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Seventh-day Adventists, the last of the reformers of the Church bear a significant warning to the world

Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ


Seventh-day Adventists, the last of the reformers of the Church bear a significant warning to the world

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Topics: Sign of the times over, the second coming of Jesus Christ

The Adventist Church, says many lies and half-truths, especially on Christian web portals. Maybe because we refer to the basic doctrinal points that Jesus Christ taught the apostles and the first and also because we are the only members of Protestant churches, which had not joined the ecumenical movement. Ecumenical denies everything, what reformers regard their lives and what is so hard returning to biblical teachings. Our teaching is based on Bible study and life of Jesus Christ and the first apostles. Bible as we understand God's word - the highest authority. Therefore, we read the Bible and let us live the way Jesus Christ lived! Who wants to be the second coming of salvation, must be reversed, and born-again heart of his life to resemble Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ and the Apostles established the first apostolic church, which began to spread throughout the world. Medieval church but to Jesus' teachings combine their pagan customs common at the time, from which arose such as worship of images and statuette, prayers to saints, veneration of Mary, the change from Saturday to Sunday as the day the then revered god of the sun. Later he joined the theories of philosophy, pioneered by Plato about the immortality of the soul, the afterlife, purgatory.

Until then, Jewish learning and teaching of Jesus Christ did not confess anything like that. This is evident from both the Bible and books of Josephus - the historian of the time.

The decline of the church led many honest men to attempt to reform the church and return to the original teachings. The Church, however, refused to fundamental reform. From these reformist efforts Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Luther and others who were for biblical truth persecuted and killed gradually formed the Protestant Church and currents. But the Reformation still not been brought up to the end back to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

Seventh-day Adventist Church - its organization

Seventh-day Adventist Church was established and started operating in the 60 years of the 19th century in North America. It was based on intensive study of the Bible, especially prophecy about the second coming of Jesus Christ and return to Biblical values ​​and principles. Before the beginning of the 20th century had spread from the United States to countries around the world, where believers based congregations, schools and health institutions. In 2009, the baptized members worldwide corps 15,921,408 and 65,961 worldwide.

In 1863 he gave the name of Seventh-day Adventist Church, to place an emphasis on expectations of a literal coming of Jesus into the world and on the blessing of Biblical Sabbath. Based on the Biblical prophecies of the church realized that God had entrusted the task to a hitherto neglected truths of the Bible met the world. It became the foundation of our global mission.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a typical representative form of church government. Authority for decision-making are therefore all members who elect their representatives to the committee representing. Representatives and representatives of associations and union delegates are elected by individual churches. It is very important because you see that individual members can decide on events, changes, and church leadership.

The Church has four organizational levels of their administration: Chorus - an organized community of believers. Association - organized community choirs in a particular country or territory. Union - combines several associations. General Conference - the highest organizational unit that unites all the union in the world. Salaries preachers, as well as the traffic corps, church members pay their tithes and gifts.

The emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church - Waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

In the late 18th century, the spiritual intensively discussed Bible prophecies about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Around 1830, rallied the American preacher William Miller to fifty thousand people, who expected that in 1844 the world will come to Jesus Christ. This prediction, although not materialize due to incorrectly pochopenému Bible prophecy, however, led many people to study it thoroughly.

Daniel 8.14 - "It will be 2,300 evenings and mornings," he said. "Then the sanctuary shall be restored."

Millerite thought shrines means our country. Early Adventists first learned from the study of Bible prophecy that did not relate to Jesus' second coming to earth, but literally into the sanctuary in heaven, where Christ intercedes for us. The whole of Israel, Old Testament prefigured ceremonies of the sanctuary was the image of the true sanctuary in heaven. The Bible clearly says that Jesus held priestly service in the heavenly sanctuary, and began the final court of God. We live now in the end times and the coming of our Redeemer is coming.

