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The beast from the earth and the image of the beast - Revelation 13.11

The prophets of the Bible and today


The beast from the earth and the image of the beast - Revelation 13.11

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Revelation 13,11-17 - Then I saw another beast coming up out of the country had two horns like a lamb but spoke like a dragon. It carries all the power of the first beast before her face and acts that the country and its people will worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. He does great wonders, has it even the sight of men came down fire from heaven to earth. These wonders, it was given to take in the sight of the beast, seducing those who dwell on the earth. He says residents of the country to form an image to the beast, which had the wound by the sword, but revived.

She was given the image of the beast breathed life, so the picture beast began to speak and had to kill all those who worship him. All small and great, rich and poor, free and slave lets put a sign on the right hand or forehead so that no one can buy or sell, unless it be a sign - the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Characters to reveal the identity of the beast from the earth.

Nature of the beast - This power is substantially different than the beast from the sea. It's not very religious. Worship is not directed to her (Revelation 13,12.15). On the contrary, is defined as an economic power - affects the purchase and sale (Revelation 13.17), and political power - it can kill (Revelation 13.15).

Time discovery beast - The discovery of this power chronologically follows the arrival of the first beast, and its activity develops after an injury the first beast was healed (Revelation 13:12). This last power is starting to show up is the 19 century.

Place of birth - In contrast to the previous beast, coming out of the sea, comes from this country. Even this is a different origin for the Hebrew of his time significant. While the sea is a threat and hostility, the country seems to be contrary to the familiar environment that instills confidence. The Hebrew word areca (country) indicates the country, homeland, home (Genesis 11.31; 12,, Leviticus 14.34, Deuteronomy 18.9, 2 Kings 5.2; compare with Matthew 2,20.21; Ephesians 6 , 3). The arrival of areca this beast suddenly presents itself as a close ally, someone familiar. Indeed, a few verses above, the country was introduced as one who comes to help the woman (Revelation 12.16).

Character beast - The very appearance confirms the initial impression of the beast. With two small horns like the lamb (Revelation 13.11) and at first glance gives confidence. Beast, on which is written in a previous article, with ten horns and limbs of wild beasts, was dirty and awful. The new beast is part of Israel known world. What's more, Christian John reminds benevolent savior Jesus Christ, who is leading the camp of God (Revelation 14.1).

As the appearance of this beast, and the way her birth suggest that the nation that it represents, is different from the nations that were presented earlier symbols. United Kingdom, which ruled the world, the prophet Daniel was introduced as a wild beast that arose when the "four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea (Daniel 7.2) In Revelation 17.15 filed an angel explained that waters represent" the people, and multitudes, and nations and languages. " Winds are a symbol of the fight. The four winds of heaven fought the great sea represent the terrible scenes of conquest and upheaval, which received the kingdom in power.

But the beast with horns similar clothing was seen "coming out of the country." Instead of beating other nations in order to take their place, had the nation rise to the still uninhabited in peace and gradually evolve into a great nation. Could it be because in the old world, crowded nations fighting each other in this boil Sea "and hosts of people, nations and languages". This nation must look to the Western Hemisphere.

Which nation of the New World began in 1798 to acquire power, began to develop strength and size, and attract the attention of the world?

There is only one nation corresponding to the data of this prophecy, which undoubtedly refer to the United States.

Horns like a lamb to demonstrate the innocence and gentleness, which exactly corresponds to the nature of the United States when the prophet John saw "coming out of the country" in 1798. The thickness of the United States grew from the earth, like a plant growing - gradually, almost imperceptibly.

Among the deportees, who first went to America, so they found refuge from the oppression of kings and intolerance of the clergy, many were determined to create a government based on the principle widely understood civil and religious liberty. His opinions expressed in the "Declaration of Independence." There was guaranteed religious freedom to everyone to worship God in accordance with the dictates of his own conscience. Republicanism and Protestantism became the fundamental principles of the nation and they were just a source of strength and prosperity.

She had two horns like a lamb but spoke like a dragon. The thickness of the United States has grown to the size of the dominant world power and yet, that will fake Christianity, soon to speak like a dragon.

At that time the United States changes its character, creating a system similar to the medieval papacy, where the Church can impose its laws with secular government. And so arises the image of the beast. This image is a copy of what the papacy during his reign of 1260 years, when obedience was enforced by religious law and state power.

Revelation 13.11 - but spoke like a dragon. In Revelation 12 the dragon represents Satan, who persecutes God's people strive for its destruction and to their targets using various world powers.

Devil's desire has always been to usurp God's power and throne and forcing people to worship him and obey. Image of the beast that speaks like a dragon, thus suggesting that the U.S. (under the influence of Satan) will end at the time under penalty of disobedience to force people to worship, which is contrary to their conscience.

