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Satan's final deception, simulating the arrival of Jesus Christ

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Satan's final deception, simulating the arrival of Jesus Christ

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All Bible prophecy being fulfilled and suggest that our world is at the end of their history. Current world events indicates that we are in the last days of this world and our job is to prepare for our encounter with God. Therefore carefully study the Word of God, to understand what will soon happen in this world.

The Bible warns us against imitation coming of Jesus Christ?

The Bible warns us that before Jesus Christ comes again to this world, Satan tries to make his ultimate scam. Attempts to fool all the believers and unbelievers, imitating Christ's coming. Satan will come in great glory of this world, we will be unthinkable. It's something the human eye has seen. People will call back to Christ and fall at his feet. Satan in the form of Christ will quote his remarks, miracles and heal people. It will reveal a number of places in this world and deceive many.

2,3-12 Thessalonians - Do not let anyone deceive in any way. Until that day comes, there needs to be turned away from God. They must discover the wicked and reprobate, who opposes and exalteth himself above all that what it says and what God is worshiped. Settle even in God's temple and will issue a God! Do you not remember how I told you when I was still with you? You know what prevents him yet - may in fact occur until that time. The secret of this wickedness, but it works, just waiting for it to disappear the obstacle.

When it appears that Wicked, Jesus destroy him the breath of his mouth, destroying its brightness it coming. The advent of the wicked will become Satan's activity, all the false powers, wonders and miracles. With all the folly is to deceive those who are heading to disaster, because he did not love the truth, which could save. Therefore, the issue over to God delusion to believe lies. So they sentenced all those who believe the truth but had pleasure in infamy.

It will promote the papal Sunday as a day of rest in the right place Biblical Sabbath. Breaks great hardship and persecution of the faithful who remain faithful to God and will keep his law.

Revelation 12.17 - Then the dragon was angry at his wife and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep God's commandments and have the testimony of Jesus.

Daniel 7.25 - Will speech against the Most High, the saints will be wrong and try to change the times and rules. Saints will be given into his hands for a time and times and half a time.

Someone talking about an early end of the world, the coming of Christ?

Needless to write about the mystical year 2012 which is literally interwoven with the various prophecies about the end of the world, the transition into the spiritual being, to transform mankind for the better, transforming the age of Aquarius. All this should be accompanied by apocalyptic events. Is this really what we are talking and writing. Even on national TV, we are served papers on UFOs, crop circles, which refer to the Mayan civilization, and 2012, the return of the Godhead.

In the U.S. and a group of Christians who travel by land with trucks and heralds early arrival of doomsday. Even they are so precise that they have chosen the date of Judgement Day May 21, 2011. I imagine that after the failure, people will be disappointed and lose interest in the real coming of Jesus Christ. See. or

The so-called Maitreya the Christ, who, according to Representative Benjamin Creamy New Age will soon reveal to the world. It should be a teacher of nations, the master of masters. It would help bring peace and harmony in our world. People go through so-called transition and will instead live a spiritually materialistic. They say now Maitreya gives interviews on television around the world. Waiting for just the so-called Declaration Day, when Maitreya comes officially into the world to help bring peace and love.

Friends hour day or the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, nobody knows, in the Bible we have this fact clearly pointed out.

Mark 13,32-33 - The day and hour no one knows - not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father. Be careful, be watchful. We do not know when that time comes.

All of these mystical date of the world, dates the arrival of Jesus Christ is Satan's deception to make us mad, confused and deceived. It prepares you for the way his final deception, simulating the arrival of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible we are given the facts, but what will happen before the Lord Jesus Christ will return for his faithful. So we know that, right before the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ will be staged simulated. Satan will try to tear down all on his side, on the final deception against God and His law. Believe that this error is quickly approaching, Satan has prepared everything perfectly. It is up to God, when Satan will allow for fully manifested, came as an angel of light and deceive the whole world. Study the script now, let us repent and seek God with all your heart. Get ready, let us not be fooled.

What will look right coming of Jesus Christ?

Remember that the Bible clearly describes how it will look right coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Will it all, at one point. Will need to do any television and other media resources, we saw him. Jesus' second coming to us not descend to the ground, but the faithful will be caught up to meet the Lord. The dead will rise from the grave and be captivated with the faithful live in the clouds to meet the Lord.

Matthew 24.27 - The advent of the Son of Man comes like lightning - light up the sky from east to west.

Luke 17.24 - as if lightning lights up the country from one end of the sky to another, so will the Son of man in his day.

Revelation 1,7 - Behold, it comes with clouds and every eye shall see him, even those who pierced him. All the tribes of the earth for him cry. Yes, truly.

