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Coming a major financial crisis is inevitable

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Coming a major financial crisis is inevitable

Added: 13.09.2011
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The whole world is confronted with increasingly greater financial problems. Many people began to realize that this vicious circle of huge public debt does not lead the way out. It is only a short matter of time before the financial system collapses and chaos occurs. Soon we can expect something that no one today can not even imagine. And when that happens, they will follow certain events. The cities will drive trucks with food. Banks will not work with bank transfers. They empty shops, streets and scare people hungry. People will look up and hope to powerful people, from whom they expect support and restoration of a system and order.

How many influential and powerful men today believe people will find salvation in the establishment of a "New World Order", which should lead the world out of crisis. The whole world changes, funding will no longer be in cash and the world will operate under the rules of the sea beast (the Papacy) and the beasts of the earth (USA) Revelation Chapter 13. Exactly how Biblical prophecy foretells. Now a new system, cashless currency, which will ensure that those who will accept God's seal and mark of the beast could sell or buy.

Revelation 13, 16-17 - All small and great, rich and poor, free and slave lets put a sign on the right hand or forehead so that no one can buy or sell, unless it be a sign - the name of the beast or the number of her name. What is the sign of who will be forbidden to buy and sell?


"We find ourselves on the verge of global transformation. All you need is a suitable global crisis and the nations will adopt a new world order "- David Rockefeller

Texe Marrs, keen researcher and former professor at the University of Texas, warns us thus: "financial magnates came to believe that their dream of world domination is achieved through kataklizmatic financial crisis. Their scenario is obvious. First set the great financial disaster. Following the worldwide financial crash. Then from among the ashes rises the phoenix famous, a new international economic order. "

The magazine The Economist, published in London and New York City was the headline of one article, which proclaimed: "Prepare for a world currency." This journal belongs to the elite British financial periodicals and financial leaders around the world read it as the "blue book" - (which is the official report issued by Parliament or Government.)

Willard Cantelon, excellent Christian financial expert almost thirty years ago told the whole Christian world, that met at a conference of international bankers of the world and hear how they plan to totally cashless society. (He wrote the book The Day the Dollar Died and New Money or None.) Stated that the elite international bankers drew up a plan that vyzíval to make all the money on earth - cash, currency, coins and checks - have been declared obsolete. That all trades are conducted through the signs, codes and numbers. The plan today is known as an electronic funds transfer.

There is reason to fear and panic? For those who do not believe the words of our one God, maybe. But for those who rely on the Lord, who hope and expect fulfillment of his words about the second coming is no reason to fear. It's time to prepare, purify ourselves from sin, wild fun and fix his faith and trust in God and be done with this difficult period. Jesus Christ is the savior and the only way. At the end of this difficult crisis will be delighted with our Saviour in his new home.

Are you ready? Do you have a living faith, living experience with the only true God of Israel? Preach the good news of Jesus' love and his second coming in your neighborhood? You follow the advice of Jesus Christ, we saved your treasures in heaven and not here on earth? Soon lose all their money value. What can we do for God's work of salvation today, no delay!

E. G. White wrote in the 19th century

"The accumulated wealth will soon be worthless. When the decree comes when no one can buy or sell unless there is a mark of the beast, very many of our resources, we will be useless. God now calls us to do everything in our power to send a warning to the world. "RH 3-21-1878, p. 91st

A few tips to prepare for the crisis

Get rid of debt as soon as possible, and if you get together possible financial reserve. Do not put money into such ventures. Take home some cash available. Do not pay by card, which can create debt on your account. Create at least a little food reserve. Invest in one safe place and that is the kingdom of God and pray for wisdom and guidance.

Matthew 6,19-21 - "do not accumulate for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust and where thieves dig through and steal. Instead, up treasure in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not steal or no dig. For where your treasure is, you have a heart.

Thinking about the coming crisis - David Gates

It was the year the 1971st I was 11 years. I returned from Bolivia, my dad turned on the radio, national staniceTennessee. Guys, come and listen to something. Chairman of U.S. reserves (Fed): "Americans do not know exactly how people spoke then, this year we have officially entered into bankruptcy. All our wealth is equal to all of our public debt. Officially, we are bankrupt. I encourage all Americans to have tightened their belts, less spending, less borrowing, worked hard and earned much, and we'll get out of it. "

"Guys," Dad said, "you heard it. We went bankrupt. And now is the time we worked hard. " A year later: "Guys, come listen to the radio," said the father again. Dad turned on the radio. Messages from the Chairman of U.S. reserves (Fed): "Clearly in North America, no politician or citizen who would be willing to tighten the belt. Everyone wants to live as if it had everything. They will work harder. They'll borrow more. Spend more. Which means that for thirty years pre-America totally collapses. " Thirty years, yeah, until Jesus comes, I thought. And now it is 37 years.

