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What he wrote about Adventists Protestants?

True Decalogue


What he wrote about Adventists Protestants?

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What do we owe adventist? - Evangelical Weekly - Constance Sparks 19th September 2007 - No. 25/2007 - 92nd edition

Adventism defines himself as a continuation of the reformist movement, which sought in Europe, Hus, Luther, Calvin, after then Wesley, Finney and others. Each Church of Christ has moved a step forward in the required return to biblical Christianity, which over the centuries has been deformed beyond recognition, but each appeared to us a different emphasis on biblical truths buried, no one has been given to reveal it all.

Adventism stressed the nearness of Christ's return (Advent), the theme of the advent of so-called pre-trial, respect for the Lord day of rest and responsible relationship to health.

Although the initial expectation of Christ's return in 1844, calculated on the basis of misinterpretation of data in the time of Daniel's prophecy is not fulfilled in the end, it would surely be wrong to this page of Christian faith, this assiduous expected to underestimate, much less condemn. We will certainly try the new and the new calculations, but a mere passive stance on eschatology could easily lead to overlooking eloquent signs "end times" that they claim our attention.

Jews return to Israel and current events in the Middle East, they undoubtedly belong. To live a carefree, as if Christ's coming was still in sight, the faithful disciples of Christ, they never could afford, let alone today.

Back from Constantine, Sunday to Saturday Bible, which throughout history, including maintaining the Jewishness of Jesus and his disciples, and indeed prvokřesťanská Church until Constantine's edict of 321, the adventist the wider Christian church could not assert, for reasons mainly about the practical and technical. Constantine, originally a devotee of "Sun God", decreed justify the "sunny day" rather than to spite the Jews to commemorate Jesus' resurrection - he at that time a follower of Christ and was baptized to give up on his deathbed.

Theological grounds for Sunday instead of Saturday were constructed until later - in the Bible, the only authoritative source of Christian teaching of the Reformation, have no support. This returns us honest, Sunday Christians owe to the week, so our brothers adventist.

Can they at least be grateful that at least in civil life, also thanks to their efforts to enforce "non-working Saturday" first in the U.S. and gradually in Europe since 1966, also for us. With Five-day working week and have at least Jews and Adventists, not because of her coven to come into conflict with the law or the employer, as usually happened before.

Remarkably, however, stood the relationship of theology Saturday and Theology Creation, rested in Christ the eschatological and ultimate redemption, as indicated by Jesus himself sign being held on Saturday.

Responsible health treatment as the estate entrusted by God (after all, the body is the temple of the spirit!) Also in the Christian church is far from certain. If you make good health of the idol, it is equally perilous to his health not to ignore or even deliberately damaging smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating, and constant at all halved. Today's doctors have generally pointed believers and unbelievers, even in the last century but it was mainly Adventists.

The profession has adopted is their significant contribution to building and developing educational and medical facilities not only in the United States, but along with the missions, especially in developing countries. In our endeavor for a new approach especially to children and youth.

So it seems that the issues raised and concerns are still waiting for actual thought. In any case, it would be advisable to open as soon as possible on both sides of the theological dialogue, and it gradually overcome previous positions, dividing the orthodox Christians and the "Cultist" or the orthodox and apostates. Any such act would certainly honor and praise to God.

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