1 Thessalonians 4,16-18 - You will hear a rousing command, the voice of the archangel and the trump of God, the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven and the first time the dead in Christ shall rise. We live together with them caught in the clouds to meet the Lord, then we'll be with the Lord forever. Encourage each other with these words.

God has warned us by Ellen Gould White's arrival on the imitation of Jesus Christ?

Satan will impersonate Christ - I

Luke 21.8 - "Be careful not to be led astray," he said. "Many shall come in my name, saying, 'I am the Messiah!" A time has come! " Do not go after them. (Bible21)

At this age, the Antichrist appears as the true Christ, and then the law of God in the nations of the world completely abolished. Rebellion against God's holy Law is fully mature. But the true leader of this whole rebellion is Satan, disguised as an angel of light. People will be deceived and exalted him to the place of God and declare him a god. However, the omnipotence of those hits and apostate churches, which combine the exaltation of Satan, the verdict: "That's why one day come to his wounds, death, and crying with hunger, and be burned with fire: for strong is the Lord who is he that condemns." (TM 62)

Disguised as an angel of light, it will (Satan) to walk the earth as a miracle worker. Beautiful language will make a noble idea. Will speak kind words and perform good deeds. It will masquerade as Christ, but at one point will be a distinct difference. Satan will keep people from the law of God. (FE 471472)

It will claim that the Sabbath was changed from the seventh to the first day of the week, and as a master on the first day of the week will present this Saturday for a false test of loyalty to him. (MS 153, 1902)

It is impossible to give an idea of ​​the experience of God's people, living on earth, which will mix the heavenly glory and renewed persecution, as we know from the past. They walk in the light rising from the throne of God. Through the angels between heaven and earth permanent connection. And Satan, who will be surrounded by evil angels, and will be claiming to be God, the miracles of all kinds, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. God's people can not find their certainty in the operation of miracles, for Satan imitates the miracles that will be made. God tested and tried people find their strength in a sign of where it says in Exodus 31,12-18. They occupy their positions on the living word "is written." This is the only basis on which they can become safe. (9T 16)

Satan will impersonate Christ - II.

2nd Corinthians 11.14 - And no wonder, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light! (Bible21)

Satan is preparing his fraud so that in its last war campaign against the people of God was not identified them. "And no wonder. For Satan himself transforms into an angel of light. "... Satan will do everything in his power to God's people distressed, tried and fought.

Those who dared to stand against our Lord, and tempt and tease him, which had the power to take it on their arms and give the pinnacle of the temple and at a very high mountain, one will strangely exercise its power to the current generation, that is, in terms of wisdom, far below than the Lord and that is almost completely ignorant of Satan's cunning and strength.

Wonders a way to impress those who are naturally inclined to do his bidding. (MYP 51.52)

He will come disguised as Christ and will do mighty wonders. And people will fall down and worship him as Jesus Christ.

We will be telling us to worship the creature that the world will be celebrated as Christ. What should we do? Tell them that Christ warns us against just such an opponent who is the worst enemy of man, but claims to be God. And when Christ is revealed, it will be with power and great glory, accompanied by angels in the number of hundred thousand thousands and ten hundred thousand, and that when it comes, we know His voice. (6BC 1105.1106)

There comes a time when Satan will do wonders right before your eyes, claims to be Christ. And if your feet are not firmly stablished in the truth of God, then you will be led astray from their base. (7BC 911)

Satan is determined to continue the fight until the end. Come as an angel of light and claims to be Christ, rips the world. But his triumph will be short. No storm or thunderstorm can not move those whose feet are firmly built on the principles of eternal truth. They are capable of competing at that time almost universal apostasy. (6BC 1106)

Satanic wonders - I

Matthew 24.24 - arise false messiahs and false prophets, and will do great signs and wonders, so to deceive (if possible) even the elect. (Bible21)

The enemy is prepared to deceive the whole world with her Magical power. It will pretend to be an angel of light, will be issued for Jesus Christ. (2SM 96)

So far as he extends his power to perform real miracles. Scripture says, "and seduces those who dwell on earth, those miracles, which caused her to do," (Revelation 13,14) ie not only those miracles, which pretends to do. In this passage is introduced something more than mere fraud. However, the threshold at which Satan can not go, and there used to its aid fraud and faking work that is not in his power to actually implement. In recent days, reveal a way to get people to believe that Christ is the second time přišlým the world. Indeed, he is transformed into an angel of light. (5T 698)

He will come disguised as Christ, will be mighty miracles. And people will fall down and worship him as Jesus Christ. We will be telling us to worship the creature that the world will be celebrated as Christ. (RH 18 December 1888) Just before us is "the hour of temptation that has come upon all the world to be tried by the inhabitants of the earth." (Revelation 3:10) All those whose faith is strongly borne out by the word of God, will be drained and overwhelmed. Satan's work "with all manner of fraud iniquity," to achieve control of the sons of man, and his deceptions will continue to grow.

