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The call for a Sunday law in the U.S.

Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ


The call for a Sunday law in the U.S.

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Already in the 19th century it was predicted that Protestants are longing for a rest day on Sunday enacted and request the assistance of the Catholic Church. In the 19th century would be something like this was unthinkable and now? Judge for yourself how the prophecy fulfilled.

This is more than calling it the beginning of the campaign, which does not intend to quit before reaching their destination.

March 1, 2007, meeting in Fullerton (Fullerton, CA. California, USA), representatives of more than 30 different churches (including Catholics and Orthodox believers) to agree a plan of Christian union America. Compiled a ten-point program to achieve ratification by U.S. Congress. The meeting finished signing the "Book of unity" as they called it.

This organization has great political power, because the largest election, block, composed of Protestants and Catholics, who are on ten points united. (Which has always been, editors note). These ten points are at the apex of a new political Protestant - Catholic wing of the United Christian Church of America.

"Ten Commandments Commission" and its rules of points. (Here are just 3 and 7)

Item 3 - Ten Commandments should be mandatory for the nation. It is registered with the Supreme Court and the statue "Lincoln Memorial" and should be the U.S. Congress and local governments respected. Salute to the American flag has the words "nation led by God" and the money and printed form law has become "We trust in God."

Item 7 - Across the country governments, factories and shopping centers observe 'National Day of rest ". It is important to remember that the first part of the third point and the whole point of the seventh, is particularly significant for Adventists.

The most important events of the Roman Catholic Church's connections with most Protestant churches, including Orthodox churches. It has not yet happened in history! It is an organization with political activities. Its main objective is to prepare U.S. law. The Catholic Church had long hesitated to involvement in this volume. The decision had come from the highest point, the Vatican. We have a new Pope Benedict XVI seems to be trying to impose a national Sunday law of the United States, is his work. (

Quotes from the Great dispute Ages (written in the 19th century E.G.White), Chapter 35: Preparing for the end.

Is astonishing cleverness and dexterity of the Roman Church, who can predict what will follow. Calmly waiting for its hour to come. Examines how Protestant churches recognize its authority by taking a false day of rest and about to force its compliance with the same resources, which once used by the Roman Church. People who reject the light of truth, they will seek help from the powers that are considered infallible, to enforce regulations issued.

How readily this power comes the Protestants in this matter to help, not hard to guess. Who can better than the leaders of the Catholic Church to deal with those who disobey the Church?

The Roman Catholic Church with all its offices worldwide is a huge government organization under the papal throne. It serves its interests. Millions of its members in all countries are led to feel committed to fidelity to the pope. Whether any nationality, whether they live in any form of state system, have the authority of the Church regarded as the highest. Although sworn allegiance to the state, the promise of fidelity to the Church is superior to that oath, and relieves them of all obligations that run counter to the interests of Rome.

Let's not forget how to Rome prides itself remains unchanged. The principles of Gregory VII. And Innocent III. remain the principles of the Catholic Church. If today the church had power, pushed them as vigorously as in past centuries. Protestants do not realize what they are doing when they accept help Rome to promote Sunday's rest. While trying to perform its tasks, trying to Rome to restore his power to regain their lost sovereignty. One day, the United States accepts the principle that the church may use or control state power, religious holidays can be enforced by state law, simply that the Church and state have to rule over the conscience, then will ensure the victory of Rome in this country.

The power of the papacy quietly growing. His teaching has an impact on legislatures, the churches and the people's thinking. It builds a beautiful and massive building in the secret rooms will again chase the old plot. Covertly and unobtrusively gathers his forces to achieve their goals through the right moment comes. Trying to get a good starting position, and in fact it already has. Soon we will see even be felt, where Rome is heading. Who will believe the word of God and will abide by it, summon himself to insult and persecution.

The Adventist is a special responsibility. They will be judged according to the received knowledge. Therefore, God calls in this serious time in front of our eyes held the last event, we are fully dedicated to him and prepare for adoption late rains. God also expects us, that we will be fully devoted to warn the world against the coming crisis. Here, people have more time to turn to God.


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