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Famine in the world

Current world events


Famine in the world

Added: 01.10.2010
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UN: Number of hungry in the world exceeds one billion and because of the economic crisis

The combination of food and economic crisis has caused the number of hungry in the world exceeds one billion. Compared to last year the number increased by 100 million to 1.02 billion, said the Food and Agriculture Organisation, UN specialized agencies. This is the worst record in forty years. Nearly all of the hungry live in developing countries.

One billion and twenty millions. So many people worldwide suffer from chronic malnutrition. Most, 642 million, the majority of Asia and the Pacific.

In sub-Saharan Africa 265 million hungry people in Latin America and the Caribbean, 53 million. In the Middle East and North Africa 42 million. "Only" fifteen million hungry people live in developed countries, the report said.

Since last year increased scary one hundred million hungry, and the balance is the worst of the global food crisis in the 70 years.

More frightening arid Niger famine. Food has millions

More than half of the 12.5 million people in Niger famine threaten, warn humanitarian agencies. To blame the poor harvests caused by drought. Niger according to the UN is experiencing the worst food crisis in its history.

Suffer from lack of food, approximately seven million people - 400,000 of them are children who have been even five years, alarming the British humanitarian organization Oxfam and Save the Children, with the immediate assistance they need about two million people.

The situation worsens every day, yet already reached crisis proportions larger than during the dry season in 2005. They asked for ten million dollars (207 million) in aid to affected areas.

According to the director of the UN in Niger, the current crisis is the worst yet in the history of the country. But the United Nations currently has only half the funds needed to eliminate the effects of drought and to ensure sufficient food.

Food crisis broke out in Niger due to lack of rainfall and consequently poor harvest last year. The situation is exacerbated food price rises, many people and no money to even very basic foods such as grains, the BBC said on its Web site that will be the next harvest in September.

Hunger kills a child every five seconds. World leaders do not care

Summit on Food Security, organized by the World Organization for Food and Agriculture, held in utter indifference of world politicians and brought little progress in combating hunger, which was its main objective. However, in the world die due to malnutrition every five seconds, one child, more than 17,000 a day and a total of 6 million a year.

For example, leaders of economically powerful countries, the so-called G8, but his words heard. The summit is not arrived. "It is disappointing that the leaders of the largest and richest countries came," he said Gawain Kripke of the British charity Oxfam. "Without them, it is very difficult to imagine how the world popery with these challenges." Of the 192 Heads of State and Government of them ultimately proved less than a third and even many countries sent ministers of agriculture instead of leaders.



The famines in the past many times, but never on such a scale as in the past few decades. Never before was a shortage in the world many hundreds of millions of people suffering from hunger or malnutrition.

Fulfill the Biblical prophecy that said Jesus Christ. All this must be coming over again and end suffering on this earth. The Bible speaks clearly and for those who have studied and compared with the history very specifically. There is no better and credible prophecy, and there is no better starting point than Jesus Christ.

Matthew 24.7 - break out in various places famines and earthquakes.

Mark 13, 8 - in various places famines and earthquakes will break out. But they are just the beginning of birth pains.

Matthew 24.27 - The advent of the Son of Man comes like lightning - light up the sky from east to west.

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