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Sodom and Gomorrah - a unique layered ash and sulfur

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Sodom and Gomorrah - a unique layered ash and sulfur

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Many try to argue, rebut, challenge those wonderful biblical findings. It claims that in nature in many places is pure sulfur. Yes, I agree in the nature around the world are many sites where there is pure sulfur. Like in Java, where it is mined large pieces of local crystalline sulfur from volcanoes. But it is important to examine how sulfur is found in nature, what is its composition and purity. And then this really compare with samples from the sulfur found cities.

In nature, pure sulfur in a volcano, but not in the form of fine sulfur dust pressed. The volcanoes are located, crystalline sulfur of high purity, calm and 99%.

Sulfur, which was found in places all five cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Cebojim, Adma, Zoar, in fine powder compressed into a sphere in a burnt capsule. Sulfur is found with a purity up to 98%. There have been many sulfur analysis of samples throughout the world. All experts who were able to test the sulfur stated that the samples are completely unique. Tests can be viewed in the gallery.

When she was tested for sulfur content of Sodom in the state testing laboratory in the Czech Republic, lady lecturer said that pure sulfur saw this tip called ferrosulphur, which is a compound of two elements, and there was a purity of only 46% of sulfur and that it was most telling.

In nature, sulfur dust occurs in 40-60% of maximum quality of purity. Nowhere in the world there is no dust sulfur such as the quality of deposits in five cities.

Is this really necessary to distinguish volcanic sulfur = crystalline sulfur, the world's many and it's in high purity. Sulfur in powder form in nature is really the highest purity of 40-60%. This fact will certify any good textbook of geology.

The deposits of all five cities were found sulfur in the form of fine sulfur dust pressed into balls, encased and burned around the ring and embedded in ash.

Found pressed powder sulfur in Sodom and Gomorrah is the quality to 98% of the world will never so pure sulfur powder is not.

In volcanic regions all over the world is already mentioned crystalline sulfur. Let the pure sulfur in Pompeii, the Philippines, etc. because there was the largest volcanic eruptions ... and you know what's out there ..? Nothing! In Sodom, not the slightest hint of volcanic eruptions, and yet there is ash and sulfur powder of high purity.

Sulfur in Sodom, is unique because it is dust, is sealed, the package is ashen and the so-called Ring of combustion, a phenomenon that the world will never find it. It's the rest of slab melting, but not from the outside inwards, as would be expected for such things, but it's from the inside out. This suggests that the sulfur is melted into something and began to spearhead high temperature to melt outwards, then left behind the so-called combustion circuit.

I stress that these findings are unique in this world and conclusively prove that Sodom and Gomorrah have been found!

Nowhere in this world have not found a ball of fine sulfur dust pressed inside the capsule, around the circle and Spaleny embedded in ash. Only here in terms of Jordan at the Dead Sea, where, according to the Bible, this event occurred.

Can the site of volcanic origin?

Let's look at Pompeii, a city in the province of Naples that was destroyed by a volcanic fury of the volcano Vesuvius. When the ash fell on the city, everything was covered with ashes. But the city itself remained preserved. Once found, remove the ash and stone walls have even colored mosaics and drawings. This is the result of volcanic activity.

This is the Sodom and Gomorrah happened. Instead of the ash coating city and all of these faces in the ashes. This is something completely different than volcanic activity. It was not found in any other ruins in the world. Archaeologists have uncovered many lost cities in the world, but no one was reversed in the ashes.

Tests of samples and sampling results.

Many tests on the samples showed that indeed a sulfur powder. Sulfur that is up to 98% purity.

Ron Wyatt had to do a test sample at Galbraith Laboratories in Tennessee. It was found that the samples are really sulfur and completely unique composition and quality.

Stetson University Gillespie Museum of Minerals in Florida, which has the largest private mineral collection in the world. Asked a sample of sulfur, such as the sample of sulfur in your collection never had.

The chief geologist for the Virginia State University declared that the sulfur had never seen so fine granularity.

So we have a clear and verifiable evidence, such that sulfur composition and quality not found anywhere else than in places five lost cities in the ashes.

Let's look at another fact to ashes, from which all these sites are composed. When a site and carefully read the local landscape we find that the entire country is made of different material than these five cities. Around the city is dark and the cities are light because they are from the ashes. The surrounding landscape is rocky, rocky.

Ash deposits in the area is composed of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate. In the area dominated by limestone rock deposits. The composition is exactly what we expect, when calcium is burned with sulfur.

Charred buildings are made from laminated ash, you can inspect the gallery. To generate a layered ash, the material must pass through a high heat. The process which generates a layered ash is called thermal ionization. Molecules of different substances are ionized, separated from each other in their positive or negative charge. Ions of various substances during incineration contract, and expand, thereby distorting the flame. Temperatures in the process, 2000-5000 ° C range. This is the temperature that copes with the materials that were in the cities. Limestone, gold, iron, etc. Everything was so totally burned.

Research by R. Wyatt brought a breathtaking discovery. He discovered that substances that burn the sulfur, ash produced as waste. This ash is heavier than the original material combusted. This fact explains how this city could keep the entire 3960 years!

Check out the gallery of what she could do with a spoonful of sulfur, playfully with her advice and burned it.

Finally, I want to give you a few questions it's good to think for you.

How is it possible that the sites found in pressed fine powder with a purity of sulfur up to 98% when found in nature was this tip for maximum purity of cheese only 40-60%?

How to get to these places a tremendous amount of sulfur balls that are pressed from fine sulfur powder inside the capsule, charred around the ring and embedded in the ashes?

How is it possible that the world is only five sites so looking, laminated ash and littered with countless amount of sulfur balls?

How is it possible that in the immediate vicinity of these five urban sites is not Ash Sulfur balls? Just rocks, stones and desert?

How is it possible that all five of these sites is of laminated ash, which arises only for thermal ionization, accompanied by a temperature of 2000-5000 ° C?

The Bible tells us about the five cities destroyed by brimstone, God's court. Sulfur according to the Bible rained on the city and turned everything into ashes. The Bible says that the city was at Sidi Valley, the Dead Sea today. As the Bible says was found just five sites in the inverted dotted with myriad ash sulfur balls in different sizes.

Scientifically, no geological explanation for this phenomenon, although many are doing it. Therefore, trying to hide the truth of the Biblical story, I can not accept that the Bible is a book inspired by God, our creator.

You know the concept of science? Everyone him very well in the present time knows. Science is a business, should verify the authenticity of the Bible would fall this science and many scientists would lose a very gainful work. All theories of evolution, space exploration and fury would become the whole world meaningless. Because the Bible clearly tells us our origins, who we are, where we go after death, what is the purpose of our lives. The Bible does not need rocket science just pure honest heart.

Remember the Bible is the source of truth and love, power and hope of eternal life. Faith in Jesus Christ and his respect for the law of love just given us eternal life for free.

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