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When they say peace and safety, then comes confusion - and perhaps to talk about security now?

Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ


When they say peace and safety, then comes confusion - and perhaps to talk about security now?

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Topics: Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ

1 Thessalonians 5,2-6 - "You do know very well that the day the Lord will come like a thief in the night. As they say: "It is peace, not threaten us, there is suddenly overcome by fate as a woman in labor pain, and escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day would surprise like a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. Not of night or darkness. So do not sleep as others do, but let us watch and be sober. "

This event, which will soon hit the people of the world. How do we prepare for this event?

Note the words, and suddenly like a thief in the night. Day of the Lord comes as a big surprise to the people of the world. 8th volume "Testimonies for the Church" to it on page 37 says: "The people of this world will soon meet with a big surprise." The text on page 28 follows similarly: "We who know the truth, we should prepare for what is soon as a big surprise fall in this world. "

However, the Apostle Paul says, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness ..." God's children walk in the light. And what surprised the world does not surprise us. We have to know what is coming and prepare for it. But if we do not prepare, we are caught in a trap. We know what lies ahead, just because we were able to prepare.

In the text we just read, there is one very interesting fact concerning the time of this event. "When they say:" It is peace, not threaten us, there is suddenly overcome by fate. "Some translations translate" peace and security ". Those are two words with which today we often encounter in the media. Phillips says an English translation of the Bible: "You are well aware that the day the Lord will come as unexpectedly as the night breaking into the house. When people say "peace and security", caught in a disaster. A New English translation we read: "When they talk about peace and security, then they suddenly come to disaster."

Are not peace and security just by what is now so often discussed?

Let me address your attention to two major world powers, which is (and will continue to become) the birth of the proclamation of peace and security. The first of these is the Roman pope, and the second the United States.

If you open the Bible in the Book of Revelation, we find that all of her 13th chapter is devoted to the presentation of these two great powers. The first part of this chapter discusses the beast - and we know that this beast is a leopard in the form of the papacy. In the third verse We read that one of his heads looked like a mortally wounded, but the wound was healed. And then what? "The whole country has gone in admiration after the beast." Undoubtedly we are all thinking of these verses, when the pope took his historic journey to the land the UN - as an ambassador for peace. Peace and peace is still out on what the world wants.

Other Section 13 chapters of the book of Revelation is being paid with two horns. What is this creature? It is the United States of America, which are shown in this chapter, served as the hand of the papacy. That is what is happening right before our eyes.

Do not miss these two important points: the papacy takes the initiative in the global peace movement and the U.S. talking about the same time ensuring the safety of the world - which is both a great desire of the present generation.

Both of these human aspirations are complementary and mutually linked. What people think when they hear the word security? Thinking about the contemporary world, the material wealth, how about them will be ill or aged care. Simply put, think about everything that contributes to ensuring their life on this earth. And now here is a program designed to ensure that U.S. citizens a new name - thanks to ensure safety.

U.S., proclaim that the security is not only their country but also applies to all other citizens of this world. It is therefore a huge and ambitious global agenda.

The thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelation shows the papacy and the United States of America, as you shake hands in a large program to include the entire world. "They will kneel before her all the inhabitants of the earth." A beast, that the papacy. A beast with two horns is just the one who causes the world to make this. The twelfth verse of this chapter states: "On behalf of the first beast exercises all the power. It makes the earth and its inhabitants to be kneeling before the first beast was healed of its mortal blow. "The reason why people today about these two great powers are interested in, is that the aim of ensuring peace and security, which then leads to the unification all areas of life.

Consider, for example, the common European market. On what this market is based? It is based on peace and security. What is the reason for the consolidation of work and business? What is the basis of the ecumenical movement? Why does the Church try to combine their efforts? To guarantee peace and security. And many people really will think that their problems are solved thanks to the existence of these associations.

The Papacy and the U.S. leadership in the world (though in a very short time) will think that peace and security has been reached - or nearly reached.

Now, note how all of this corresponds to in Isaiah in the 8th Chapter God. It's amazing! Prophet eyes looking through all the centuries until our time.

Isaiah 8,9-10 - the clubs, nations, and rain, and all the distant countries, listen: Arm and the rains, arm, and the rains! Hatch plan and crashes, a speech and not fill up, for God is with us - Immanuel!

That is the remnant of God's people, those who keep the commandments of God and faith in Jesus. (Revelation 12:17) Notice now that they are not to be involved in these associations - this is the one thing I want to deny your attention.

Isaiah 8,11-12 - The Lord said to me, when I firmly grasped his hand and warned me to be silent by the people: "Do not say a betrayal to all that this people is called treason. What are they afraid of the fear and do not be afraid.

What controls this people? FEAR! Fear of their unmet needs, fear of war, fear of many things. The Pope and the U.S. must be at the forefront of global unification. Church and business associations, nations and indeed the whole world must unite together. God's people about it but heard it all before:

Isaiah 8,12-14 - "Do not treason to all that this people is called treason. What are they afraid of the fear and do not be afraid. Only the Lord of hosts, whether you are holy - keep him from fear, just be afraid of him. He will become a shrine to both houses of Israel, is stumbling and a rock fall, trapping the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the people.