Two years ago I was in France. One organization has published a memo: "We would like to inform Europeans about what has just decided to make North America. The government does not have enough money to fund the war and to finance its debt, which is no longer 50% but 98% of the assets acquired from taxes. 98% goes to paying interest and as it still is not enough. And now waging war. Two wars. It does not pay taxes. The U.S. government has no where to get money. Without money they can not afford to wage war and can not afford to make any changes to national security. So it's only one way to get money and the government of North America have opted for this method. Since the beginning of February 2006, print as much money as they need to be able to pay bills without the debt raiser. Just print. Does that mean suicide for the U.S. economy.

A month later the U.S. government was not willing to inform the M3 (money organization), which had always informed. Nobody does not really know how much money is printed. We North Americans about two to two and a half years before a total crisis. " It is now exactly two and a half years. And this organization has just released another report from France. Incidentally, this is not written for Americans. It is for Europeans. It is for Europeans to get it read and prepare, because when America collapses, as it affects the whole world.

It is the first time in history we have a global economy. And when the U.S. economy will fall like the Titanic, every other state is tied to the Titanic. When we (the U.S.) with sink, tear out all the rest. They say that for September 2008 is predicted collapse - which is a few months. Each business will be closed every bank, every nation to close its services because they live out of taxes. It remains only the federal government. We know that God controls the last date. We know and nobody can predict the collapse.

I hope that you will not go out and say, Jesus will return in September. This is not saying. Predict the return of Jesus Christ in a certain date, say the U.S. economy collapse occurs, it is not based on prophecy, this is based only on economic facts.

The main representative of the Bank of England was on national TV and told its citizens to prepare for a drastic reduction in living standards. What does this mean? This does not mean that the economy will collapse in September 2008. Please Lord, give us two or three extra years. It is probably not nearly the state, it would be a miracle, but God is a God of miracles. Please, Lord, give us a little more time. But it will happen in the very near future. And when that happens, they will follow certain events. The cities will drive trucks with food. Banks will not work with bank transfers. They empty shops, streets and scare people hungry. What happened in New Orleans, will be in every major city. The reason why I say, not that I would like to sleep. The opposite is true. If we realize that time is short and that God has absolute dominion over all events.

And when we realize that the end of the financial world of North America is almost here, so they can play a very beautiful event. First, that I start to take seriously their spiritual life. I will focus my training to prepare for missionary work and missionary work in the church ...

It's an amazing thing. We come to the last months of the history of this country. Anyway to get this topic, but you hint that national destruction precedes national apostasy. We are told that after the national apostasy followed by national ruin. A national apostasy, of course, the Sunday law. Everything happens behind the scenes. But immediately after the national apostasy comes national ruin. You do not see it. We already know it's there. We do not know when it happens, but it will happen before the national ruin. And, of course, leads to God's court, everything will take place in rapid succession. Have you heard that Jesus will come like a thief in the night? Is it Biblical? Is it Biblical?

Read it. I want to make sure you know your Bible. 1 Thessalonians 5,1-4. "About the time and moments, brethren, you do not need to give you written it. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord as a thief in the night, so come. "Great, you know your Bible. We read further. Verse four: "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day as a thief." Evidently the arrival of Jesus as a thief is only for those who are in darkness. The advent of Jesus, His people is not surprising, because God does not do anything before revealed to his servants the prophets. And so today, at this moment, turns to you and says: "I continue to pay, I am coming soon, but I have come."

Extract from Annex journal of Paradise to Paradise 3 2011

A little bit of current events

United States turned away due to an increase in its debt ceiling bankruptcy - House of Representatives on Tuesday night approved increasing the ceiling for public debt of the United States from the current 14.29 trillion dollars by approximately $ 2.5 trillion. The United States thus avert bankruptcy that threatened them. Source:

Black Friday for U.S. stocks, fell sharply and the dollar - U.S. stocks closed another week of significant decline, in which they are still the same reasons: fear of a significant slowdown in global economy and nervousness about the state debt in the eurozone and the USA. Source:

The market panic has returned. Stock in the U.S. and Europe fell off - World Exchange pessimism engulfed again. The red numbers are just from the region found themselves trading shares in the U.S., are also minus exchanges in Europe including the Czech .... The United States has reportedly begun to worry about the introduction of the debt crisis of Europe and European banks control more. Themselves with while struggling with a huge debt, which this year will apparently one hundred percent of GDP. Source:

Stock exchange in the world in Prague shakes the fear of a new economic crisis - Stock in the U.S., Europe and Asia reported significant losses. Investors get rid of shares in fear of the arrival of another economic crisis. Despite losing three percent of the Prague Stock Exchange. Panic on the stock exchanges rose on Thursday as investors on Wall Street started the most sales from a deep financial crisis in 2008. Source:

For four years they become useless wallets - Credit cards and electronic systems make micropayments in the coming years from wallets just useless fashion accessory. According to a recent statement by President of PayPal, Scott Thompson, will be in 2015, electronic payments available for anyone, anywhere in the USA. Therefore expects wallets become useless. It notes that many stores have stopped accepting checks before ordinary and preferred electronic payment method. Source:

God holds everything in their hands, but how long will our loving God has patience and will retain the blowing winds, to prepare? We will use this short time?

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