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Waking up in China and spread the Gospel

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Waking up in China and spread the Gospel

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Asia is the largest theater of the twentieth century. No other continent of the world does not indicate much about the most powerful movements - political, social, educational, and spiritual. The question is whether on some other continent in one of the last century, something happened, what unfolds in Asia during the life of our generation. We are witnessing the greatest triumphs of Christianity.

The Church in China during the missionary era slowly grew, but not at a pace which is necessary for the greatest nation in the world to experience salvation, as God wants. Christians remained on the edge of Chinese society. Church with all its Western trappings erected a physical, spiritual and cultural barrier between Chinese Christians and millions not redeem around them.

At the end of the nineteenth century missionary efforts began to decline in Britain and many leaders want to forget about evangelism and to limit his work to the home parish. One Christian Statistics announced that the work of foreign missionaries in China was an utter failure.

But God has other ideas. Would not allow the Chinese people die in their sins, in spiritual darkness, and to report on a famous victory for his son on the cross remained most numerous nation in the world unannounced.

First performed in October 1949 in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to the podium Mao Zedong proclaimed the People and the People's Republic.

The first few years of communist party and the church stood watching. Much to the surprise of many Christians to the point of almost not changed. The Chinese government was waiting for an opportunity like a tiger, lurking for prey. Blow came in the early fifties of the 20th century and the persecution broke out in full force. Hundreds of leaders were arrested and taken away in one night. Many of them died, or had to have never heard of. Others were sent to labor camps where they suffered silently for several decades before it is released to freedom in a totally different China than they knew.

By 1953 China expelled most foreign missionaries. Generally believed that there was no way they could so young and inexperienced to survive the brutality of totalitarian belief system, determined to destroy Christianity once and for all. Some articles have assumed that once the door opened again to China, a missionary work will have to start again.

But later it was clear that God has all events under control even during silence. This is what most considered a complete fiasco turned out to be a huge victory. It seemed that the devil is destroying the church, but in fact it depurate God to bear more fruit. Jesus said: I am the true vine and my Father is the winemaker. My every branch that bears fruit, cuts, and every branch that bears fruit he prunes, that bear more fruit. (Jn 15,1-2)

Today, Chinese believers gleefully explain that it was the Communist authorities, despite efforts to eradicate Christianity from the country actually paved the way its rapid spread. Before 1949, China had virtually no infrastructure and promotion of Christianity prevented the linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers.

Here are some ways to the official policy paved the way for the rebirth of Christianity:

During the Cultural Revolution destroyed most of China's idolatry. Thousands of temples were destroyed and model. In the hearts of millions and created a spiritual void.

Government attempts to remove God and deny the existence of paranormal phenomena led only to the fact that people turned in large scale, after he personally met with God miracles. Railroad, roads and airports to facilitate travel to the gospel of previously inaccessible places.

Mandarin Chinese has been enacted as an official language and began to be used in schools and media. Previously, there were thousands of dialects that make it difficult for communication and the transmission of the Gospel. Large-scale projects to promote literacy enabled many people to read God's word.

Censorship of the media sparked a hunger for the printed word. Christian organizations and a chance to use ten million printed Bibles and other Christian books. He began the development of Christian radio stations that began broadcasting on short wave. Millions of Chinese people owe their salvation just radio.

During the Cultural Revolution, people were forced to abandon their crimes and change your life. "Culture confession" meant that people are much more willing to repent and confess sins to God when they heard the gospel.

Despite the fact that they live in a system that is trying to destroy, they have learned not to fear - not because they enjoyed perhaps the persecution, but because it met the living God and be transformed by it. Experienced his love and personal knowledge of the truth of his promises, like this:

My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me and I give them eternal life shall never perish, and no one in my hand nevyrve. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all, and no one can wrest from the hand of the Father. (Jn 10,27-29)

Estimates of the number of Chinese Christians are different, but I believe that this number is somewhere between 80-100 million Protestants, to be realistic, and will do so at least 12 million Catholics, whether registered or meet in underground churches. Although these figures are only a small part of 1.3 billion souls now live in China, their growth is spectacular and unmatched by anything in Christian history, when one remembers that in 1949, when the Communists took power in China was only about 700 000 Protestants and something between three and four million Catholics.

Adeney in his book China: The Long March of the Church with joy documented advantages, which have developed in the Chinese church during the long years full of hardship. To name some of them:

1 Home churches are inventive.

Rejecting all the pitfalls and the West have developed their own method of service. Extricated themselves from the shackles of traditionalism and the institutions that arise from their life.

2nd Home Church stands firmly on the unity of the family.

They have become part of Chinese social structure. Christian families are the basic building block of the church network.

3 Home Church rid unimportant things.

Much of what we associate with Christianity, the Chinese simply do not find homes. Therefore, they are very adaptable. One believer said: "In previous times we played the trumpet and held a large evangelistic campaign. Some believed, but not many. Now we have equipment ... and many come to Christ. "

4 Home churches emphasize keeping Christ.

Jesus is the head of his body - the Church, therefore, obedience must be at the top, above anything else. The Church can not accept control from any other organization. Obedience to God's word is absolute and the church defies unscriptural practices.

5 Home Church trust God's sovereignty.

If you are from a human standpoint, there was no hope, God revealed to His power and the Christians saw that overcomes everything that comes into their lives.

6th Home Church loves God's word.

The Chinese really appreciates the Scriptures and sacrifice a lot so they can buy the Bible. Their knowledge of the Lord is deepened by learning the Bible by heart and have described it.

7th Home Church prays.

Without human support, surrounded by enemies of Christians had to rely on God in simple faith to respond to their crying. Prayer is not only communication with God, but also a way to share a spiritual struggle.

8 Home churches are caring and sharing.

Home Church is a community where Christians demonstrate their love not only each other but also to their countrymen. Such love creates a space for spontaneous evangelism.

9 Home Church depend on lay leaders.

After many pastors were imprisoned or sent to labor camps, the Church had to rely on lay leaders. They come from different walks of life and spent much time wandering from one church to another, learn and build the faith of others.

10 Home churches were purified suffering.

The Church in China know first hand that suffering is part of God's plan as a way to build it and clean up. Christians in name only would not survive the test of the Cultural Revolution. Those who joined the church had to reckon with the fact that they will suffer. Their motivation was therefore a genuine desire to know Jesus Christ.

11 Home churches are zealous in evangelism.

It was not permitted a public sermon. People came to Christ through the faithful and humble service thanks to close contact between friends and family members. The main method of evangelism is a way of life and behavior of Christians, along with the proclamation of the gospel, often life-threatening.

Chinese house church leader shares the vision that God gave them: To bring good news to Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, who live on the road "back to Jerusalem." These three men represent the thousands of others with the same vision.

For the Chinese church that is not trivial. Sees its task as predestination of God, and decades of torture, imprisonment and insult the training ground, where he prepares for his profession - to complete the Great Commission.

Thousands take back to Jerusalem movement quite seriously and are willing to die for them. Although we may seem inappropriate or impossible, remember what the Chinese church has experienced in the last fifty years. It is used to seeing God, which is impossible.

The Chinese Church does not actually intend to invade Israel, and bring the coming of Christ. Rather, it is God's calling for the Chinese church to proclaim the gospel and established the community of believers in all countries, cities, villages and all ethnic groups between China and Jerusalem. It's definitely a small task. For among them are three largest spiritual strongholds which have not yet been conquered by the Gospel: giants Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Excerpts from the book: "Back to Jerusalem Called to fulfill the Great Commission - Paul Hattaway

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