Isaiah 8,16-17 - closes the testimony, seal the law among my disciples. (Here is the message of the seal, Saturday is again highlighted in the Act.) I'll wait for the Lord, who hid his face from the house of Jacob, I'm waiting for him with hope. Behold - I and the children gave me the Lord, we are in Israel as signs and wonders from the Lord of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion.

While the whole world looks to associations and unions, which are connected together to solve the problems of mankind and ensure peace and security, God tells his people: "Not consort with them, look up, look to the Lord."

Isaiah 45.22 - Turn to me, whether you are saved, all ends of the earth - for I am God and no one else is.

Now we have a solution to the problem. This is the faith that God will save people and it will guide us through the "big surprise". Conversion to God. That is precisely the opposite direction than look to man, which makes it impossible to group all the world to solve their problems.

American society, however great, can not eliminate the problems of man. As the Spirit of Prophecy says: "Struggling in vain, to consolidate business operations to secure footing." 9T 13th The governments of the world can not solve the financial problems if they follow the plans that follow. And still less is it possible to solve the spiritual problems of the papacy of people - when folks brought up the fact that, at the place of Christ, the man looked.

And the message for today, as God has given us in his book is: "Behold your God." Notice how the words in the Gospel of Luke in the 21 chapter, which shows the historical destruction of Jerusalem and the dark age and extends to the end of time. In the 25th verse says: "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars' - we saw it? Yes, the signs have already appeared. "And upon the earth distress of nations, helpless, where the roar go to rolling the sea. 26 people are dying of fear and anticipation of what comes to the whole world. "People are dying of fear and anticipation of what comes to the whole world.

Here is mentioned again, fear. Fear dominates today's people, those who a few years ago even considered that it would listen to the Pope, but now they are willing to follow him. Why? They are afraid because of something that they believe that it is far worse than the papacy.

Jesus says that people in these last moments of history, "are dying of fear and anticipation of what comes to the whole world." When we look at it, look at what they, as we fear them and we will associate to the above clusters. We get into situations where we think that the only way to get out of problems is involved in some way into these communities. But what Jesus says here? Luk. 21:28 "When this starts to happen, straighten up and raise your heads because your redemption is near."

Soon, very soon, all the people of the world divided into two camps, those looking up to the man and those belonging to God, to those who look around, and those who are looking up.

Now here she is dividing line. Now the question arises. If God knows the future and if he knows that all this is coming, how to educate their people? It will not be training, which helps to look up, look to God, a place for man? And as this happens?

In the book The Road to the health and environmental harmony says: "We tend to look for support and understanding, rather than to Jesus, to our friends." Yes, our natural tendency is to look at people. He does it every little child. And it's perfectly fine. Each of us will ever hit your thumb and ran crying to Mommy. It's okay, when does this little child. But there are plenty of adults, my dear friends who are in difficulty and can not think of anything other than that is clamped in aid of any other human being. And all the "Willow" of course, not only in the Roman Church. Almost all members of the human family to turn for help to any other person, if you have someone like that.

But if we succeed in that day the "big surprise" and not be destroyed, we have to learn to look to God and not to the man!

And so watch me as God leads us to this experience. "God, through His grace and faithfulness, often allows those in which we put our trust that we failed. We thus learn how tricky it is to trust in man and make him our salvation. " E. G. White - MH 486th

What then is that the only way God can we learn this lesson? Thus, it allows us to disappoint people. Have you ever been disappointed in a man? What all this be good?

Jeremiah 17,5,7 "Cursed is the man who trusts in man, relying only on the body and the heart turns away from the Lord. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, who trust the Lord. "

Soon, a big surprise when it floods the world, when people realize that they were deceived into destruction dragon, beast and false prophet, just that they talked about peace and security, then it will be horrible for them to wake up. from east to west is a sign of horror, the horror spreads from one pole to another. The whole world is in utter disarray. The earthquake, hail storm. All trips are open to destruction. But beware! Amidst all the devastating effects of the balance you can hear the song of God's people:

Psalm 46,1-2 - "God is our refuge and strength, help in trouble always been proven. Therefore we do not worry, even if it is overturned and the country. "

Whatever happens, do not rely on people. Governments are born and die, but our security on them is not. When that great religious leader who led the people to changing by the law of God, cast down and the whole world is - as the French Revolution warp - our hope is that man in the sanctuary of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 45, 22 - "Turn to me and reach salvation, all the ends of the earth."

God created us for this day yet. And so, when someone disappoints you today, remember what it's good. If it is a big disappointment, then we got a great lesson, if it is small, then we have got at least a small lesson. Step by step, let us learn not to build the man, but Jesus Christ. This will prepare us to succeed if a large fall of Babylon as a mill-stone, thrown into the sea. God's children will become completely safe, because the anchor holds firm in the heavenly sanctuary.

Prayer: "Dear Father, Thank you so much for this amazing prophecy light, illuminating us on the path that lies ahead. We choose to be the ones who are taught by God. While the world talks about peace and security, give us the true peace that comes only from You one. Give us real security, which is only found in you. Whether we are ready for the disappointment of this world, because our anchor is in heaven. For the glory of Jesus. Amen.

Source: Big surprise - WD Frazee

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