Hebrews 9.23-26 - Christ came not into holy places made with hands (which is simply the true), but into heaven itself, for us to stand before God's face. Also, there have not come to sacrifice again and again, like every year the high priest enters the Holy of Holies with blood (which would then have to suffer from the creation of the world many times), but now showed at the end of the ages to his victims once and for all deleted sin.

The permanent validity of God's commandments and ordained true day of rest - the Sabbath.

One group millerite in its examination of the Bible knew that the Biblical Ten Commandments as a day of rest on Saturday and discovered notes and other neglected Biblical principle. The apostles in the Bible confirms permanent duration of the Ten Commandments.

Revelation 12.17 - Then the dragon was angry at his wife and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus.

Romans 3.31 - we then make void the law by faith? No way! On the contrary, confirm the law.

Hebrews 4,9-11 - This is God's sabbath rest for the people just ahead. For whoever enters God's rest from his works as God rested from his.

Revelation 11.19 - At the temple of God opened in heaven, and his temple was seen the ark of his contract.

Role of Ellen White's prophetic spirit in the Church

God gave at the time of Ellen White's prophetic spirit, which in its visions confirmed the correctness of the newly staged knowledge of the Bible and was a source of leadership for the newly formed Seventh-day Adventists. Her gift was subjected to rigorous examination and comparison with the Bible. Read the test of true biblical prophet.

In developing the main characteristic of his teaching points on Saturday but came out of Adventist Bible study rather than from the visions of Ellen White. The Bible is the only supreme yardstick to assess other gifts.

The intention was clearly to encourage vision disappointed millerite and provide assurance of the accuracy of Bible study. We should remember, for the role of Ellen White in shaping the future Seventh-day Adventist Church that her vision is almost always confirmed their doctrinal positions that others have come under intensive Bible study. On her role in shaping the doctrine can be seen as confirming the role, rather than initiating.

Ellen G. White has published dozens of books, Outline of Christian experience and views of Ellen White in 1851. In 1888 published his most famous book, The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan, and in 1898 published the Desire of Ages, a biography about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

In Mrs. White's prophecies have predicted various future events. For example, predicted a devastating earthquake in San Francisco from 1906 to 2 days before it happened, a big boom in spiritualism, which at that time was just beginning. Predicted the two world wars and the renewed rise of the Roman Catholic Church can. Many other predictions are already filled, and some even fill it for us is proof that the prophecy is from God. If a prophecy from God because it must completely fulfill all.

Deuteronomy 18,21-22 - Can you say "How do we know that the Lord does not speak a word?" Well, if the prophet says the Lord on behalf of something that happens, then the Lord spoke this word. That the prophet spoke presumptuously. Fear him.

Her writings are a guide Bibles, a counselor in understanding the Bible, counselor for the application of biblical principles.

And according to the Bible to be the last time a prophetic spirit?

1 Thessalonians 5,19-21 - Do not quench the Spirit. Despise not prophecies. Examine everything, to hold good and evil in every form, beware.

Revelation 12.17 - Then the dragon was angry at his wife and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep God's commandments and have the testimony of Jesus.

Revelation 19,9-10 - (explains what is Jesus' testimony) - then I fell at his feet to worship him, but he told me: "Beware, do not do it! I'm just a servant of God, just as you and your brothers who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! "But the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Amos 3.7 - Yes! Lord does not nothing, but shares his secrets to his servants, the prophets.

Chronicles 20.20 - Believe the Lord your God, and stand the test. Believe his prophets, and succeed! "

Joel 3.1 - For all people will pour out His Spirit and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will mívat dreams and your young men see visions.

Acts 2,14-21 - In the last days, saith God, pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. Of course, its servants and handmaids in those days pour out His Spirit and they shall prophesy. I will show wonders in the heavens and signs on the earth, blood and fire and clouds of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the coming of the Lord the great and manifest day. Everyone who calls on the name, however, will be saved.

Many historical context and details of the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world and finished the first Adventist Reformation found in the book Great Controversy.

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