However, their goals can be achieved only when people voluntarily succumbing to the temptation. Those who sincerely seek the truth and the reputation of all the forces trying to purify their souls through obedience, thus doing what they can to prepare for a fight, find a safe haven to God truth. "Thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also keep thee" (verse 10), the Savior's promise. Rather, all angels sent from heaven to protect His people, rather than leaving a single soul that hopes in Him, to overcome Satan. (GC 560)

Satanic wonders - II.

Revelation 13.13 - he does great wonders, has it even the sight of men came down fire from heaven to earth. (Bible21)

As people of God closer dangers recent days, consult with Satan and his angels really a successful plan to destroy their faith. He sees that the popular churches are already lulled his underwater power in sleep. Beguiling false teachings and false miracles can still keep it under control. Therefore, orders his angels to put their snares especially for those who expect the Second Coming of Christ and try to keep all the commandments of God. (TM 472)

We are warned in recent days will work miracles and lying wonders. And we will continue these miracles until completion of the test (ie the period of grace), so that they could point to as proof that he is an angel of light, not darkness. (RH 17 November 1885)

Satan comes to deceive, if it were possible, even the elect. He declares that Christ is coming and, pretending to be a great medical missionary. Will the fire came down from heaven in the sight of people to prove that he is God. (87.88 MM)

They are the devil's false miracles, which throws the world into captivity. Satan will cause the fire came down from heaven in the sight of people. It will work miracles, and this miraculous power working wonders to engulf the entire world. (2SM 51)

Some will be tempted to accept these as miracles from God. They healed the sick in front of us. Before our very eyes will do wonders. We are ready to test, which we expect to be lying wonders of Satan to play itself out? Not many souls trapped in a snare and captured? Clear deviation from the statutes and commandments of God and affection in the minds of many fables are prepared to accept those false miracles. We must now all work to be armed for combat, which must soon attend. Faith in God's word, prayerfully studied and put into practice, will be our shield from Satan's power and brings us through the blood of Christ to win. (1T 302)

God's people tested

Matthew 7.22, -23 - Many of you will say in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? We not cast out demons in Your name? We did not in your name many miracles? " And then they clearly say, 'I never knew you. Depart from me ye who commit evil! " (Bible21)

Do not be misled. He soon made his marvelous scenes, which will be closely linked to Satan. God's Word declares that Satan will do wonders. Makes people sick, and then suddenly withdraw them from their evil power. They then considered to be healed. These acts of apparent cure subjected to the Seventh-day Adventists test. Many have received great light, do not walk in this light, it is becoming one with Christ. (2SM 53)

I saw our people in great distress, weeping and praying, invoking God's promise of reliable, while the wicked were everywhere around us, mocking us and threatening to destroy us. They made fun of our weaknesses, grinning to the fact that we are few in number and by taunting us with the intent to hurt deeply. They accused us that against the entire rest of the world stand for an independent opinion. Cut off our resources so that we can not buy or sell, and pointed to our deep poverty and poor condition. They could not understand how we could live without the world.

We were dependent on the world, and we must allow the customs, practices and laws, or be led forth from it. If we only people in the world, whom the Lord granted the favor, so why is everything so clearly against us? Claiming that they are right, the wonders that were among them, the angels of heaven with them and had talked with community. That is reflected in their midst a great power, wonders and miracles, and that this is the early millennium, they have so long expected. That the world is reversed in accordance with the law on Sunday, and the small, weak people are opposed, despite the country's laws and the laws of God and claims to be the only faithful people on earth. (Letter 6, 1884)

God's people find their security in dealing miracles, for Satan to mimic any miracle which could be done. ... They have to rely on the living word - "it is written." (2SM 55)

God's people of winning

God's people will hear a clear, pleasant voice: "Look!" When you look up to heaven, they see a rainbow of promise. Black, ominous clouds conceal the sky and divides God's people will look intently into the sky as it once was Stephen, and they see the glory of God and Son of man sitting on the throne of God. On his body, notice the signs of his affliction, as well as the angels hear the petition designated the Father: "Father, I want also to those whom thou hast given me be with me where I am." (John 17.24) Again, sounds delicious and a triumphant voice: "They come! Coming! Saints, innocent and untainted. Kept my word, and endured, because they live among the angels." The pale and trembling lips of people who have held fast to their faith, you will hear exclamation of triumph.

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