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What is spiritualism and the occult?

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What is spiritualism and the occult?

Added: 05.09.2011
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Spiritualism teaches that the spirits of the deceased can make the connection with people through the media. Media are speaking, writing, drawing, healing, etc.

According to Scripture, it is known that the "immortal soul" does not exist, they are not spirits of the dead, but they are manifestations of the fallen (the devil) angel

Ecclesiastes 9.5 - the living know that they must die, but the dead know nothing. No retaliation is already unable to gain even the mere memory of them perished.

Psychics themselves are deceived if they believe that through the media talking spirits of deceased people.

The first snake was a medium

The snake was the smartest of all creatures and evil because it used an intermediary, "medium" and through him brought a man to sin.

Genesis 3:1-6 - The smartest of all the field animals the LORD God had made. The woman said: "Indeed God has forbidden you to eat from any tree in the garden?" "Fruit trees in the garden we may eat," the woman answered the snake. "But the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, 'Do not eat of it nor touch it, otherwise you die."' On the serpent said to the woman: "You will not die! But God knows that as soon eat thereof of the tree, open you eyes and you will be like God: you will know good and evil. "When the woman saw that the tree was good for food and tempting to look at a tree desirable to acquire understanding, took of its fruit and ate. She and her husband, who was with her, and he also ate.

The Devil also originator of the doctrine of the immortality of man ("immortal soul") This false doctrine already preached the first people to "die, but ye shall be as gods ..."

It is a doctrine of Satan, says if that death is real death, but it's sort of transition in life. Unfortunately, this teaching is believed nearly all religions, including some Christian denominations.

When Satan managed to seduce people into sin, no longer need to communicate with people through the lower creatures, but at all times that used by people who had consciously or unconsciously went into his hands.

Scripture forbids divination and calling spirits

A) But seek the dead

Isaiah 8.19 - Sure you say, "Ask the seers and Ducharme, who whisper and twitter." It does not ask people their God? That the dead to live?

We therefore ask the dead, but God Himself. If we know that the dead know nothing and the people, despite the explicit prohibition of God inquiring spirits of the dead, then comes the devil and spirits of people become victims of dangerous and fatal delusions.

B) No oracles and soothsayers

Deuteronomy 18,9-12 - When you go into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to act upon those nations hideous ways. Whether you find the one to your son or daughter made fire! Likewise, no seer, soothsayer, soothsayers, magician, snake, auctioneer spirits, clairvoyant nor one who consults the dead. Anyone who commits such a thing is sickening to the Lord! Precisely because of such abominations the LORD thy God hath cast out before you.

Already the people of Israel from the LORD had commanded to suffer between Oracle and the wizards.

Today they are but just some Christians who seek the magicians and diviners, and even they resort to spiritistic seance.

C) Israel King Saul died because of the direct advice of your God resorted to the psychic - medium

When God left Saul for his sin, Saul went to consult with "the spirit of the oracle." He walked by night to the oracle of Endor and asked her to rise to his deceased prophet Samuel, to be able to cope with it. Oracle is seemingly able to produce "spirit" of the deceased prophet. In fact, it was not his spirit, but it was Satan, who has taken the form of a prophet, and imitated his voice.

The whole story is written in the Bible: 1 Samuel 28,3-19

Satan has a power to transform even the angel of light and therefore quite easy to imitate as well as characteristics of the deceased, as it was in this case. 2nd Corinthians. 11.14

In Saul's case, and even today as Satan and his fallen angels are used as a powerful tool of its deception and the truth sometimes.

Evidenced by the verses 1 Samuel 28,15-19. Mj. Saul was a "spirit" announced that he and his sons will die the next day. And so it happened. But Saul was killed just because they conferred with the "prophetic spirit" ...

1 Chronicles 10,13-14 - So Saul died because he betrayed the Lord. Ignored because of his word, and even went so far as to consult with a prophetic spirit, rather than consult with the Lord.

Spiritualism today

a) Modern spiritualism originated in the 19th century, the Fox family house in Hydesville. In the presence of Fox's two daughters in the house came the sort of knocking, which aroused their attention. The questions could be heard more knocking in response. Since that time, spiritualism spread throughout the world.

b) Land for the expansion of the Church and spiritualism have prepared a spread of pagan doctrine of the "immortality of the human soul." It is in churches with spiritualism and the occult spread like wildfire. In many cases, their own spiritual or admit to the doctrines of spiritualism, which linked to it.

c) Spiritualism is twofold: speculative and religious. In a speculative, where the money mediate various responses, there are many simple deception and craftiness. The consequence is that many think that the whole spiritism is a scam. This does not correspond to reality.

d) The most prevalent religious spiritualism

Sessions usually begin with prayer and Scripture reading and sometimes (!). Only then comes some of the so-called trance medium - or, in fact, it enters into the spirit of the devil (demon, fallen angel)

And because many predictions can fill are spiritualists believe that it is learning from God and that's the best way, after which mankind has to go. God's word to us, however, clearly and expressly states that it is devilish doctrine.

Acts 16,16-18 - Once, when we went to pray, we met a slave who had a spirit of divination and brought her masters huge profits by forecasting the future. She started for Paul and for us to walk and cried: "These men are servants of the Most High God! Announce to you the way of salvation! "When it took many days, Paul could no longer bear it, so he turned and said to himself:" I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of it! "At that moment he was gone.

Girl, which is a message in these verses, the apostles spoke nothing wrong, while talking about them the truth, and yet the spirit spoke through her diabolical. So also was immediately put an end to its operations, the spirit, which was dominated, not identified with the Spirit, in whose name the apostles worked.

The road to perdition

Spiritualism leads people to destruction, because it is denied and the distortion of redemption in Jesus Christ.

According to the teachings of spiritualism are all men be saved and even the devil himself. Who lived here badly, will have the opportunity sustain his guilt in life, and eventually it becomes a perfect being.

This teaching is in direct contradiction with the words of Christ: "He who believes will be saved who believe will be condemned".

Spiritualists also reject the teaching of Scripture about angels and claim they are spirits of the dead, do not believe in resurrection, even though the Bible addresses the faithful just hope for resurrection.

What is occultism?

Occult means - mysterious and hidden. Occultism is therefore sometimes referred to as "mysterious science" because it deals with the mysterious, supernatural things. This is not a science in any strict sense, but merely further manifestations of spiritual influence of fallen beings (Satanic forces).

The occult is hypnosis, telepathy, astrology, clairvoyance, etc ...

It is a place for direct action of the spiritual powers that are hostile to God and people. Jesus predicted that in the last days many will do great miracles and wonders, so as to deceive even the elect if that were possible. Matthew 24,24-25

Spiritualism and occultism brings both men to eternal death, but also many changes, destroys them and brings to physicians who do not help them.

Conclusion: Beware of occultism and spiritualism!

Do not read books that deal with these issues, certainly not participating seance. Mnoho people on their curiosity and suffered the consequences are feeling today. This includes many young people from visiting the session as feeling restless, have bad dreams at night seeing spiritual beings, etc. The only way out of these problems is JESUS ​​CHRIST! Let's keep the Bible as the sole source of benchmark describing the one true GOD and put on the full armor of God - Ephesians 6.11 -17.

Ephesians 6,11-12 - Put on the whole armor of God so that you can stand the devil's wiles. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the governments and powers world rulers present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

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