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Discovery of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

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Discovery of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

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Sodom and Gomorrah, Biblical cities destroyed by brimstone.

Everyone knows the adage certainly Sodom Gomorrah, when talking about something very shameful. Where did this saying originate, originated by chance or have a solid foundation? This expression can not cause it happens but from the book, which is called the Bible.

Sodom and Gomorrah and three other cities ADMA, Zoar, Cebojim was destroyed by the Bible God's power for their perversion. This city was destroyed as a warning to future generations. All these wicked cities were destroyed by the Bible as sulfur, completely turned into ashes.

At the end of the history of the world, was discovered the city that was destroyed by sulfur, as it is written in the Bible. All five of these cities were located near the Dead Sea. Discoveries are truly amazing. Clearly point to the authenticity of the biblical story, which points to the unlimited power of God. God this town for us to keep up to date, as a warning to today's perverse society. The same fate that befell Sodom and Gomorrah awaits this world.

Finding of these cities, we can clarify the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and you confirm its authenticity. The story of the cities destroyed by brimstone is not just a myth but a fact.

For years it has found the building, were regarded as creations of nature. Despite the fact that those sites are located near roads, civilized places. For example, Gomorrah is located beneath the fortress of Masada, which is on a rocky cliff. From this fortress, is a fascinating look at the whole Gomorrah, its buildings and streets. Despite a decent total availability of these cities they would go unnoticed. Sodom is a mountain of Sodom, which is so named after the many thousands of years until today.

Is there any evidence that the sites are indeed found the remains of Biblical cities?

Across the site, buildings are whitish ash and is littered with literally millions of sulfur balls. Outside these locations, no sulfur and ash balls were found. Was analyzed, it is a patch of ash and sulfur balls. Sulfur balls were found containing 90-95% sulfur. Nature is so pure sulfur in a quantity not appear anywhere in the world.

Were found in buildings, walls, Ziguraty, Sphinx. All these buildings are completely out of the ashes pierced large amounts of sulfur balls. In these localities were found bones from the ashes, were discovered samples of molten iron and gold.

Who discovered the lost city?

Ron Wyatt passed the Dead Sea for twelve years, until 1989, on one of these trips he took the white bodies of special shapes along the Dead Sea. These services have reminded him of the city walls and houses. They reminded him of buildings that had been created by human hands.

Ron went to the lost city with colleagues and explore these findings. He handed a clear testimony that this is a Biblical town. Over the years, visited the site many people from around the world. Has been repeatedly analyzed sulfur and ash balls. It was a lot of processed materials, videos, Web sites and books.

The Czech Republic, visited the site, Mr. Milan Latka, brought the sulfur ball and had to do a detailed analysis in the laboratory. Verified for the Czech nation, that these sites really exist, and findings are true. You can see everything on the Web

How is it possible that the city has survived to this day?

Face of the city are preserved due to low rainfall in this area. In this area are minimal rainfall (5 cm / year). The intermittent rain made the surface of buildings from the ashes of a hard surface, with the result that the city preserved until today. When would be rainfall in these places more, the city was utterly destroyed, dissolved by rain. When the collision was minor, the crust on the surface of buildings and created the city would be destroyed by wind.

Flavius Josephus testimony, Jewish War.

Flavius Josephus (37-100 lived around AD) - in his book The Jewish War, the fourth book in the eighth chapter describes the area of asphalt (Dead) Lake, where they emerge on the surface of asphalt lumps. Describes the length of the lake, which stretches to the Arab Zoar. It talks about the five ruined cities and ashes, which he saw there. In times of Flavia places were ruined cities clearly known.

The Bible is a book inspired by our Creator!

Through these archaeological discoveries, we can confirm that the Bible is a book tales, but really a book in which there are historical facts. The Bible is a book inspired by our Creator.

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