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We need revival and reformation in our lives, not just words!

Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ


We need revival and reformation in our lives, not just words!

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Topics: Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ

The faithful people are fervently praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Who is promised that the work was completed, and Jesus Christ Could come to end the history of evil. We all want to Pentecost soon recurred, but ask what. When the Holy Spirit sent down, I Will Be Able to Fulfill? I live so I appealed to God? I was willing to get rid of sin, selfishness, pride and addictions in your life?

That I saw no one Could have Participation in the "refreshing" won over until every Weakness, pride, selfishness, love for the world and over every word and deed false. Therefore, we have more and more closer to the Lord seriously and Strive to the preparation That is needed to succeed in our fight capacitate the day of the Lord. Let us all remember That God is holy, and That no one but holy beings can ever dwell in His presence. (EW 71)

I saw That many neglect much-needed preparation time and looked to the "refreshing" and "Latter Rain" and that something That Would Be That Could capacitate tribute Their Own in the day of the Lord and livedo before HIS face. Oh, how many I've seen in time of trouble without a shelter! Neglected the Necessary training and Therefore Could not accept refreshing, Which must all have to live with capacitate the face of a holy God.
(Maranatha 2.2)

Also I saw That many not to Realize They have what it Be in times of trouble They can live without God in the face of high priest in the sanctuary. Those Who are to receive the seal of the living God and to Be Protected During the Tribulation, the mirror image of Jesus fully.

There Must Be a Revival and Reformation under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The Reformation and Revival are two Different Concepts. Recovery Means restoring the spiritual life, the recovery ability of the mind and heart, resurrection from spiritual death. Means Reformation reorganization and change in thinking in the concept of custom and practice. Reformation Will not bring good fruit of justice, unless accompanied by a revival of the Spirit. The Revival and Reformation is Determined to work in HIS and Its performance must lead Kamoke fusion. (1SM 128)

Acts 3.19 - Therefore Repent ye, and Be converted, That may Be Your Sins blotted out, When The Times of refreshing come from Shall the presence of the Lord;

Revelation 3,19-21 - I Do All That I love I reprove and educate. Fire and Therefore Repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

Revelation 3.3 - Remember What You Heard and accepted, stick to it and Repent. If you wake up, I will come like a thief! Nor Will not know what hour I will come to you.

1 Peter 2.9 - "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a Peculiar People (special people-KJB), you may declare the Praises of him Who Called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light. "

Let's Introduce Ourselves as a nice car. Outside is shiny, clean, pretty looks and Waits until the driver arrives. The driver comes looking Which car is beautiful, shiny and clean. Bypass it to get better look at him, and then Wants to take inside. The driver opens the door but the door is rolled out and a big pile of garbage, trash and debris. The driver zesmutní very disappointed and closes the door and go somewhere else. This is exactly what Could happen to us! I pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but When It Comes, Finds us clean it inside? Or even rolled out of our meeting saw no religion Sins Habits, weaknesses, Which Could we not give up selfishness and Bad Habits in eating, entertainment and clothing?

Imagine again a beautiful sports car, it's exotic-looking car That Costs thousands and thousands of dollars. The driver starts the car, the engine starts smoothly Immediately. The driver of one of speed, Slowly add the gas and puts forward. Now goes quickly. Returns to act lovingly and beginning with a soft cloth wiping a beautiful coat. Now lift the tank with premium gasoline and carefully poured into the tank.

What's this variant?

The driver comes to a beautiful car and Throw him into cheap gasoline. Then pour it into bottles of soft drinks, caffeinated drinks and tea and a big pot of coffee. Ram into the tank a lot of candy, Hamburgers from fast food outlets, potato chips, bread garnished with chicken and turkey meat (full of antibiotics and toxins) and hot dogs. Then it begins to rain in ten-pound bag of sugar. Now the driver takes a bottle of fuel additives like vitamins That look, and put Them into the tank. Subsequently Bypasses and car mounts. Trying to start car games and starts twitching, coughing and spewing smoke. Finally, engine fires, and leaving off the car, shooting and smoking.

