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Biblical Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology

The world were discovered amazing Biblical archaeological discoveries, which clearly point to the authenticity of the Bible. They point out that the Bible is God-inspired font.

I think the Biblical Archaeology is primarily intended for people who have no experience with Christianity. You can see the tangible evidence and go the right way.

Those who have faith and know your Bible, you can archeology through his faith deepened and strengthened.

Biblical Archaeology are facts that are intended to strengthen faith in the late history of the world. It is intended for the last time that people learned about the Biblical truths of Jesus Christ.

I can confirm from my own experience and the experience of people in my neighborhood, the Biblical Archaeology can awaken and arouse interest in the Bible.

Keep in mind that these very Biblical archaeological discoveries of the belief and not good enough to these findings too clamped. You must seek truth in the Bible and let God lead.

Many opponents of these findings argue that the points on which these findings are non-existent. All the facts and the evidence accumulated over many years are false and a mere fabrication.

I can assure you that all these places exist and was visited by many people around the world.

When it was fake Biblical Archaeology, spread the world like lightning. Spread the world as quickly as any falsehood, lies, guilt, anger and pride. But since it is true, nobody wants to know the truth, truth without verifying trying to trample her.

Biblical Archaeology - Articles on the map

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Noah's Ark was found, confirming the Turkish government

1_archa_noemova.jpg The Turkish government has carried out research with archaeologists at the site of Noah's Ark in the mountains of Ararat. Research confirmed the age-old Ron Wyatt and his colleagues. Founded on ...
Added: 22.07.2010
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Forbbiden Pictures Revealed - Did Ron Wyatt tell the truth?

683_dr_david_kim_david_gates_biblicka_archeologie.jpg David Gates interviews Dr. David Kim, who made 12 trips behind military fences in Saudi Arabia and climbed Mt. Sinai to collect evidence of a Red Sea crossing. Amazing photos and ...
Added: 28.05.2015
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Video - Ark of the Covenant found - Ron Wyatt's findings

440_truhla_smlouvy.jpg Listen to report on the ark of the covenant, which in 586 BC has disappeared and only until now, after more than 2500 years was found. What was so special about ...
Added: 02.06.2011
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Refidim - water from the rock altar - the real Mount Sinai

376_1_horeb_rock.jpg Exodus 17,1-2 - The entire Israeli community then by word of the LORD pulled out of the wilderness of Sin on the next trip. However, when camped in Rephidim, there was ...
Added: 11.03.2011
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Jebel el Lawz - Right Mount Sinai, archaeological findings

328_01_vrchol_hory_sinaj.jpg In a previous article on Mount Sinai, we are told that the true Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia. This site guides lead both Biblical and archaeological discoveries on this site. ...
Added: 04.02.2011
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Lecture - Dr. Mehmet Salih Bayraktutan PhD - Noah's Ark

327_dr_salih_mehmet_bayraktutan_phd_archa_noemova.jpg Dr. Mehmet Salih Bayraktutan PhD in 1987, along with Dr. Ekrem Akurgalem (now deceased) worked for the Turkish government, together with R. Wyatt, and research on the discovery of Noah's ark. ...
Added: 03.02.2011
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Right Mount Sinai - Jebel el Lawz was found in Arabia

306_sinai.jpg After what Ron Wyatt discovered the place of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba Gulf is now clear that Mount Sinai can not be located on the Sinai peninsula, ...
Added: 10.01.2011
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Sodom and Gomorrah - a unique layered ash and sulfur

231_sodoma_gomora_budova.jpg Many try to argue, rebut, challenge those wonderful biblical findings. It claims that in nature in many places is pure sulfur. Yes, I agree in the nature around the world are ...
Added: 05.11.2010
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The Exodus Conspiracy - a film about the Biblical truths

183_timmahoneyonaltar1.jpg The film, The Exodus Conspiracy are pointing to biblical truth. New Project Title: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. The first part was already broadcast, in the Czech Republic, it was playing on ...
Added: 19.10.2010
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Sodom and Gomorrah - Flavius Josephus, Jewish War

176_flavius_josephus.jpg Who was Flavius Josephus? Iosephus or Josephus was born around the year 37/38 in Jerusalem, died around the year 100 in Rome. The original name Joseph Ben Matitjahu. He was a scholar ...
Added: 13.10.2010
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Exodus - Bible mentioned Pihahiroth and Baalzephon

169_pichirot_tarabeen.jpg PiHahiroth and BaalZephon Nuweiba is an acronym for Nuwayba'al Muzayyinah in Arabic, which means "open water Moses. You can look at the gallery on the map, which shows the full name of ...
Added: 08.10.2010
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Video - Exodus, crossing the Red Sea

153_pdvd_040.jpg Exodus, the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. In this video, you will learn where the actual crossing the Red Sea, the people of Israel. They found the remains of the army ...
Added: 29.09.2010
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Exodus - Nuweiba

142_beach.jpg Nuweiba (Arabic: نويبع) is a coastal town in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. Nuweiba is an acronym for Nuwayba'al Muzayyinah in ...
Added: 29.09.2010
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Exodus - As artifacts could survive for 3,500 years?

112_exodus_kolo.jpg How is it possible that artifacts could keep the sea for 3,500 years until now? What is a coral and where it occurs? Coral is a sign for some marine cnidarians. Coral is ...
Added: 27.09.2010
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Discovery of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

29_1_sodom_and-gomorrah.jpg Sodom and Gomorrah, Biblical cities destroyed by brimstone. Everyone knows the adage certainly Sodom Gomorrah, when talking about something very shameful. Where did this saying originate, originated by chance or have a ...
Added: 20.09.2010
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25 items, 2 Site to top back forward the end - Biblical archaeological finds that were exposed to the world and clearly show the authenticity of the Bible.