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China evangelizing the rest of the world - a movement (back to Jerusalem)

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China evangelizing the rest of the world - a movement (back to Jerusalem)

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For the Back to Jerusalem vision of thousands of Chinese are willing to die. At least we should find out why. Napoleon once said: "When China moves, it changes the face of the world." Today, those words become a reality thanks to the powerful spiritual vision of the Chinese Church: Delegate 100,000 missionaries in the Chinese border, to complete the Great Commission, even before the eyes of the present generation!

Joel 3,11-12 - Come here, all peoples! Gather around! Bring there, Lord, my hero! Just let the people wake up and come up Josafat valley, because there I sit to judge all the nations in the area.

The first thing I realized was that the Back to Jerusalem does not mean that the Chinese would want to rush into Jerusalem with the Gospel. And Back to Jerusalem vision is not some sort of doomsday theories. The Chinese Church does not actually intend to invade Israel, and bring the coming of Christ. Rather, it is God's calling for the Chinese church to proclaim the gospel and established the community of believers in all countries, cities, villages and all ethnic groups between China and Jerusalem. It's definitely a small task. For among them are three largest spiritual strongholds which have not yet been conquered by the Gospel: giants Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

In recent years many Christians have heard of the 10/40 window, which means the territory lying between 10 ° and 40 ° north latitude. All fifty states, which are located here, at least among the Christian nations of the world. Lives are more than 90% of people, which is more than 5000 etnolinguistic tribes and groups that have been affected by the gospel.

Although few of the Chinese Christians know the concept of 40/70 window, their vision is to carry a good message to the nations that remained so long in spiritual darkness.

Men who stand behind this book are three house church leaders: Jun brothers, Shu Jongze and Enoch Wang. These three men are well-known Chinese Church, and two of them even living outside China, to prepare missionaries for the Back to Jerusalem vision and relieve them work.

These men of God speak from personal experience. For their faith together spent nearly forty years in prison and suffering because they have learned a lot about what God is and how it works. I know that they represent the views of hundreds of house church leaders, and I had the honor to meet them.

In reading these pages, please note that the Back to Jerusalem movement, not just wish a few of fanatical Christians. It's something that's already happening. The first team of thirty-nine Chinese missionaries left China in March 2000 to the neighboring Buddhist countries. They were a small stream, which heralds the coming flood. Few in the world knew about this incident, but their path is the result of years of prayer and planning. That day, China has once again become an active participant in global mission.

Today they work outside China, hundreds of Chinese missionaries - in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, India and South Asia. Thousands more in training to learn languages such as Arabic and English, so it can be used in the mission field.

Compared with conventional methods of Western missions are these unskilled workers. None of them had not attended Bible school and most of them would probably think that the theological level is located somewhere on the thermometer. However, they received an education from God, which is more important than what can be learned in the classroom: a lesson in the middle of suffering based on experience. My brother Jun, one of the leaders of the movement back to Jerusalem, saying:

"Western visitors who come to China, sometimes ask leaders of underground churches, which attended the seminar. Humorously, but with serious undertones answer that we have had many years of training in Bible school, personal silence the Holy Spirit (in prison).

Our Western friends sometimes do not understand, ask for more: "What kind of materials schools use the Bible?" Then I say: "Our teaching materials are the only chains on their feet, which we are bound, and a leather whip, which beat us.

In the prison workshop, we learned a lot about the Lord of value, what we would not found from any books. We know God more deeply. We know his loving kindness and faithfulness, we have already demonstrated. "

When the meetings in China to make a collection of churches, people find that they have almost nothing in it to give. Therefore, I literally go up into your cart and unconditional offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God.

The Chinese Church does not present his plans to learn to wait on the Lord and listen to his instructions, before moving forward. These men and women, who know God, his omnipotence and grace unmatched. Not based in the world with the message, they are living on their own message. In the eyes of the world are nothing but in God's hands are sharp arrows.

How to Back to Jerusalem vision develops, you can hear the news about Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, who come to Christ in places where Christianity had long fought to achieve influence. When you see this, do not be overwhelmed by Chinese Christians, are sinners saved by grace and do not deserve attention. Rather rejoice over God's wisdom and splendor of his plan.

1 Corinthians 1.25 - For God's foolishness is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

I hope you yourself will be prompted and encouraged by the vision of Back to Jerusalem, that you join in prayer and bring to fulfillment of the Great Commission, which will last until they pay the words of this world, took our Lord and His Christ, and he will reign for forever. Revelation of John 11.15

The following are the authors of the Chinese brothers, Paul Hattaway is their interpreter.

But you get the power of the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and unto the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

When reading this verse we understand what the words mean "to the ends of the earth." The way they are written, evokes almost the idea that the earth is flat, and Christians can reach the end, where you can swoop right in the universe. We prayed and thought about it, ask God to show us what you think.