"The Creator of this car and it perfectly constructed and Functioning machine. The driver decided to put into the tank instead of the best fuel the worst." The car is heading to the repair shop to work on it and a mechanic. But as a car mechanic repairs, the driver again to give him more bad things.

We do not make our points absolutely the Same? Our Lord has created an amazing body and perfect way. Constantly Renewed Itself is Itself to clean, with self heals, but what form? From Ourselves What to give the points. For example, if we eat fried food, plus lots of sweets, caffeine, form every cell of the bad food. Then how about work? And may the Holy Spirit dwell in us and us properly Influence When the body is flooded with toxins from poor digestion and toxins?

1 Corinthians 10.31 - Well - Whether you eat or drink, Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Cor 6.19 - Did you know That your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who is in you, Whom you have from God? We are not your own, You Were Redeemed dearly! Therefore, ye Their Bodies to honor God.

Philippians 3.19 - Their end is destruction, Their god of the belly and Their Glory in Their Infamy. Such thinking only about Earthly things

Proverbs 03.23 - The Do not desire HIS delicacies - Is that food is Deceptive!

Satan is not afraid of anything and Release That Will God's people the way and remove all Obstacles to the Lord to pour out HIS Spirit upon the Church and swooning hardened Assembly. (1SM 124)

Confess Your Sins to God

Pray in humble prayer to God is Gracious to remind you all wrong in your life and You Could Ask For Forgiveness. You Will See That old memories come alive and you a lot of Realize That You Confess Sins to God. If you hurt someone, you need to ask for Forgiveness and the man. Maybe Will you look strange, but maybe it moves HIS heart and start thinking about the power That changed with you. If you do sin Publicly, Which Influenced the thinking of many people with the need to Publicly Apologize and Confess error. You need never forget that our behavior affects That the view of Jesus Christ, and thus the fate of others. We are thus Responsible for Them.

Reformation in food and diet

I was Shown That the Principles Which we have been given in days Earlier today are so Important That we should look at Them just as truly as before. There are some Who have never driven light by the board in question. Now is the time we pulled out from under kbelce shine light years and HIS clear penetrating rays. (CD 23)

Snake god for people in the world's creation plan. - "God gave us to eat cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. To prepare Them as simply as possible, are particularly healthy and nutritious." (E.G.White - Life Happiness vol. 69-70).

1 Eat foods in Their natural state as possible. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables, Especially dark colors. Dark products are the healthiest and most nutritious. Animal products can replace whole wheat flour and nuts. Stop eating just before you feel full. Generally recommended, wait at Least 5-6 hours before your next meal, eat at regular times each loop day and not eat anything Between meals. Avoid eating after 18:00.

Sometimes it is best to eat only twice a day. In the early Middle Ages people ate twice a day, from 11 century, Usually three times a day. The habit of eating Between the two main meals (snacks) only appeared in the last century and Became Commonplace. At the Same Time greatly expanded civilization diseases. Experience in Reducing Clinics That showed the number of meals to two a day has proven beneficial to Be in treating diseases of civilization. (Greek Philosophers Considered the People Who Eat More than twice a day That Barbara.)

Poorly Prepared food weakens the Organs in Which blood is formed. The points then there is chaos, Which leads to nausea. Man is edgy and has a bad temper. Avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine, Avoid chocolate, spices, mustard, vinegar, highly processed and refined foods like white flour and sugar, and livestock products.

Use natural anti-viral herbs and foods: Thyme, sage, rosemary, garlic, ginger, onions, strawberries, and sprouts. Beneficial natural products are Also Supporting the immune system.

2nd All Processes in our body need water. Water was Also Used successfully as a therapeutic agent. During the day we should drink two to three liters of clean water.

3 Do not smoke or drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Recent studies have Shown That's already mild moderate alcohol use Causes and Lessening of the brain. Caffeine is another substance That Prevents clear thinking. One study found That Participants Were Able Although the over-dose of caffeine to write faster, and yet made it the five-times more errors. Caffeine stimulates, but does not Contribute to a healthy and sober reflection.

4 Exercise at Least 20-30 minutes a day, preferably in the fresh air and sunshine. If it is not enough sun, use a quality supplement of vitamin D.

