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An important meeting of our enemy

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An important meeting of our enemy

Added: 12.10.2011
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What Satan has planned? As we, Christians, want to get? Think about these lines, written by Jim Hohnberger in his book Escape to God. This reasoning is not far from the truth, and every one of us will certainly find that his weak point. But do not give up and build a truly just your life on Jesus Christ. Ask yourself: display of Christ in your life? We live like Christ? We speak as Christ? And all we want to be like Christ? If not, Satan's meeting was a success so far.

Their gathering was the largest the world has ever seen. From every corner of the earth came intimidated delegates who were in danger of being destroyed. This evening will be a key in their further work. It is organized by their peculiar leader. Delegates speak quietly to each other and repeatedly expressed the hope that someone will change the situation. Perhaps it reaches spokesman evening.

As long as you remember, was their leader. And is one which everyone wants to imitate. He has both. Their affection and loyalty. Over the years become their god. The overwhelming applause from the delegates set off spontaneously when they appear before them and takes their place on stage. He looks into the sea of ​​eager, upturned faces upward, and as a politician Saturate the recognition of the crowd. As the ovation calm, take a deep breath and begins.

"Listen, you devils! You can not forbid Christians to go to their churches. They go there! You can not stop them from believing their doctrines or chanted their prayers. They will do it! We must change our tactics if we are to enjoy success. Time is the key to success, my friends. We allow them their doctrine, their prayers and visits churches, if we control their time. Time is an essential ingredient, because without him will never find a saving connection with Christ, "he said, and viciously spat the last word.

Satan continued: "Whether you think they are saved. We will still control their time and they become our as those who never set foot in church. How does it perform? Simply. Employ the only essential of life and fill their minds with innumerable plans. Encourage them to spend, spend, spend and then work, work, work, so it could pay. Fill their mailboxes offering credit cards to be able to pay for everything.

Teach them that joy comes from things Ask the husbands to work eight, ten, twelve hours a day, six or seven days a week. Let have two jobs, if necessary. Make it clear to their wives, it is necessary to work. Tell them that there is no other way if they want to maintain the standard of their families. Then a way that wives worked long, had a lot of responsibilities at home in the evening and had no energy for their spouses or children.

Disputes stimulate mind all that heard Jesus whispering to their conscience. In each household, the workplace and in trade strafe their senses by playing music. Impinge is bad news every day, everywhere you turn. Use newspapers, magazines, radio and television around the clock.

Violate the moral structure of marriage and young people's sensuous symbols that evoke impure thoughts. Place them on billboards, in movies, on the front page of newspapers and magazines and of course the television. Use TV "talk show" as the show most deviant members of society in their living rooms. Let hungrily saturate the dirty details of immoral behaviors until they begin to see evil only as another alternative.

Let him deal with nonsense, pettiness and problems of the world. Analyze mistakes of the rich and famous. Turn their mind from the serious realities of life to vain hopes bets, lotteries and casinos. Fill the shelves with books and magazines. The mean time, and the more time they spend reading, the less time they spend with God. Fill their home computer and Consecrate them in the electronic world, where we control the majority of sources. Send them a lot of e-mails. Immerse them in the "crush" never-ending information. Give them a "notebook" to work continuously. Make sure everyone has a mobile phone, including children.

Fill the days of phone calls, news in sports and music. Fill their dubious Cinestar film genre. Make busy in the political and social spheres. Give them wireless and radio telephones, easier to keep talking. Arrange for their telephone answering machines were crowded with messages.

Include children's activities, sports programs in school and after school, dance, ballet, scouts, clubs, music lessons, parties and party. Stress is a growing amount of homework in earlier and earlier age. Send them to nurseries and programs for young children and separate them from the influence of parents. Let them live as much apart, that had nothing to do with my mom or dad when they grow up. Stresujte them to seek escape in sexual activity, were used cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs.

Encourage adults to have exaggerated their recreation. Send them to expensive vacation, which then laboriously repaid. Impose on them the burden of mortgages and loans of all kinds to more work and had time for his family. Let's go, go, go, to return from their recreation exhausted, distracted and unprepared for the upcoming week. Do not let them go into the countryside. Instead, send them to fun parks, sporting events, concerts and cinemas. Let your motto this statement: Holidays make it sufficiently depleted and poor enough to have to work again!

If you escape these pitfalls, use them against their own church. Give them as much of the ministry, responsibilities and problems to solve in order to not spend time in good deeds. When they gathered for a spiritual community, implicating them in gossip and low speech that left the troubled consciences and unsettled emotions. Bring crisis after crisis in their churches, to be employed put out fires and was left them no time to ignite the flame of the Gospel in their own hearts. Encourage them to study the doctrines and the gospel. May attend the seminar, head of a large church conference.

Simplify the way for large national church assembly to reform. Make sure that the first talks on the status of the family, about family values. Then Employ big social issues like abortion. Let them their conservative lifestyle. But beyond all price and hold it in any way, as sinners when they need salvation and go to the Bible and God. If it does, for us all was lost. Time is our big guns and our greatest friend, my friends. Use it wisely and let people sleep longer in their falsehood. Then the world with our church and we gain eternal victory! "

With both hands, urging his minions of Satan: "To victory! To victory! The victory, "Echo and the results of this exciting meeting today come to us. It's important meeting! Maybe I guessed all the details, but you judge the results. The evil angels went eagerly to meet his schedule. All worked on Christians to be employed, employed, employed and rushing here and there. We do not live a simple life, my friends. Our lives are too crowded. The whole system is power-driven. It was the devil in this scheme successful?

Satan managed to get the whole world into a fast moving train. This train goes faster and faster with each passing day. Satan is not willing to slow down this train, so that someone could be heard. In this train, I spent more than thirty years of my life and nothing I did not know about this journey.

Source: The book Hohnbergera Jim - "Escape to God" can be found here: Is a story about how a Christian family left the competition a success in order to find true Christianity and the simple life.

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