The Nation "speaks" through its laws. So the U.S. according to the prophecies adopt strict laws affecting religious freedom in the area and the threat of sanctions will force people to some form of worship (they have to kneel before the first beast), conduct that is contrary to their conscience. Exactly how did the papal Rome in the Middle Ages. U.S. residents will force the country to worship revived papacy.

The United States has been called the cradle of freedom and democracy. Freedom of the U.S. population but about the last ten years, especially radically curtailed under the pretext of combating terrorism. The restrictions of rights had occurred before, but after the events of 11 September 2001, people in this country were willing to voluntarily give up large parts of their rights and freedoms, which would normally be left to resort. (This is why I believe that the attacks of September 11, 2001 play a large role in preparing for the New World Order and the end time events.) Who would not be willing to relinquish some of their rights when necessary to safeguard national security and prevent terrorist attacks?

Where once there was respect and devotion to the United States today is only fear. U.S. became the most feared nation in the world. This superpower can be based on fabricated pretexts impunity to commit aggression against other nations of the world.

At the end of the dispute will be the focal point of worship. Everyone will have to decide who will worship and whose laws will listen. Everyone will have to choose whether to follow Jesus or the antichrist. Finally, each man used one of these two parties. No "golden mean" will not exist, no neutrality is not possible.

Revelation 13,13-14 - and makes great signs, even fire from heaven, the sight of people descend to the ground. She was given the honor of making the sign of the first beast, and tempt them that dwell on earth ...

In the 13th and 14 verse we read that the worship of the Antichrist will be supported by signs and wonders, which the inhabitants of the earth will be tempted. It should be taken with caution. Not all signs and wonders are not necessarily originate with God, there are false signs, false prophets and false Christs.

Matthew 24.24 - arise because false messiahs and false prophets will do great signs and wonders, so as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.

The fire down from heaven, which is mentioned in Revelation 13.13 as one of the signs, the second beast which brings the inhabitants of the country, suggesting a false outpouring "of the Holy Spirit" (compare with the events of Pentecost - Acts 2:1-4), which briefly before the end of the world is false or expression of "God" can confirm unbiblical teachings (compare with the events on Mount Caramel - see 1 Corinthians 18,20-39).

According to 2 Corinthians 11,13-15 Satan's greatest deception is that it appears as an angel of light, to try to imitate the coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24,23-24) and will try to divert people away from obedience to God's law and obedience to his word beast and its false teachings.

A huge number of people will be deceived. People will believe Satan is Jesus, he will bow down and join the global false awakening (Revelation 13:3). Real people of God (the rest) but will not be deceived, because each examines the learning based on the Bible (Isaiah 8,19-20, 2Timoteova 2:15).

The Bible says that God's law can not be changed (Matthew 5:18), is it written that when Jesus returns, every eye shall see him (Revelation 1:7), does not hit Earth, but remains in clouds and calls his people to himself (1Tesalonickým 4:16-17). We were deceived, you need to know what the latest events and the second coming of Scripture says.

In every age God had on earth the people who remained loyal to him - the persecution of Christians in pagan Rome in the first centuries AD in the Middle Ages, when God's people persecuted by the papal Rome. The same applies even when the operating worldwide politico-religious power, the power to enforce laws restricting freedom of religion and attempts to replace the true worship of false worship.

At the end of most of the world will obey the commands of "beasts" and "talking statues" and those who refuse to submit to this system will be economically disadvantaged (Revelation 13,16-17). Thus it does not end. New World religious system, much like the medieval papacy, will enforce obedience manner worthy of his model. "Disobedient" or "maladjusted" people, ie those who are the religious-political powers refuse to bow, will be persecuted, they will proceed with public processes (Matthew 10.18, Mar 13.11), will be imprisoned (Luke 21.12 ) and then passed over them is death (Revelation 20:4).

It was at that time clearly show who belongs to the remnant of God's people, it turns out, who is the true follower of Jesus Christ. It turns out, who remains faithful to God's truth, even under great pressure. Everyone will have to choose which side to stand, will have to choose whether to obey God or men.

Revelation 14, 12 - This shows perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

Psalm 46,2-3 - God is our refuge and our strength, help in trouble always been proven. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth and overturned the foundations have moved mountains in the heart of the seas.

Isaiah 41.10 - Do not be afraid, for I am with thee: be not anxious, I am your God. We can supply the courage, I will use, I will support my right hand of justice.

Matthew 10.22 - and you will be hated by all for my name, but he who endures to the end will be saved.

Mark of the Beast and the number 666 will be discussed in a separate article.

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