5 Sleep at Least 6-8 hours every night. The best time is before midnight. The greatest beneficial effect achieved Can Be When You go to bed around nine. If you save to sleep about nine hours and When sleeping in the dark, your body Will Be Able to enjoy before midnight, melatonin levels rise rapidly. In the morning you can wake up early and Able to catch a lot of work.

6 Relax, be happy and trust in God. His Means are the best! Whether you encounter anything in life, trust God That Will Lead You That You Will not age anything you Would not the bad and everything Seems to good use Eventually. Sing and praise God, because the the song can work wonders with the human mind and Encourage Your Heart.

Those Who Know When Their faults, They Will have the courage to change Their Habits, they'll know That the correction Requires a great struggle and perseverance. Once the person creating the right environment in Eating Habits, Recognize That the consumption of foods That Were Previously regarded as harmless, Develop Slowly, but surely, the Basis of poor digestion and other ailments. (9T 158-160)

Reformation of clothing

1.Timoteova 2.9 - For Women Whether modified decorate clothing, modestly and sensible, no noticeable hair and gold or pearls or expensive Gowns, but with good Deeds, as befits women's Who profess Godliness.

How anyone can Satisfy with worthlessness and shallowness of fashion When ever tasted the love of Christ? What hurts my heart to see the life of Those Who claim to follow a quiet and humble Savior, and yet with Keen to keep up with the level of Secular clothing. Despite Their religious piety with Almost impossible to distinguish Theme from unbelievers. Rejoice in the Godly life. Their lives and money are Devoted to Eccentric clothing.

Regarding the Reformation entertainment

We live in a time of unprecedented desire for entertainment. Excessive debauchery and extravagance everywhere prevails. Crowds of eager for amusement. Thinking weakens and atrophies Because it is not accustomed to ponder, study or discipline. As a result, They are foolish Desires. God Requires That every soul was educated, clean, noble and tempered. They are Often Sacrificed Valuable targets for the presentation of fashion and casual use. (MYP 357)

Each Fun When You can pray in faith for a blessing, it is safe. However, any entertainment That Will Prevent private prayer, deprives you of Devotion, or keep you from prayer meeting, is dangerous. (CT 337)

Lovers still play Entertaining theater, horse racing and casinos. Everywhere Reigns fun and excitement to the extreme, but the hour of trial is coming to an end soon and everything Will Be decided forever. Satan knows HIS time is already close. He put all resources in Their order to deceive people and sophisticated That it took something and charmed, pending the day of the test of grace and doors closed forever. "DA 636, ChS 51 (See also FE 335).

Now you need to show continuous resisting evil. The whole heavens are interested in men and women, Which he valued with God That He gave His Beloved Son to die and Redeem Them. (IHP 195)

"Every weak, and struggling person Doubting Who fully surrender to God, enter into direct relationship with the forces Which enable him to gain victory. It Will Be Closer To Heaven, and in each loop test and get emergency support and assistance of Angels of Mercy . "(AA 298-9)

"Serious fact Has To Be Remembered only the people of the world, but our own congregations Also, Day That The Lord Will Come suddenly, unexpectedly." FE 336th

"When Will the grace period end, it comes suddenly, unexpectedly - at a time When everyone's Least expected. But today we can have a clean record in heaven and know That God HAS ADOPTED us ...." 7BC 989th

FOR EACH member of the Church the world still emit light with That people not to have to ask: What people in these symbols differently Than others? Should and must result in termination of assimilation to the world and Also Avoid to occur all evil, not given a scoffer no excuse. (1SM 121)

The revival of true Godliness is our most urgent need. This effort is our primary work. We Strive to truly Receiving God's blessing, not Because God Would Not Be willing to give us your blessing, but Because we are not ready to accept Them. Our heavenly Father is more willing to give HIS Holy Spirit to Those Who ask Him for it if Than Earthly parents give good gifts to your children. But our task is through faith, Humility, Repentance and sincere prayer That the conditions under Which God promised to grant us HIS blessing. The Recovery Can Be Expected only in answer to prayer. (1SM 121)

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