy. It is no coincidence that the evolutionary follies just started to believe in the bloodiest century in human history. This false, belief based on lies dulled consciences of people dragged humanity into scientifically supported atheism and to give space to murder whole peoples.


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