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Supernatural, UFO

Supernatural, UFO

Today's world is devoured by all sorts of supernatural phenomena and spiritism. Is it really possible to communicate with the deceased? Is there a UFO, what is its origin? Why does the Virgin Mary appears? Are these phenomena Bible, or downspouts and deception of people and Satan?

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False Messiah New Age and Maitrea

280_jezis_vs_lucifer_1.jpg "New Age" with these words, since 1984 increasingly encountered in all newspapers and news programs. Humanity longs for, because this is no longer on earth with us last. Something must happen. ...
Added: 26.11.2010
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What is spiritualism and the occult?

473_spiritismus_okultismus.jpg Spiritualism teaches that the spirits of the deceased can make the connection with people through the media. Media are speaking, writing, drawing, healing, etc. According to Scripture, it is known that the ...
Added: 05.09.2011
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Why the escalating supernatural apparitions throughout the world?

355_ufo_china.jpg The world-wide escalation of various paranormal experiences, phenomena and spiritualism. There is no doubt that they are not fictions, but the fact that people are not able to explain. Some of ...
Added: 15.02.2011
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To serve the Mayans, the designated end of the world by 2012?

311_mayan_pyramid_and_calendar.jpg This issue certainly challenged anyone who cares about this issue. We must recognize the forces that are in this world. It is God - love, the ruler of the universe, but ...
Added: 12.01.2011
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Apparitions of the Virgin Mary - the truth about the Marian apparitions

267_pope_virgin_marie.jpg Today, the Catholic Church is the phenomenon of apparitions of the Virgin Mary, weeping statues, healing springs. These places have become a pilgrimage site and visited by millions of believers worldwide. ...
Added: 16.11.2010
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What is a UFO and aliens who are?

110_ufo.jpg Who are the aliens and UFO? Today, many people have not considered the question of whether they are aliens, but the question of who they are. UFOs are a reality, extending deep into ...
Added: 23.09.2010
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Video - Messages from Heaven, apparitions of the Virgin Mary

87_zjeveni_panny_marie_1.jpg Today, the Catholic Church is the phenomenon of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. We can not deny this fact, since this revelation has been shown in many places around the world. What ...
Added: 08.09.2010
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Paranormal experiences

66_nadprirozene_zazitky.jpg Do you have paranormal experiences? Moves you home painting, photo of their deceased relatives? Do you feel that you wanted to speak with a contact person who is no longer among the ...
Added: 11.08.2010
Views: 178023x - And supernatural phenomena. Are real or is it a scam and a lie?