And God has gradually opened his eyes to understand that the thought of spreading the gospel around the world. When Jesus gave this promise, just stood on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem (Acts 1:12). This mountain is located east of the Old City and its peak is about 60 meters higher than the temple complex. When Jesus told his disciples the words which we read in Acts 1.8, staring down at the city and his words suggest natural move: You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, the city (which stood above), in all Judea (the area west and northwest of Jerusalem ), Samaria (the area north of Judea), to the ends of the earth.

It is possible that Jesus showed the disciples how to spread the Gospel? That the fire burns up in Jerusalem and spread to the west and north of the city and then across the border into the pagan countries, where God's name is not yet known?

God help the church spread the gospel the Gentiles. And Jerusalem was chosen location (perfect - at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa. Thus saith the Lord GOD: "This is Jerusalem. I put it to the middle of the nations and the countries around it." (Ezekiel 5:5)

The book of Acts we describe that exactly follows the gospel spread. After the Holy Spirit came to his power, Peter raised his voice and addressed the crowd: men of Judah and all who dwell in Jerusalem ... (Acts 2:14) Holy Spirit anointed Peter and gave him such power that those who accept his word were baptized and added to them that day about three thousand souls (Acts 2:41).

That's an amazing moment in history! Famous gospel of Jesus Christ just started his long and blessed journey around the world. Just as every parent wants to be there when his child is tested first steps, watching all the angels and the whole heavens. Rocket launch the church brought the first day of salvation and life of three thousand people, compared with provisions of the Old Testament, the first day brought three thousand death (Exodus 32.27 to 28).

Those who obeyed the instruction of the Lord Jesus did a great job as the first point: Jerusalem. Indeed, after all, very soon the pontiff complained that Jesus' followers that his teachings have filled all Jerusalem (Acts 5:28). During the next weeks, as the Bible, the Word of God spread and the number of disciples in Jerusalem grew very. Too many priests adopted faith. (Acts 6:7)

It seems that one of the unfortunate features of Christianity is that if the work is successful, we will stop and enjoy his success. Gospel fed Jerusalem, the disciples forgot the other points the Great Commission. Therefore God, to remind them, sent persecution! That day he became the first martyr Stephen - Saul approved of, that Stephen was killed. Then began the harsh persecution of the Church of Jerusalem, all except the apostles were scattered after the Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1).

The rest of the book of Acts describes how the gospel spread all the Roman empire to Rome itself and around the Mediterranean Sea. Lord of love, and yet decisively helped the church to fulfill your order. And just shortly after the Jews said about Paul and Silas as follows: Those who turned the world also came to us ... (Acts 17.6)

Filled with the word that Jesus said in Luke 24,46-48: So it is written that Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, his name will preach repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses.

When we think about how the gospel spread throughout the world, we have seen overall, with his fire spread westward. From southern Europe to central, north and west. The fire also spread to the Mediterranean in North Africa, where they were born some of the greatest leaders of early Christianity, as were Augustine (derived from the territory of present-day Algeria) and Tertullian (155-220 AD., Derived from Tunis). And Tertullian statement that said the political leaders, including Chinese Christians still reads:

"Just follow eagerly, good rulers, people will appreciate you when you sacrifice the Christians. If you want it so much, kill us, torment us adjudge us, break us in the dust and your injustice will be evidence that we are innocent. However, no benefit to you the atrocity, for he is almost a challenge to us. The more we have condensation, the more our numbers increasing, the blood of Christians is seed. "

The Chinese know what Tertullian meant. And the government reached the same views as the domestic Church, like the Egyptians, when they saw the nation of Israel in their captivity: While it jugal, multiplied and multiplied further, so the Israelis were terrified. (Exodus 1:12)

Many testimonies speak of the powerful revival that started in places where the shed blood of Christians. And in many places such adversity, God's children must suffer and bleed, than the devil's power is broken, and people may see the light of the Gospel.

The Gospel has spread to central and southern Africa, the Americas, thousands of islands of the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia, the Pacific coast. At the beginning of the twentieth century began with waking up in Korea, the Philippines, southern China and Southeast Asia.

Law have come to an awakening of Chinese house church about thirty years ago. Suddenly we discovered that we are on the front line of fire of God's blessing, dozens of people came to Christ. Another finding was that most of the unreached with the gospel, located south and west of China.

We believe that God has given us a real responsibility that we take fire from the altar and finish the Great Commission to bring the rest of the UK nations and countries in Asia, the Middle East and Muslim North Africa. And when that happens, we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will return for his bride, according to Scripture, and then we live, who will see it, together with them caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord. And then we will be with the Lord forever. These words, comfort each other. 1st Thessalonians 4,17-18

We also believe that the farthest place from Jerusalem to get the Gospel, is where it all began - Jerusalem itself! When the Gospel completes its journey around the world, the Lord Jesus will return! The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord of glory, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14) Hence, the term "Back to Jerusalem" according to the missionary vision of the Chinese Church.

Drawn from the book: "Back to Jerusalem Called to fulfill the Great Commission - Paul Hattaway

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